: Yar, you sure can.
Well, you can but it's a bit buggy/weird atm : * The mini-map isn't on the base of the screen (~100/200 pixel offset) but is on the left. (maybe due to resizing, haven't had time to test) * The upper left corner of the box is still on the left while it doesn't make much sense here. * The ping information box is out of the screen for me when I try to read it. Is all this intended ? I think it could be interessant to be able to disable the cs/kda/team score information, which can be reached by alt-tabing and which isn't exactly necessary to play. Thanks for the great job you did there though, keep going o/
: DJ Sona bug
> Also how can I trigger different sounds with her abilities? Write "\toggle" in chat, it should do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ayowel,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=zEuibJTh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-01T21:34:10.550+0000) > > Balance is weakness. > Something like that happened here : http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/3ZmYKOdo-yorick-bug > Anyway you could make a video so we can see the problem ? > I don't really understand what you mean by "when the enemy team put his health to zero he would give them 500 gold each time". He gets to 0 HP then the hp regen made him go higher ? Or he got an instant "heal" everytime he reached 0 hp ? I kept trying to upload photos of the bug, but it would get stuck at 100% upload. When his health reaches 0 he vanishes giving them 500 gold, then a sec later returns with about 10 health. And when he "died" for a few second he returned yet again with about 10 hp.
Thanks for the precision. The image upload system seems to be broken here, I have problems when attempting to upload too.
: On to upper left corner, you can 'select' a region. Change it to EUNE. it will then login with your EUNE account on the NA Boards, and then you should be able to post (you must be at least level 7).
: Yorick Bug
Looks like it's not Yorick's fault : http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/zEuibJTh-never-ending-feeding-karthus
: Never Ending Feeding Karthus
Balance is weakness. Something like that happened here : http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/3ZmYKOdo-yorick-bug Anyway you could make a video so we can see the problem ? I don't really understand what you mean by "when the enemy team put his health to zero he would give them 500 gold each time". He gets to 0 HP then the hp regen made him go higher ? Or he got an instant "heal" everytime he reached 0 hp ?
: You can post on the [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) with your EUNE account
Don't think so, or it might be because I've got both an EUW (lvl 30) and a NA (lvl < 5) account, but I currently can't post on NA boards :/ .
: Balance League of Legends
Aatrox vs Jarvan is at the disadvantage of Aatrox. Really. You're here to sustain, he's here to burst you. This is not always true, but generally poke > burst > sustain > poke. Got the idea ? More over, what do you mean by "same damages" ? Aatrox and Jarvan don't build the same way, neither do they scale the same way, it's hard to compare just values. About Akali... Well, I really don't feel like she is OP, but very strong, mainly at low levels, probably. One pink is enough to kill her, early on she's very shroud reliant. If you lane against her or are the jungler, buy a pink and take her down, she's squishy early on. Ask your tank to buy an improved red trinket and she'll be revealed during all fights. Take her down. Oh, forget about it, she's getting nerfed to oblivion, no need to learn to play against her. Sure, there are many things that aren't very well balanced, but overall I think Riot does a good job (not perfect, not great, just good) trying to balance champs. Not like it's something easy to do :/
: Nemesis draft is terrible
From my point of view, Nemesis is all about discovering new champs. If you go in queue with this in mind, there is nothing to worry about. I personally love this mode for the reason that it allows me to discover champs without getting shouted at, the worst thing being the guys that want to tryhard in this mode. It's meant for fun, no matter wether you win or lose, you play new champs, new comps, joke around on the champ your got, ask your teammates if the champ is ad or ap, learn new skills and sometimes win without knowing how. This mode is interessant because you can see there stuff that works but won't ever be seen in normals / ranked because non-meta. Honestly, I discovered in this mode some champs I would never ever have played normally and while everybody cries about Jarvan and Lee being the only viable junglers, I pick Nunu, make a full clean, finish it with enough health to gank and snowball games. I discovered him in this mode. What I found the most interesting while playing this mode was the fact that no champion in league is trash (well, excepted {{champion:6}} , but it's all about his kit that hardly fits any comp), and I always have a hard time picking a "bad" champ for the ennemy team. That's cool :)
: Concerns on Fizz changes, and suggestions to make him more balanced.
