: Updated reports coming to the PBE
how do we test this in a way we know that it worked? from our prespective i have to report people to test it. if i want to help i have to report, should i make some false reports to help the system. how do i know you even get the report or are doing anything about it.
: Riot, We need to fix PBE.
i think they should make a pbe mode in which more than one person can pick a certain champion on a team. you could have 3 jax and two kindred if you wanted. causing no issue and finding any problems much faster
: How to play kindred?
you are relying too much on your passive. kindred is a marksman, yet most people i see playing them, him, her, it? (them) build bork into triforce. i could recomend a kiting build after that including frozen mallet LW and an IE, this should allow you to be a bit more kity but does not solve any issues. also you should use you ult time to set up a position with you can attack and they cant, specificaly walls, people will hold their damage for your ult to end, leave early out of vision might save you and allow you to outplay. lastly sell your jg item as it is weaker than any adc item you can buy, replace it with shiv and you might see good results, kindred is an adc which is slightly mobile so build them as such
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: Kindred's Passive Having Key Commands
i agree everything else can be bound to keys even controlling clones (LB) and pets which can be controled
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: I can see adding the dash animation, but recall/teleport animation could negatively impact some of the unique plays Ekko could make, such as teleporting back to base grabbing an item, and the hopping right back to where you were to engage a fight. Or teleporting to a baron/dragon fight, and then hopping back to your position with your ult to continue laning or whatever. Just my 2 cents.
you would still be able to do that due to the delay being the same, but what about returning to the ghost trying to go back to the fourntain. has anyone tried that
: I've seen a tank jungle ekko and he was stomping the glass cannon ekko on my team.
also what did he build? the tank ekko
: I've seen a tank jungle ekko and he was stomping the glass cannon ekko on my team.
his scaling and abilities are i want to be in the fight not to jump in and out he is a diana style not kassadin
: Ekko Feedback Thread
has anyone tried ap bruiser ekko kind of diana build tanky ap type thing?
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/LZrdsOZg-darius-needs-a-team-fight-buff plz see the math in darius late game.. see that post and tell me about it plz.
: Darius needs a team fight buff!
while i agree that if your rooted you should still be able to ult a greater dash or range would not be fun to play against. from what i found is taht the new BC gives him ms when he hits anything with his q which helps alot in teamfights. lastly i agree that damage should be taken off his q and placed on his w in the form of % max heal or current health bases on his passive stacks on the target. it would give him more depth and more ability to be useful lategame rather than being a shorter range blitz. lastly i dont know how you play darius but i try to be in the middle of the fight so i can either zone enemy carries or pull enemies off my carries. my attitude is this you want to do damage, go through me first. this attidude helps with positioning and timing of the abilities.
: but ahse has a 600 range, while yasuo has a 150 range(+dash range). That means ashe can start dealing her damage much earlier while kiting the enemy and keeping them in distance for a short time
according to you yasuo has a range of 150 +475 = 625. which according to you, and i believe you are correct about both of them, ashe has a range of 600, thus yasuo has greater range than ashe and does more damage.
: "total ad + (n - 1 ) ( 1.1 + crit. chance ( 1 + crit dmg )) = sum of dmg dealt by ashe from auto 1 to n" Think about it, you just got it wrong again.... so if I had 500 atack and 100 % crit chance it would be 500 + (n-1) (1.1 x 1 x 1) 500 + (n-1) x 1.1 so if I dealt 5 basic atacks it would be 500 + 4*1.1 = 504.4 so every basic atack deal 1.1 more damage!! Good job on that equacion and before you change it I took print screen: [equacion](http://gyazo.com/e765c6938712a080abc138eab343ac7f). Well I guess you meant: "total ad + **(total ad)** (n - 1 ) ( 1.1 + crit. chance ( 1 + crit dmg )) = sum of dmg dealt by ashe from 1 to n basic atacks" And I noticed something I forgot to say so I edited and "**bolded**" it. we are both good at math and we both forget stupid things, and ofc the crit isn't an exact science unless you have the random generator. We can study ashe new formula because luck doesnt affect her basic atacks.
did you know that you can tell how many people of a certain age will die in a year to a very precise number, however you cannot tell if a specific person of that certain age will die that year. same applies here. over less than 1000 autos or so you cannot tell the exact damage of most adc because of crit uncertainty. however when you pass 1000 autos or so you can because the crit reaches a certainty value. what i mean is that i cannot tell you if your auto will crit when you have 40% crit chance. but i can tell you, that you will crit about 400 times out of 1000 auto attacks. now if you treat the damage as an average over a infinite about of auto attacks you can actually for certain say taht 40% of the autos will crit, because you have an infinite number of them. and from there you calculate the average multiplier. i agree we both made mistakes, but you still dont accept that you can calculate the average damage of a carry, not the actual, but the average. for ashe they are one and the same.
