: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
I just played a couple of games on "New" Vlad, and honestly I'm extremely disappointed, he is the weakest feeling champion I have ever played since starting in season 3. The visual effect of the new E is amazing, you really feel like you're about to explode in bloody fury, the effect of the new E, is the most disheartening thing I've ever experienced playing this game. It's impossible to tell where exactly the particles will come from as you charge it. It can be blocked by stepping behind a minion and its so expensive to use, that when it doesn't even clear the backline of casters, your just left wondering why you even used the ability over auto attacking. His Q feels like a weaker version of his old one, the window on Crimson Rush is so short that its easily played around, and the attempt to try and get the extra healing from hitting a champ often requires you to overextend in lane. In addition the healing on his un-charged Q is so un-impactiful. Vlad, to me, is about sustain and sustained damage, and despite that the best item in the game for him has been removed, I've tried running Spell vamp quints and taking the mastery and the defensive mastery that increases healing, and I still end up feeling like I need to buy a Hextech Gunblade, which has sub optimal stats for Vlad, and locks you out of using the Protobelt, which has great stats for Vlad, except no sustain at all for him. In fact there is no Health Sustain AP item that isn't tied into mana truly left in the game as Gunblade really should be for Hybrid Characters. I understand the point you made of Spell Vamp hurting the balance side of things, but it's not like Mana based mages don't build sustain for their resource, why should Vlad be kept from doing the same? I really hope you re-look at this update, it destroyed what I loved about Vlad, a late game hypercarry splitpusher brusier mage. The Master of Sustain, I really loved the pinnacle moments of power after leaving a team fight at 200 health, using E on a minion wave and regaining 1-2k health back. I understood that I had to pay the price of needing many items, but it was okay, because at least by lvl 9 with a WoTA I could safely farm as long as I didn't overextend, basically a AP Nasus, with about the same effect late game, split push, tp in for team fights.
: Introducing chroma packs!
Please don't make true recolors RP Lets look at this: Best Value on RP: $100 USD for 15000 which leaves you at 150 RP/ Dollar Worst Value on RP: $5 USD for 650 or 130 RP/ Dollar Assuming most players buy more than $5 but way less than $100 the average can be assumed to be just below 140 RP/ Dollar At 590 this is Approximately $4.20 USD for 3 recolors that in other competing games would be bought with in game currency (or in the case of HotS which technically doesn't qualify as it is in Beta, absolutely free no cost but tied into Champion Mastery) As of the last time I counted I own over 140 skins after playing for 3 years, which I know is a high number but it is the only one I have, so for me personally say I wanted to buy a different color variation for only half the skins I own or even a few normal champ skins that i would like in a different color, that would be in the area of $295 for slight variations of things I already own. I know this is an extreme example but I already feel that this free to play game has drained more of my pocketbook with optional things than I ever spent on a pay to play game. I am not opposed to spending money on the game, I just think that asking $1.40 per recolor and only selling them in $4.20 packs is not only greedy but a betrayal of your player base. I accept that you have to make money on the game, and I think its obvious I am willing to spend money on a Free to Play. But pure recolors is really pushing it, things like this are why I have started to drift away from league and get back into other games mainly Diablo, but I do have access to Heroes of the Storm and I have a Smite: Battleground of the Gods account as well and while it is pretty obvious that you are making the Mastery and Recolor changes to be more in line with your competitors (not a bad thing, this is how business have been run since ever) the fact that you are trying to make an excess amount of money for something your competitors are doing for free... is disheartening and makes me want to support your game less, because it feels as though you are intentionally screwing your players over repeatedly just because you are the largest and you can, I really hope you all change your plans, I don't want to see League die out as I really do enjoy the game, but your business decisions certainly don't seem to be the decisions of a game trying to keep its base from moving on.
: Poaching is getting out of hand
Agreed, people poaching in the new jungle is devastating to Junglers, and then you get reported for saying things to teammates because they don't view it as a big deal and think you are just being toxic, when in reality they are destroying your ability to even stay on XP and Gold parity with them unless you tax lanes which you shouldn't be doing either... its a Catch 22... also when people that are not used to playing in the jungle they basically auto lose you games now because of how much more difficult it is.
: Ooh, my bad...but still needs it, don't you think? Gifts-bullets for all!