As Amy Sery said, NA board and forums are the place this post belongs, considering the change is now live. About your point, I first have to say I'm not a Fizz player nor have I ever played him, so my point is more theorical than anything else. From my point of view, what Riot tried to do with Fizz is turn him into a weird bruiser assassin that has a hard time one-shooting someone without staying in melee range for less than 2 s, which means that his assassination potential has been heavily lowered. I can understand this decision, as it could feel really unfair to play against a fizz ables to leave you with 1/2 HP with little to no counterplay. From now on, he should probably be played as a "late game" assassin, building {{item:3116}} , maybe {{item:3027}} too to become tankier and able to get a bit focused and still survive, however I feel like he is really weak now and could use a ratio and/or base damage buff. Ayowel
: Suggestion about the current skill-shot aim system [quick-cast] (RIOT STUFF Read)
... I didn't understand your point. Honestly. The skill + direction signal is sent to the server but is a client-side thing, there is no randomness in it, only mistakes of your part or too slow computers, I don't see how this can be a problem on Riot's end.
: Because not recharged me rp and IP
Herm... ok. Maybe you should try to write in your native language, I can guess what you say but not read it at the moment :/ . Ip and Rp aren't rechaged anymore. You should have received a certain amount of IP / RP, if you already spent it all, deal with it.
: hello there Ayowel i am getting 50 min queues non stop every mode its really frustrating.{{item:3070}}
Well I've never had this problem (maybe because I can't play much and nearly only when most player can). As Amy Sery just told you, public chat is a good place to go to find people to play with. Normal Blind Summoner Rift is probably the most popular queue, so here you should have a easier time finding other players.
: Queue time
Well, it's all about timing. Right after a significant update, queue time are usually of 5min or lower, but that can go up to 10-15 min if you don't connect at the right time. Moreover, the higher your mmr is, the harder it is for the system to find people to play with you (fewer people).
: Azir's tower doesn't atack Kalista's w
Towers should one-shot Kalista's W, so it's a bug. If someone can make some tests with other sumons to know more precisely where the problem is, I'd be thankfull (especially Zyra's plants, their behavior is the closest to Kalista's W I can think of atm)
: Yasuo's flow feels kind of half-assed
Gonna try to answer your post, even though I haven't played against a Yasuo for a long time. Neither do I play him. More over, PBE is not the place for such discussions to take place, nothing about him is currently being tested on PBE, you'd better go on forums or NA board where you'll get more answer and more visibility. First of all, I'ma tell you what I feel is his spot now : Yasuo, from my point of view, is in a quite good spot, however he could use a few buffs to become a really viable pick actually. Now, let's go to the main stuff : > If you were to face a Yasuo you'd pop it with a minor damage source e.g. basic attack and then proceed to play normally. Well, ye, that's the basic of the match-up, I think We can agree on the fact that such a mechanic should be kept. The main reason that made E charge way less the passive was that it made him a real threat in lane : no way to really poke him down as his passive charged really quickly and really hard to touch as most midlaners have skillshots, which he can fairly easily dodge due to his E. > 1. Decreased shield duration but a duration refresh whenever Yasuo takes damage. This would make sure Yasuo doesn't get an oppressingly long shield in lane and still let him absorb some damage with the shield before it expires in fights. Quite interesting, however I don't feel like this would be a really interessant buff to make, as in teamfight situation the shield will often be fully consumed before dissipating. Moreover, in laning phase, this would make attacks timing a pain (you thought you landed a perfect end-shield combo and, crap, you missed the end by 0.01 s, so sad) and even if this would be a very interessant interaction to have, it would be a very "counter intuitive" behavior on a champion against which you already have to micro manage so many things. It's no for me. > 2. Able to gain a shield without maximum flow (strength based on current flow), if a max flow shield procs has significantly increased strength or scaling. So the idea is that Yasuo would have significantly less flow to power standard shields but a much stronger one if he has full flow, this would make people actually acknowledge Yasuo's shield when initiating a fight and whenever he ults (Looking for that Riven shield effect). However, as a opposing laner would have plenty of time to proc Yasuo's shield before he can generate maximum flow, i.e. enormous