: In general melee gets more damage/mobility for balance purposes. Ranged champions have an innate advantage just because they have range, and among adcs she actually has more range than most.
and compared to a most adc she is immobile unlike most other adc, having no method of busting her mobility in her kit but does less damage than kog'maw, verus, or urgot. i understand she is utility based but when most of your damage requires you to be in range of assassins with no way of escape without your team peeling for you. leaves you in most games dead in the water and running away pointlessly. aslo her utility is slowing the enemy which is negated by dashes and other abilities that give give cc or slow immunity. making you essentially a non factor in many cases. pls note that with the exception of kalista if a carry is immobile they do more damage than those who are.
: as you said he is melee. the disadvantage he has is huge so to balance that he has: more mobility, damage , health. But really a mele adc is hard to balance and if he gets you you are probaly dead (same for trynda)
my issue is not yasuo being too strong. my issue is that yasuo has the same concept as ashe yet can do more damage due to aveing a solit 200% or 250% damage multiplier on every auto easily, while ashe loses a lot more damage because she is range, but she is also immobile so, in many cases running way is not an option, especially in todays mobility meta of leblac, ahri, lissandra, sion ult, gragas, and sejuani. i think that mobility and damage should have some inverse relation to each other, which means if your more mobile you do less damage and vice versa. but with kalista i guess riot does not agree with me.
: As a Yasuo main, I really want to explain this better. Yasuo's crits do not do 190% damage, they do 10% less total damage. Let's say Yasuo has 100% crit with exactly 200 AD. He will do (400 - 10% of 400) 360 damage per auto attack. 360 is 180% of 200. His crits will do 180% of his attack damage. Now let's give him Infinity Edge. 200 x 2.5 = 500 - 50(10%) = 450 per auto attack. 450 is 225% of 200. His crits will do 225% of his attack damage. Yes, it is easier to get crit strikes but they do less damage compared to other champions. Now, about his mobility: Are you joking? Yasuo is an incredibly moble champ yes, ***but only around enemy minions***. If you wait for him to clear your wave before engaging, he can't do more than dash through you once. His dash has a 0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2/0.1 cooldown, but each target has a cooldown of 10/9/8/7/6 before he can dash through them again. --- Yasuo vs Ashe: {{champion:157}}: **Pros** High mid-game power spike with Shiv and IE. Mobility with enemy minions. Windwall blocks projectiles. Strong AoE ultimate. Resource-less. Passive shield. Built in armor pen with his ult. **Cons** Difficult to use correctly. Ultimate requires a displacement. Melee Gap-closer is short ranged and targeted. Weak to magic damage. {{champion:22}}: **Pros** Infinite slow. Global stun that also has an AoE slow. Short cooldown poke with Volley. Free global vision skill. Ranged. Built in Attack Speed steroid. **Cons** Low movement speed. No escape. No mobility. Usually squishy, often builds glass cannon.
two thing once i know that he deal 180% damage without IE, with IE and PD Ashe will deal about 180% damage as well. to increase this you need to build more crit but wait if you build 1 more crit item you actually lose damage because ad at this point is worth more. i know this because i made an Excl. sheet and tested when is what more effective. to sum up my point that you missed Yasuo gets an easy route to 100% and Ashe gets it for free but Ashe deals 45% less damage than Yasuo. and still needs to build the items that give Yasuo the 100% crit. overall im annoyed that i cannot make some build for ashe that she takes chucks of health like other carries and that she is stuck with a lower consistent damage for it. it just feels like i auto them 1000 times to kill them and each auto not doing much. yasuo has alot going for him such that he can survive being attacked Ashe in a lot of cases just has to run away, even if your fed.
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: You're the rioter in charge of the rework right? can I ask why the decision to give Ashe a steroid? One of the big reasons I play Ashe is her consistent damage output, which is present in the new passive, but not so much in the new Q.
yah i would love to see scaling crit chance runes
: Ashe Changes {{champion:22}}
did you know that building full crit and having crit dmg runse will result in your autos critting for 3 tiems the amount but you would do less damage than if you had full crit and more ad
: Can you guys make runes free for us?
i want too but there is an issue with that for some reason. if you read the pbe for new people thread then you would have known. i thought the same thing when i first joined the pbe.
