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: I've been able to get {{item:3100}} to proc on ever hit of q or even none of them, it just doesn't work all the time.
> [{quoted}](name=TheLastShadowPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=qZ2a5Tsv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-14T21:57:49.477+0000) > > I've been able to get {{item:3100}} to proc on ever hit of q or even none of them, it just doesn't work all the time. It works on the first 2 strikes for me every time but it never works on the 3rd
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: Swain's Decrepify (Q) damages Fizz while on his Trident (E)
Building on what TheFleischwolf said. Fizz's E makes him untargetable, not undamageable. Being untargetable means you can't be targeted (un meaning not, targetable meaning targetable) during the time you are untargetable. However, during the untargetability, if you have any sort of tether \ DOT ability targeted on you (Fiddle's Drain, Leblanc's Chain, Urgot's E, Ignite, etc.), you will still be being damaged by this ability and it's effects, as you were targeted by them BEFORE you became untargetable. This works the same for all abilities that make you untargetable like Fiora's Ultimate, Maokai's Twisted Advance, Vladimir's Sanguine Pool, etc. Zhonya's however, makes you invulnerable, meaning you WILL NOT take damage ( as you will have the damage ticks applied to you, but no health taken and "INVULNERABLE" text will pop up on you), and you WILL NOT be crowd controlled by others (You are still stuck in stasis, therefore cc'd by yourself for the duration of the zhonya's). Main points * Fizz's E makes you UNTARGETABLE * Untargetable doesn't mean undamageable, all DOT \ Tether abilities will endure through the duration of said untargetability * Zhonya's, Bard Ult, Lissandra ult (on herself), Zilean ult (during revive), Guardian Angel (during revive), Aatrox passive (During revive) are all STASIS * Stasis means you aren't affected by any damage or crowd control, but you can't move.
: The system is triggered by reports, so if you say "Imma kill you nigga" to your friend as a joke because he's playing Lucian, he won't report you, so the system won't be triggered.
But if someone DOES report him, it'll catch him saying that to his friend, but will it take into account that it's his friend? And also, i'm assuming that the machine can't detect sarcasm, so it could also couldn't say if he was kidding or not.
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: Context on Riven's PBE Change?
Riven is very mobile with her high base move speed and her 2 (4?) movement spells, so this is just taking that mobility down a bit. This also gives her a little more counterplay, because she can't dodge as easily because she is slower. Her ult is pretty hard to dodge if you don't have low enough ping, or if you don't predict it, so the missile speed reduction also gives it a little bit more counterplay. Atleast, that's how I see it.
: [5/7/2015] Starting a new beta test for the Instant Feedback System
How will your system know if it's for a death threat or just for calling someone a name? Does it have some sort of advanced language interpreter that can tell if someone means to say "I will kill your champ" versus "I will kill you IRL"
: Wits end stack indicator
I think wits end does have a stack indicator on your buff bar and affected enemy buff bars.
: Ashe Damage Spreadsheet
Make sure to comment on either the thread or google docs if you have something to say!
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: Ashe update passive (not sure if) bug
It increases the crit chance damage increase part by 50% so if you ahve 20% crit then with IE it will become 30%
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: Ashe Focus Stacks Decaying?
Decaying stacks might be a good change, but it also might be a bit of a problem. You have it on your buff bar, so I'm assuming enemies can see it. That might be part of the counterplay to her empowered Q is knowing when she has her full stacks (it also plays a noise when she gets 5). You could easily just drop a stack, but then W -> Q and you have your flurry again, and that would make it a little too easy, but when they drop off, the enemy has that amount of time it takes to stack your Q again. But then again if you aim a good volley, you could instantly recharge it and just W -> Q. I think that the stacks all dropping off is a good thing..
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