trading potential, it wouldn't be overwhelmingly powerful as Yasuo can't generate max flow for every encounter. And then even if Yasuo stays back to generate max flow you can always use the tactic people use today, basic attack and wait for it to expire. This is quite interessant, but then it should work with 2/3 lvls : "half passive", "3/4 passive" and "full passive" or this would just mean that all over a fight he could absorb a tremendeous amount of damages without you being able to notice it :/ . Moreover, if such a "buff" is implemented, it might be interessant (not sure though, this would be all about numbers) to lower the shield provided by the not "fully stacked passive"... this might just end up in a global nerf if it is too much lowered so... > 3. MOAR FLOW The fact that Yasuo's Q and W no doesn't interact with flow, Yasuo's resource, doesn't feel intuitive at all. Really, if he's to have a resource, every spell should either cost some or otherwise regenerate it (you can probably see what I'm getting at). Don't ask for it, you will end up regretting it. honestly (but ye, it could be interessant to allow Yasuo to manage more easily his passive > If we start with my most humble suggstion, I suggest that Yasuo's W - Windwall, should regenerate flow everytime (or once per windwall) it blocks a projectile from a champion or monster (i.e. jungle camps). This would futher emphasize excellent timing when casting windwall since obviously people won't throw stuff at your windwall after you've already placed it. This. I. Honestly. Love. It. Na, but really, this sound like a great Idea, a bit like the "don't hit Galio or he will regenerate" thing, but on something that should normally not get hit. However, I don't think a one-time event at each cast would be a good think, maybe more something like "each shoot blocked by your shield provides you X passive stacks, decreasing by Y% per consecutive shoot" just like their actually is on Galio's heal. Great idea man :) . Or woman. Or boy. Or girl. Or dog. Or... whatever. Good job. > Another more radical change would be to have the aforementioned event not only generate flow but also reduce it's cooldown (jungle Yasuo anyone?). No. Too many possible abuses. Honestly, you would hate yourself if this comes up : Yasuo will see competitive play and then get nerfed to hell. You don't want it. Neither do I. > Yasuo's Q really defines his character, super thin which requires precise aiming but then critically strikes basically 100% of the time, this is something I'd really like to see being emphasized even more on. However, there is an underlying problem with the Q. Due to the 25% damage penalty on critical strikes (as opposed to 10% on basic attacks), at 267 AD* Yasuo's basic attacks will deal more damage than his Qs. A really simple solution would be to have a flat 15% penalty for both Q and basic attacks (would also compensate for the 7% DPS loss due to the IE -> PD crit change), this would really help re-enforce his character; using your Q knowing that they're weaker than your basic attacks is really anticlimactic. Well, I don't know. This sounds full of sense, however I think this would give him too much "early" power. I won't go any further, I won't do the math today, neither tomorrow, sorry. > Getting to the flow stuff I'd love to see hitting a champion or monster with your Q regenerating a certain amount of flow :/ I fear this would make the shield too spammy, but here that's all about values. Anyway, I don't think you should give the Q more power than it already has, it already is a great tool, don't make it all what a champion is. > possibly even refreshing Yasuo's shield duration (at 1.33 sec CD it still couldn't possibly sustain a shield by itself) Well, why not, But I'd like to had a condition then : only if the Q touches a champion (not a minion or a jungle creep, a champion, only a champion). However, their would be an issue with the 3 stacks Q then : When do you take in consideration units touched ? Only in the area of the "initial launch" ? You can't possibly make it test all the way, or it mightjust end up re-enabling the shield once he has timed out (dunno how it would be coded, but I fear such behavior). > Another change which would emphasize the importance of hitting Q would be to increase the duration of E - Sweeping Blade's debuff (buff?) and have Yasuo's Q reduce the timer by a second or two. I guess you're talking about the "you can't dash on me" buff. Well, I've mixed feelings about it, as this would really be usefull only in chasing contexts, where Yasuo is already really good, but does he really need to get even better ? It's a good idea, I just don't feel at ease with it. Definitly something to try. Sorry If you don't understand something, I'm not a native and really need to talk/read/listen to/write more :P . Tell me if you want me to write something in an other way. Oh and. That was definitly not a real wall of text, maybe a little piece of text, but not that much, you can do better son o/ .