: Your equation is wrong, you forgot one thing... ashe first hit its never crit so the damage equation you placed isnt accurate. BA = basic atacks dealt to enemy the real equation of **average basic atack damage modifier** -> (1 + (1.1 + (crit. chance * ( 1 + crit damage ))) x (BA - 1)) / BA which is a little worst! with the benefit that it will crit for sure and not getting rule by luck! And still don't forget, ashe with no crit change deal less 1% damage with basic atacks after the first one against champions with the mastery crit reduction. 1.1*0.9=0.99... so another desanvantage, its crit and deal less damage cause of it. if you want to know how many minimum basics its needed to wining the math advantage you need to solve the equation. (1 + (1.1 + (crit. chance x ( 1 + crit damage ))) x (BA - 1)) / BA = 1 + (crit. chance x ( 1 + crit damage ) ) And its has 3 variables, if the crit change is 0%, ashe will have the benefit with 2 basic atacks because BA = 1; (1 + (1.1 + 0) x (BA-1)) / BA = 1 + 0 1 + 1.1 x BA -1.1 = 1 x BA 1.1 x BA = BA + 0.1 0.1 x BA = 0.1 BA = 1 I guess you didn't remember all that...
also ashe will, with a normal adc build, crit for about 187% of her total ad.. but on the other hand she will do so every time. and not 1 in two or so. a lucky adc will deal more damage, an unlucky one will deal less, but the average will deal 10% less
: İ see your point. Thank you for the information that you shared with us. İ tested it out in custom game, and you are right. But it has not very visible effects in the early game. {{champion:268}}
like the first dragon if you have no ad !0% means about nothing. but it is almost the value of a long sword if you do the math.
: Your equation is wrong, you forgot one thing... ashe first hit its never crit so the damage equation you placed isnt accurate. BA = basic atacks dealt to enemy the real equation of **average basic atack damage modifier** -> (1 + (1.1 + (crit. chance * ( 1 + crit damage ))) x (BA - 1)) / BA which is a little worst! with the benefit that it will crit for sure and not getting rule by luck! And still don't forget, ashe with no crit change deal less 1% damage with basic atacks after the first one against champions with the mastery crit reduction. 1.1*0.9=0.99... so another desanvantage, its crit and deal less damage cause of it. if you want to know how many minimum basics its needed to wining the math advantage you need to solve the equation. (1 + (1.1 + (crit. chance x ( 1 + crit damage ))) x (BA - 1)) / BA = 1 + (crit. chance x ( 1 + crit damage ) ) And its has 3 variables, if the crit change is 0%, ashe will have the benefit with 2 basic atacks because BA = 1; (1 + (1.1 + 0) x (BA-1)) / BA = 1 + 0 1 + 1.1 x BA -1.1 = 1 x BA 1.1 x BA = BA + 0.1 0.1 x BA = 0.1 BA = 1 I guess you didn't remember all that...
first i assumed that ashe had her passive on the target to begin with, if you read my assumptions you would have known. also what i gave was not the damage dealt is was over the coarse of an infinite amount of attacks what is the average damage dealt which would be the equations times the total ad the champion has. the equation you gave is wrong as it is based on my equation and you added 1 to the damage modifier making it not be true. also you tied to add the count of basic attacks and did so wrongly. ashe without her passive would deal total ad damage not 1% and ashe with no crit chance and her passive on the target will deal 10% damage because 1.1 translates to 110%. also the equation you did is false due to two facts. one is that you used the wrong equation form before and second you failed to take into account the opponents basic attack count if you were going for it. to conclude i was dealing with averages you decided i was dealing with specifics and tried to fix the equation of averages to specifics. if you want the equation of actual damage dealt by ashe i can give it to you. if you want me to compare it to the actual damage dealt by other adc i cant as it changes due to having a random factor in it. i could estimate it but that is all. can five you the true average after armor calculation, but that would not change that with just auto attacks the average damage of ashe is about 10% higher than other adc WITH NO ACTIVE ABILITIES. now the actual equation of how much damage ashe deals as she autos is a s follows: total ad + (n - 1 ) * ( 1.1 + crit. chance * ( 1 + crit dmg )) = sum of dmg dealt by ashe from auto 1 to n for other adc we cannot actually compute this without going into something ridiculous so we use the average total ad * n * ( 1 + crit chance * ( 1 + crit dmg ) = sum of dmg dealt by other adc from auto 1 to n note: for ashe it is for a single target. and now there are two differences the n-1 and the 1.1 however these are not equal to each other due to being different sums so equating them is stupid and tells you nothing. so dont try to equate these. you can however equate the damage multipliers which will result in 1.1 = 1 making ashe do still 10% more damage. TL;DR you were wrong, here is why, i was right, here is the math you were trying to do. BTW: math is my major
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: Yeah, Runaans is the first thing I built on her originally - it feels great. Was pretty easy to reach attack speed cap with basically just that and a phantom dancer. Maybe too easy? I just want to see her keep up with other adcs in terms of damage, but I've yet to see any hard math dealing with the update in comparison to other adcs, so it's a bit hard to tell exactly how well she's doing.
