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: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
I'll just copy paste my post from Reddit > "We want to buff Lee's late game, so we are giving him huge ASPD steroids and justifying his abilities base damage nerfs by doing this." > > You see, I played 5 games with Lee Sin in total (80% WINRATE WOOOHOOOOO). I don't like playing the champion at all because of my latency jitters, neither I know him from a long time, but I know that his late game isn't about sustained damage. > > The point is, if you are ever building AD on Lee Sin, you are wanting to snowball the game and definitely win before the 35~ min mark. And this is not because Lee lacks damage in the late game, it's because his way of outputting damage isn't reliable at all. > > Lee AD in the late game is all about sniping their carry with Q and overpowering them with his huge slow debuffs, then maybe land some autos, safeguard to someone to not take much damage and stay out of the fights while your cooldowns are recharging. That's because he will be squishy (well, you are building almost full AD on him) and he is not scaling with crits, which is the main reason that ADCs can finally do respectable damage in the late game. You do not want to stay in the fray for too long with Lee Sin, you want to in and out. This is totally different from Tryndamere or Trundle, who can build half tanky with some core damage items and still output some respectable damage. > > Therefore, nerfing his base damages and Total AD scaling will never make him reach this ass late game they are changing. There's no miraculous reward at all for aiming long games with this kit they are proposing, yet the champion as a whole will be nerfed. Not only that, but if he ever gets some play, it will be in a solo lane. >


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