: It could be something like that. But what about the times when it doesn't crash, but I'm still able to open the tab menu? I get that it can display the info since it already has the data, but if the problem is caused by the game not properly recognizing or accepting that the server is no longer available, shouldn't that problem persist beyond the initial end game animation? I've tried mashing tab after that, and it hasn't crashed in that situation.
Dunno, we can only guess what happens, but I think the problem is all about timing : when you make the request, it asks the server for the data, but after the server confirms the data exists, the time for him to reach and read the data, it might have been erased by an other process, and so it can't send the data, causing your client to crash because he is waiting for a message that never comes without being expected nor properly tested. Hopefully Riot will take a look at it.
: There is no way this should be crashing my system. It's custom built and less than a year old. Not to mention, if it was a hardware limitation, why would it cause a bugsplat? Shouldn't it just always crash my computer? And why would it only happen at the end game screen? I'm pretty sure there are other moments in game when I faceroll my keyboard and issue more commands then I do when hitting tab at the end of the game. As well as those moments being more resource intensive anyway, as a result of all the action going on, opposed to the relatively simple end game graphic animation. I guess I haven't tested other buttons at the end of game. Maybe ESC and P. I'll try that. Still, I doubt this is a hardware limitation.
I think it's due to the fact that, once a game is finished (victory screen), it doesn't exist anymore server side (ye, some data is registered, but it isn't at the same place anymore), so when you keep pressing tab, what causes the crash is probably the fact that your game client is trying to refresh when you press and so access data it can't reach, resulting in a bug splat. I'm not sure, it's just the only reason I can think about atm. The "server is there" test returns "true" so data loading starts but the data can't be loaded...
: > So simple that you wouldn't even bother answering other people trying to give [other change possibility](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/RI4tyKHk-can-we-let-annie-benefit-from-some-ms-while-her-shield-is-active-i-mean-sharing-is-caring?comment=0002) ... whatever > I apologize for not getting to your suggestion earlier, but part of it was that i wasn't really certain what you were saying and the other was me wanting to make a more general Annie post, something a bit more open to feedback of how the changes as is currently work and whether or not fellow Annie players feel like the changes as is are really as underwhelming as i personally feel they are. Overall, with recent changes riot has been trying to sort of carve out Niches for their more recent mages, Azir being an Auto-attack centric commander, Cassio turning into a late-game AP Vaynstrocity, Viktor's niche as an adaptive machinist and Soraka's Martyrdom hp balancing. While any champ should have exploitable times of weakness, mages especially, I feel that if Riot takes an approach that integrates Tibbers and Annie as a Summoner and Summon archetype would give better context to her changes. The Ms suggestion was more tooled around the idea of Annie working *with* Tibbers, rather than keeping her in the standard Burst mage X archetype. When Annie was mentioned in the article on DFG's removal, they expressed a desire to affect how Annie relates with Tibbers after the summon. To this effect, i'm not seeking to just Buff Annie's damage to maintain her Burst post removal, but rather as a possible way to improve the way Tibbers and Annie interact. Tibber's Movement is part of what I feel would need to be edited in order to make their relation as Summon and Summoner more effective, as most people can easily escape him, and if Annie does not immediately start Microing him, It can be very easy for him to get behind, at which point even the MS boost already wouldn't fix. Likewise as i said earlier in this post, Annie's proclivity to use E as a Stun Proccer makes the change far less useful as Tibbers will have to be already out for around 9 or so seconds before you can even