here is hard math. the average damage multiplier over infinite auto attacks with critical chance and critical damage. multiplier = 1 + ( critical chance * ( 1 + critical damage ) ) (1) for Ashe attacking a frosted target the average and true values are the same across infinite auto attacks assuming frost was applied to the target before the first auto attack. multiplier = 1.1 + (critical chance * ( 1 + critical damage ) ) (2) notice that equation 2 is a factoring out of the total ad that riot gave about ashes damage and equation 1 is given by lolwiki about average damage on the critical chance page. the difference as seen is that in an infinite amount of attacks Ashe will deal 10% more damage than other adc. however she will deal less if the enemy adc crits all his attacks in a fight. she is the only adc i have ever see that actually deals consistent damage with no fluctuation. TL;DR Ashe will on average deal 10% more damage than other adc with just auto attacks alone.
: Its been like this quite a while now. So i dont think its a Server bug. But it might be a corrupted file as you say. But i thought that it might be that we moved to EU might that be a problem?
there is one pbe server in LA i think. it could be that the issue is in the connection along the way rather than at any side if you are playing from EU
: Some in game features that might be useful. (Rito Check it out.)
response 1) would make the game loading longer and is a pain in the ass to program. 2) pretty sure this already exists, if not then it should like on the pbe. 3a) this would cause a need for everyone to download a file from their friends making the game take more memory for no reason 3b) i agree that would be nice. no need to play but if you log in you get like 100 ip. the first win is supposed to be that i think 4) just no, this might cause people to play too long and not go out and do things. generally bad idea also watch your numbering.
: No i have a Windows 7 PC.
It could be two things: 1) a corrupted file (unlikely) 2) a server bug. most likely the latter.
: **TL;DR:** Not going to happen. Players would definitely enjoy playing in this game mode and its popularity on PBE would increase. That means that bug report value would be lowered and inaccurate, since bugs would be found specifically in that game mode. We are supposed to find bugs in normal situations, as if we would be playing on live servers as usual. Saying that "Yeah, we would find bugs in normal/ranked games and try to test/reproduce them in this new custom game mode to see if it actually exists" is naive. As example we could take URF. If Ultra Rapid Fire game mode was available in custom games, majority of the PBE player base would definitely play only it most of the time. They would not contribute any valuable bug reports, because those bugs are there because of URF broken mechanics. I hope you see where I'm getting at. :) The other thing is, we are not QA Analysts or some sort of Developers. We don't need those game breaking Developer Menus which would allow us to change values of Attack Speed, Health, Level, Bot Possition and etc. All those extreme testings phases were done by Riot and we don't need to worry about it. PBE is the last stop of the upcoming content after all the majority of testing was already done by Riot.
I have a solution for this issue. Get hired by riot for alpha testing.
: Problem.
do you have a mac? if so there have been problems with it and occasionally you get a messed up file that screws up your game.
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: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
at first i was keptical and did not like the change, but i kept at it and with a crit dmg marks i feel like im doing decent damage after i get my ie and stattic shyv. she punishes hard for overextending and gets punished for the very same reason. while awkward sometimes her q allows her to win 1v1 duels. i went against a vayne late game trying to find her. we both turned a blind corner at the same time. i auto and W her and the scuddle she ults and tumbles after an auto. i stick two more autos and turn on my q and win the duel with shear dmg and as. i got like 7 autos where she got 5. she is strong early but loses power until she has IE static but then comes back to be powerful. still destroyed by the likes of irelia and rangar but they are designed to do so.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
it used to be that if you killed with one of the arrows of volley the arrow would continue. it is not the case now and i think it will help her wave clear if it was. tow autos on each melee, volley, auto each caster for the clear.