Yeah would be nice, just was pointing out the price is basically indicative of what you get.
: Evelyn buff (suggestion)
Agreed I have always felt it was weird she didn't have any built in sustain as a Vampire (half), although it is worth pointing out, her E apply's on-hit effects which means life steal, running 2 LS quints may solve problem, would be worth looking into. Could also make Q apply on hit effects and then she could start a Dblade and pot and possibly be able to clear a la Season 3 Lee Sin, which on second thought, no that idea is terrifying. #draintank
: About the Vel'Koz Skin
No it is a 1350 skin, Legendaries are 1820
: Arbiter Vel'koz feedback
Agreed, reminds me of similar issues I have with reading Justicar Syndra and Aatrox and Arclight Varus
: Firecracker Jinx pricing
The FX on Firecracker Jinx are actually quite a bit more detailed when running on high settings, and the fact that she has a new recall and VFX and a new model underneath it all which is probably the biggest reason overall.
: Will Earnest Elf Tristana have a new VFXs?
It's not **975 RP** it's **520 RP** which is in line with a simple recolor. {{champion:18}} Hype, Love the new update
: Summoners Rift Gates
I see what your saying, however there are very items and buffs that have helped split pushing quite a bit: 1. Elixer of Ruin: 15% increased damage to towers and Seige Commander buff to allied minions (MS and Tower Damage buff) 2. Dragon number 4: 15% increased damage to towers 3. Dragon number 3: 5% movespeed 4. Smiting Krugs: Gift of Heavy Hands buff deals a massive true damage burst on first hit against an Enemy Tower 5. Elixer of Sorcery: true damage on autos to towers 6. Ohmwrecker: just turn off their tower and walk out of their base like you don't care 7. New Baron Buff: just one person makes a wave of minions into the ultimate split push companions (especially when combined with #1) 8. 5th Dragon which basically turns normal characters into Jax in regards to tower damage, and makes split pushing characters (Jax, Irelia, AD Nidalee, Riven, Shaco, Nocturne, Udyr, et all) just about 2-3 shot towers on their own even without minions
: Hmmm. I have a few ideas, although I don't know how feasible they are. Let's see what I can put together... * The obvious one is a teleport that doesn't require a target, but I have no idea how to make that functional without also completely destroying Twisted Fate's identity, so that one's probably a no-go. * There's a defensive teleport, where you can only target towers but the cooldown is greatly reduced. If the split-push power is too strong then you can not allow it to be used unless you are also near a friendly tower. * A teleport that can target allied champions would be interesting, but needs something to distinguish itself without also just copying Shen. I think causing you to swap places would be hilarious, but needs to be easily cancelled to prevent trolling. * If we can target allied champions, why not enemy ones? Obviously no swapping, but the effect might be too niche to be useful, as giving the enemy several seconds to dictate your position is probably just asking to die. * I've considered a few "buff" teleports that grant some sort of effect upon completion (such as a speed boost, shield, or 'explosive landing'), but I don't think any of them are actually any good. For the most part they are mimicked by teleporting with homeguard or are too difficult to actually take advantage of. * Lastly a teleport with no channel-time, but only teleports you to a specific place. Whether that place is the spawn-platform, or a deployable totem (through a previous activation of the spell), or something else altogether is open to debate. EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot about group teleporting. Bring multiple players is probably OP, but being able to re-position a minion wave sounds like it has a lot of potential.
I was reading through and on the note of a teleport without a target and Twisted fate. Maybe if that upgrade increased the cooldown of teleport (similar to how targeting towers decreases it) and AT THE SAME TIME a buff to TF: lowering the cooldown of his Ult drastically or giving him a big buff when he uses it to make his behind you teleport much more punishing than other champions attempting to do the same, almost a "I can do anything better than you" feeling.
: Games not starting past the "Prepare Yourselves! Battle is abotu to be"gin...
Am having this same problem when queing in Normals Blind Pick 5v5s, will keep logging back in and attemting to reconnect
: [Platform] Error connecting with Maestro
I have been having the same error message pop up and close my client every 30-40 min after restarting it and I have just been trying to get the champions and runes bought and set up so I can begin play on the PBE, this is before the play button has been pressed at all.


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