make use of the new changes. Even if we were to change the way E interacts with his damage it still wouldn't address the fact that E is currently the only non-wasteful way for Annie to self-proc her passive without throwing away her much needed burst. * Potential Fixes for this include: * Make it so that Tibbers has the shield so long as Annie does, the "Sharing mechanic" i mentioned in my first post. So long as Annie benefits from the shield, Tibbers does as well. This way using E to prep Tibbers doesn't leave the mechanic unrealized when Tibbers is most able to use it. * Create different ways for this interaction to occur. **I.E. Maybe using Q on tibbers Ignites him and raises his Damage and Speed, E raises his defense, or W increasing the range of his AoE. * Other suggestions! I want Annie to be the summoner we always knew she could be. I want Tibbers to be important beyond a tanky minion and an excellent stun. And THIS is the chance Riot has to take a look at that.
The problems I have with the "Summon based Annie" are : 1 - Annie is the first real mage a new player will be able to play (Ryze is mana based, making him confusing enough for new players and his -1s cd passive, while still being great and funny or them, is not that easy to comprehend when you already have a hard time knowing champs cooldowns), so no matter how much I'd like Annie to be more complex, I feel like she needs to stay simple to play to allow new players to have a good first experiment with mages. Summon management is already going a bit too far in this respect from my point of view. 2 - Tibbers is basically a minion, but a minion that Annie has at lvl 6 only, with a 60+ CD, and that can easily and rapidly be killed (smite + some AAs/spells) while Annie, from my point of view, should stay a mage with good trade back potential at any time during the game and with a big powerspike at 6. 3 - With the mobility creep nowadays in the league, a "simple" ms boost would be really hard to balance. 3 - If spells can interact with Tibbers, their will be huge mistakes done due to Tibber's large hitbox. I don't care about the W/Z considering it is an AoE spell, but the Q might just end up in Tibbers instead of the ennemi champion during a burst rotation :/ Base a kit on something that have such a cd and is "easy" to take down would be, from my point of view, a huge mistake ; look at the summon based champions actually in game : Azir : low cd, low duration, good burst damage, excellent damages over time. Can't be killed Heimerdinger : average CD, excellent duration, average/low damages but can be "improved". Easy to kill Yorick : spamable ghouls, good damages. Easy to kill Annie is strong early/mid game, she tends to fall behind late game. I don't want her to become "useless" (she will still have his stun but...) as time goes because his Tibbers will be so easy to kill, this change would just force her in the support role unless she can snowball his lane, which gets harder the more you go up in the ladder.
: So Tibbers
> I've already got a thread asking if we could extend the MS to Annie, and my reasoning is fairly simple. So simple that you wouldn't even bother answering other people trying to give [other change possibility](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/RI4tyKHk-can-we-let-annie-benefit-from-some-ms-while-her-shield-is-active-i-mean-sharing-is-caring?comment=0002) ... whatever I have to admit I didn't give my thoughts on your idea, so heree they are : From my point of view, Annie is supposed to be a burst mage, Tibbers, while still dealing a pretty huge amount of damages **if he stays alive for a long time** (their is the issue), is not what her kit should be based on. More over, giving Annie more mobility would mean that other numbers would have to be lowered to match the fact that she would be more mobile. Considering this, I don't think your idea should be implemented. The ms boost given to Ahri has for purpose to have her be played more as a "poke" mage than an assassin. I don't want this for Annie, I wan't her to Tibbers everyone and burst someone, if she can survive after this, fine, if not, fine : she did her job. That's considering this that I wrote my idea, maybe you could take a look at it to tell me what you like/dislike in it. If you need me to write again parts of my post, tell me, I'm not a native.
