: Nexus Blitz FPS
I get to see every 5th frame. I get 14 fps when I normally get between 80-100. turning down settings from "ultra" to low didn't help. nor did locking the frame rate.
: Appears to also be happening in customs, so I don't think it is related to ARURF either
Yeah I too noticed it happened across multiple champions and game types eventually. But I just stopped mid game and noted down what I saw first and posted it. After a few games I had it happen to me just idling doing nothing on the screen just sitting and waiting. No skills were cast by me or others.
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: When u say "dump" what u mean? im kinda new to terms
dump as in crash dump. It's a massive catch all collection of data that was going on in the background during the client or game. But i have the same issue.
: This is global bug, everybody have this. I think Riot know and working for fix. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Well I didn't see anything posted before I made mine so I wasn't aware.
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: I don't think these champions need Doran's Ring to have a presence in the early game. They all have very high base damage on their abilities to the point where they could do without doran's ring just fine imo if going full AP like you're talking about. I don't think there should be a reason for them to have extra mana in the early game for the fact that they have high base damage on their abilities. Also considering these champions(aside from Galio), all build tank for the most part, I don't imagine them being played less, because most people don't build them AP. Malphite also recently got more AP scaling on his abilities iirc.
Well I'm speaking from personal experience they need it. They feel too weak without it. With high mana costs, without regen, or base mana buffs you throw 2-3 Q's and any of them, and you're out of mana. You used to rely on the 4 mana per kill to regen mana. that's 24-28 mana a wave. Granted you probably wont get all of it but if u can that's decent mana regen. Being forced onto an item like corrupting pot because u need regen is just anti fun and pigeon holes you into a starting item. Riot already hates forcing champions to take certain keystones why should starting items be any different.
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: [Game Breaking] Inspiration + Precision
Playing in a game with 4 adcs at lvl 1 getting 2.5 AS....
: Can´t find a game.
Multiple times in the past few days. 60 minutes here, 40 minutes there...Currently 76:23 in que and counting. And I see people in my friends list getting games who que'd up after me.
: The Lag we get in game is becoming the biggest burden of being a PBE Player.
Its a server issue from what I can tell. I get a stable 24-26 ms ping normally, but the last month(?) or so in game freezing every 10 or seconds and the game has to catch up and roll me back to where I was before the freeze (lots of deaths this way). It's jarring and frustrating to say the least. I think it's packet loss.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Oh Hey Kohai,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=t4bEcEzF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-07T18:13:36.632+0000) > > Excellent point! In fact, what gives them the *audacity* to ask for money for skins anyway? everything in League of Legends should be free! > > Oh, wait, is Riot a business in a capitalist system, and therefore needs to find ways to make money? And were they nice enough to make an entire game where you can have all the game modes, champs, summoner spells, runes, masteries, maps, music, end of season rewards, video streaming, community boards, and matches you want for free, and only ask you to pay to have a *customized* gaming experience? Do they really sit and read all of us raging at them to do what we want, complain when they do what we want but not in the right way, or do what we want how we want it just to have another group that didn't want changes start raging and still keep a calm and friendly tone when they post anything? Are you just being really spoiled by all the free stuff, leading you to want more and get mad when they ask you to take out your wallet? Well, nevermind then. > > I mean really, League of Legends is a FREE GAME! Paying money doesn't give you *ANY* advantage over anyone else! They could have made the game cost money, they could have made the custom modes cost money, they could make any champ over a certain IP price cost money, but they didn't. They even let us make content to post online and make money off of without ever asking for royalties. *They give out the music they make, such as "Get Jinxed" or "Warriors" or URF's new theme free!* I'm very disappointed in *you* for even complaining about them wanting to consider asking RP for recolors of ANY skin or base. If you don't think it's worth 5 dollars, then don't pay it. Lucian's white jacket looks just as cool as his red and yellow ones (and yes i purposely left out blue, that thing's sick), so you can just use that. But the rest of us would totally pay $5 to cull in style, so if your penny pinching impedes the release of this project, I'm going to find you on Facebook, friend you, call you a poopnose, then unfriend you. You are breaking the summoners code with your comment. In multiple ways. Your comment is sarcastic and rude, and I would suggest you read the summoners code again before posting more. The OP of the thread is giving constructive criticism for a feature that is being test on PBE a feedback forum. They do not deserve to be belittle for doing their job. If you don't agree with their opinion state your reasons without the sarcasm and move along.
You must be joking. read the last paragraph from OP and tell me they didn't do the same.
: @Riot, Chroma Packs
I think it should be 130/260 Rp for a chroma if they do it this way. 130 rp is about 1.00 USD (1380 RP is 10 USD) I think it would be really awesome if you could get a "riot" or "league of legends" themed chroma for hitting the max mastery level for a specific champion. Doesn't have to be super detailed or anything, but if they implement chromas it would be a nice touch. Edit: FML just read the FAQ lol ignore my mastery comment.
: Bard causes bugsplat
Crashing whenever I see bard on the map. Enemy or ally. Can't play ADC, whenever I look at bot lane from top, I crash. Same for mid and jungle. Its only bard. Akali skin is fine for me.
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
I love the new body style of Alistar. He feels beefy and hulking to me. I would however like it if the horns looked a bit more polished, right now they give me the feeling of the old Alistar's horns. And Golden alistar isn't even gold, come on now :/ But the tool tips all read great to me I definitely understand what each ability and passive do, even though I've played him for a long time now.
: Disconnected from chat ?
Try again. Mine just started working had the same issue initially.
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: Quinn Passive/E Interaction bug
I've played a lot of quinn lately. Never had this bug happen to me yet. I've always had my passive proc after "vault"

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