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: I dont like new health bars
I agree with you 100%. I played one game yesterday, and I didn't have the feeling that I'm playing League at all. The health bars are to big, clunky and they are really not in proportion with a champions exact health percentage. Exp. someone with 2000hp has the visuals in bars like a 10 000hp Cho from a live server (to much lines that show hp) . I just don't have the feel and I really want them to change those bars... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: I took at look at the items, he must have had around 2.5k health, not 3.5k. I don't play Rengar so I don't know what shield you are talking about, isn't the W a heal? Nonetheless if what you're saying is actually true, you should send a support ticket (or submit a bug report) so they can review the match.
Yeah, I dont play him too so dont know shield or heal but all in all it's ridiculous to see that xd Will do the support ticket definitely :D
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