: Hi, I've just tried the rework and I had a few thought to share: 1. First of all Ashe now feels a lot more satisfiying, from the badass effect of the minigun-active Q to the active use of the passive, which encourages what an adc as her should be doing, poking and autoatacking, instead of saving time to charge a critical strike. 2. I have just played a fast game and I can't give a consistent opinion, but she looks quite good in pretty much all stages of the game, appart from lacking mobility. Where is she supposed to shine now? I find her early safe, where you can slowly farm without many problems, and from your midgame when you start building your IE you start being quite dangerous. I know that multiplying the damage dealt by the crit chance is in theory the same as having a random chance to criticaly strike, but Ashe's passive is so much more reliable than the random critical strike itself. By the lategame your passive and Q deal a huge amount of damage. I tried building both PD and Shiv and I was able to reach 2.25 attack speed, and by that point your damage is insane, I would say OP but I can't really conclude that yet with only one game, especially because it was simply vs bots. 3. You pointed several times how problematic was the idea of a permaslow, I expected you to come up with anything to avoid her having a constant slow, did you just gave up or changed your mind about the toxicity of the permaslow? 4. I've noticed that if your Q extra arrows stack the Black Cleaver it might be a good option to change Last Whisper with Black Cleaver, it gives you 400 Health more, 20 % CDR, some movement speed and almost the same ability to penetrate armor. What do you think about this? Sorry for the long post and the possible writing mistakes.
that is actually quite clever as it will allow you to kite better as well as the stacking of black cleaver being though physical damage so it will stack with a single empowered q auto.
: PBE 5.9 Patch Bug Megathread
mac clients patcher went through
: Ashe's Frost Shots - Infinity Edge/Furor Runes
he math is weird, but from my experimentation with it take the percentage value of your crit chance times the precent value of crit damage after the standard 200% and that is the additional damage you deal. ----------------------- additional dmg ;; multiplier for additional dmg ad *1.1 + ad * ( crit chance * ( 1 + crit dmg ) you have a dmg multiplier and a a multiplier multiplier.
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: PBE 5.9 Patch FAQ and Info Megathread
mac did not update with the rest of the clients
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: After reading that text I'm not sure if you played Seju and looked at her Stats afterwards. In my games i played before the nerf, i did around the same damage as my normaly fed AP carry. Only diffrence being that i was a tank on top of that. With the new Jungle Item she loses two things in comparison to before. Tenacity and 10% CDR. On the other hand with the new Jungle Item she gets a Sunfirecape aura that is stronger than Sunfirecape at 10 Stacks!! Also she gets a huuuuuuuuge amount of extra life. 25% of her extra life on top of the life she buys (Buy warmongs and Randuins you get half a warmongs in life AGAIN). On top of that her W scales with HP. So you can be a supertank with like 4k-5k HP and do damage like a AP carry (maybe not so bursty but still). Only thing i can say while not having tried seju on pbe till now is that maybe the nerf was too strong but in my eyes it's clear that she needs a nerf in some way. (Maybe only W damage or CDR nerf)
my point is that a tank in the current methodology of the game will never be viable unless it can do at least half health to a carry assuming both full builds and lvl 18 and the tank used everything but ult. what annoys me is that now sej has a decent early game and her power does not come from the damage of her abilities, i know this because i won against a mundo under those conditions. the reason i won was because i could stop him from doing damage to me with cc and having better use of kit the damage didd not matter since the fight lasted 20 sec or so. sej power comes from her ability to stick to a target and deny them doing damage by ccing them.
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: Kassadin Ult Feedback
i saw the changes but have not played them yet. the first problem i realized is that kassadin's ult range allowed him to goes over many large walls. i have personally used it to surprise many people. this nerf makes his ability to go over those walls significantly more difficult making him more venerable and when escaping and less effective at chasing as he cannot take those short cuts. this in my opinion will drop his win percentage below 40% as he will no longer be able to survive early game to become the late game power that is kassadin. also, kassadin has a 47% win rate why the hell is he getting nerfed
: You practically just reposted the hottest [thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/AAYxBi0g-the-recent-nerfs-to-ahri-arent-the-way-to-balance-her-they-do-not-address-the-core-problem) currently on PBE though...
well i could not find it so i posted it
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: [All champions] - Can Teleport while moving
that is an odd bug but ultimately does not matter at all. imo riot can leave that as an easter egg
: Tristana jumps into action!
i have two grivances, 1. if you e ult someone over a wall you lose vision and probably will miss you jump or not be prepared for the retaliation 2. the e takes 4 sec to explode regardless of how many stacks you have with it so long as they are less than 5 the second is annoying since you do your combo jump e auto, then land auto twice and ult and if your fast a bout it they survive and can kill you, those with lifesteal, and your whole combo goes to waste can the e detonation time be reduced by by having like 3 or 4 stacks on it. this is only the detonation time not the cd i don know if you can do it so that the time on the explosion changes per stack or if that would be too difficult or would detonate it to quickly
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