: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
good good everything is good, can't wait to see a TU for lux
: Newest Sona Update!
Feels like a nerf, looks like a nerf, must be an intentional or inadvertent nerf. Increase her aura range, Increase the duration of the auras, bring down her CD. Was that so hard to do? RIP Sona {{item:3070}} {{champion:37}} {{item:3070}}
: Newest Sona Update!
I'll keep saying it until it gets heard, increase the range on her aura or buff the duration and for the love of christ reduce her cd it's awful I minds well play nami at this point.
: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
Either buff Sona's base stats such as health per level/armr/mr or increase the range on her auras. I understand you are trying to create counterplay against Sona but I think it hurts her in the long run since she has to get very close to allies and is squishy.
: **How many games have you played on the Sona Update?** 2-3 on the first iteration, 1 on the new iteration. **What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.)** All 5v5 Summoners Rift **Did you find any bugs?** Yes, Sona no longer plays music. The audio for some of the skins seemed to be missing when I tried arcade Sona and Guqin. H**ow was laning phase?** On live you run out of mana from spamming W, not Q. Despite the longer CD's which give you time to regen more mana I was still running out of Mana even with Q. Additionally without the passive stats Sona is more squishy, I used to keep the W aura on when we were pushed to turret and taking poke, no longer. Also I used to keep the Q aura on to help my ally win trades and last hit, no longer. Since her E is still useless and since the cooldowns and mana costs have gone up you spend most of your time doing nothing with Sona but trying to get in a good autoattack, unfortunately supports like Zyra and Annie can outrade you in Autos. **How was mid and late game?** You need to Rush 40% Cdr or you're useless, while that was always good with Sona I never felt like I NEEDED to until this rework. Additionally if the enemy team is smart they will counterpick your Sona with an Aoe midlaner like Ziggs or Orianna. Which makes tagging allies with your Auras very very risky especially against aoe CC like amumu. Which in turn means that Sona was nerfed hard against aoe mages/cc as a support. **How risky was tagging your allies with your auras?** Fairly risky to Extremely risky depending on if their Top or Mid or Jungle were aoe damage/cc champions. **How often was the risk worth the reward?** The shield might help to tank a little bit of damage from Baron, otherwise I'd rather have the larger passive armor and mr which always works and doesn't wind up getting you killed in the process. **How did you feel about your impact on team fights?** You are basically only there for your ult, and the radius or hit detection seems slightly smaller or off at the edges. I guess lategame your heal might be able to save a low health person if you time it right. Usually lategame people just get blown up though unless they are the tank. **What did you think of Sona's updated audio?** Sona doesn't play music anymore. Other than that I noticed it sounded a little clearer. **What did you think of Sona' update art assets?** I always use arcade Sona and since her particles and auras are gone the skin is no longer unique, in fact with the update base Sona looks better. Someone suggested it earlier in this thread and I think it's a really good idea. Why not rework her E to give her a speed boost but to give allies a mana regen boost she tags with it or some other kind of utility.
{{champion:37}} Agrees with everything this person said ^
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: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
I feel like her aura range should be a little bit bigger.
: I love the Sona model and texture changes! They look beautiful! I'm aware that the yellow tips are a WIP as well as her square-ish hair. My only problem with Pentakill Sona is that her hair is really flat. Compare it to the Pentakill Splash where it looks all beautiful and flowy, in game it just looks flat. It should bear a resemblance to HazardousArt's Miss Fortune's hair, just not wavy. I made some picture comparisons. Credit for the MF model goes to HazardousArt's as listed, credit for the Sona in-game goes to Surrender@20.
Agreed Pentakill could definitely use some touch-ups with the hair. Make it longer and a little more detailed, this is Riots opportunity to do it right :D
: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
Haven't played her yet but the TU looks good. * On Silent night her holly bush could use a touch-up along with the rope. * Texture/particle with ponytail needs obvious touchups. * Classic Sona: she needs that iconic yellow/blonde highlight at the end of her ponytails. * I feel like the little gold designs on her dress pieces could be a little lighter in color,maybe give it some gradation instead of it being that flat goldenrod color. That's just me though I'm picky when it comes to small detail.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite!
Aatrox wings need to be darker like orange/red, at least the inside parts the outline can stay the same so there's good contrast
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Not sure if this is intended but on the Second cast of Lee Sins E the slow particles don't show on Dragon and Baron. This was while using his Pool Party skin.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Was in a customs game doing Dragon and Baron. Neither of them Attack when you aggro them.
: SR VU - Dragon and Baron Bugs
I encountered the same problem
: Agreed. Not a fan of mixing a really cool sci-fi skin concept with skimpiness. The bare legs definitely clash with the armor. Some nice pants would make it look more uniform and frankly much better.
Or maybe give her fishnet leggings?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
* Have her Goggles be a toggle, looks sort of awkward hovering over her head like that * The trap needs to look different, something like the headhunter nidalee trap would do it justice * Particles could use a little touchup * For a headhunter skin she lacks bones? something like a skull or tooth necklace would be nice. Maybe put more teeth on that armband she has


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