: Thats the point of the mode in general. Mages, Assassins, Casters, Mobile bruisers are gods in this mode for a reason. Their spell casts are absurdly short, time to hit is short, rate of speed projectiles fly is short. It is pretty much why Illaoi got a lovely change that makes her tentacles react faster. Other champions are given small buffs, nerfs to compensate for this. It is why the PBE exists to begin with. You say a champion is OP, ok which one? Actually 'tell' Riot which champions you think are out of control. Don't just sit and cop a squat about you getting a poor pick and being shat on. Oh and by the way, vayne is broken as god damn hell. Build that woman semi-tank with ass tons of on-hit and bam suddenly she never dies. That or just give the little lady an Edge of Night (please Riot add 10 more seconds to it's CD)
As i said Vel Koz, Evelynn are broken. And you don't get the point. I didn't get to build anything. I couldn't stand in lane just because i can't exploit anything. Vel Koz kept sniping me. Yes these champions are OP. Sona is also good Viktor is also good Amumu is also good alot of mages are good. But the problem is that if someone gets a good champion and the guy he is against ends up with a bad pick like Ashe or Aatrox or Galio etc. you loose NO MATTER WHAT.
: AR URF suggestion
Seems like people dislike they way teams are balanced
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: AR URF forever?
Welp i got very mad from 1 single game. I was Vayne and i had an Alistar with me on bot vs Sona and Vel koz ok so Vayne hardly benefits from this mode and alistar is moderate. Vel Koz's Q was like 0.5 second cooldown lvl one and he could snipe me from tower beeing completely healed by sona and i couldn't even use my heal because of the damn sustain prevention. So yeah the mode is frustrating.
: Good job on finding this bug! However I would like to ask that you don't report any abusable bugs on the Boards. Instead, use *only* the [Report a Bug Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/).
Thx for the info. I actually had no idea such tool existed. So from now on i know the right place to report bugs.
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: If i get to lvl 30 it's good because i can play with players.
Just as i said that i got lvl 30 , 3.5k RP ad 10k IP
: You will get to level 30 in about 48 hours or less, but idk about the IP/RP. Still haven't gotten mine maxed.
If i get to lvl 30 it's good because i can play with players.
: Didn't get full ip/rp
Well i just made my account an hour ago but the moment i opened it i had nothing. I went into the shop and i could buy a champion so i thought that i had the IP and RP and it's not displayed. So to force the pbe client to synchronize with the server i bought a champion but after that i had no money neither lvl 30 so i just played the tutorial for the IP and bought some champs. Waiting to see if i get them or no.


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