: I've negated the cc and damage from Fizz's ult suing Sivir's spell shield on the live server, it shouldn't be a problem then.
I know, I use to play Sivir when I have to adc and already got such interaction. My question was about the fact that, since QSS's behavior has changed, Sivir's shield behavior might have changed too, and actually I can't test this on pbe.
: Can we let Annie benefit from some ms while her Shield is Active? I mean Sharing IS Caring!
Just a thought, not sure it would be really interessant gameplay-wise, but what about keeping a boost on Tibbers if she casts the shield after the summoning but make it provide a flat or scaling AP boost when she casts it, so she has strength spikes when she casts her shield and "weak" times when it is on cd while having to make a choice on wether she wants to favorise burst (shield first) or damages over time and CC (Shield after tibbers, so she procs his passive faster and deals AoE damages but has less burst). I think this could be an interessant way of changing her so the difference between good and great Annie would be bigger and it would reinforce the emphasis on "mid" annie over "sup" Annie while making balancing work easier by having more ways to change her. Let me know what you think about it guys Ayowel
: QSS is not getting rid of Fizz ult
Hmm... Can anyone make a test with Sivir's shield ? This could be a big problem for her if the behavior of his shield changes too :/ And, for the QSS issue, don't the fact that fish is on the champion increase damage dealt to him by Fizz by 20% anyway ? That had be a problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ayowel,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=4G3wLKZ1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-01-22T12:46:31.662+0000) > > I don't understand what you mean by "More aoe on his mega form", as all his spells in mega form **are** aoe :/ . More over, the Mega form's purpose is to tank and provide CCs, I don't see how you could help with it's farming without making it somewhat op ; I'd be glad to read some proposals for such changes, as I'm right now a bit sceptic about it. with the way that minions move around i find his skills in mega ruin his farm, so maybe something that only affects minions to buff that part up. maybe his w would have an effect that hits minions farther than it hits champs. maybe his q could dig into minions slightly more rather than just stopping though that runs the risk of hitting a champ who's hidding in the minions.
For the W/Z increased range only against minions, I really doubt it is a viable proposition considering it would really lower very much the clarity of the spell, which is an issue in all champs development. For the Q digging into minions... Well, that's somehow the same problem, where is the rock supposed to stop then ? Look the attachment (much paint skill), should be more clear than a long explanation. edit : looks like Riot's image upload feature is broken, go here to see : http://i.imgur.com/ynhFCPD.png Overall, this shows that possible Q behavior other than the current one would not be clear for the player.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ayowel,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=4G3wLKZ1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-19T12:09:06.631+0000) > > *Looks like you got bullied in lane by a Sion in your last game* > > I don't feel like Gnar is in a bad position atm ; His passive provides him a few sustain, he has poke (ye, Q pokes, and hard on the first unit **after a few levels**, more over you can easily make the cd so low by catching it when it comes back...), damages, an escape and tanking... > With his kit, Sion shouldn't be a threat to Gnar, maybe you should try to train him more and attempt to know Sion better as he shouldn't be able to kill you as long as you don't commit. I love where he is right now. I think maybe he could use a little more aoe on his mega form to help with its farming, but otherwise its great.
I don't understand what you mean by "More aoe on his mega form", as all his spells in mega form **are** aoe :/ . More over, the Mega form's purpose is to tank and provide CCs, I don't see how you could help with it's farming without making it somewhat op ; I'd be glad to read some proposals for such changes, as I'm right now a bit sceptic about it.
: Edit: Wanted to add: I don't get how she's like Ziggs/Xerath. They beat her in range and they're not meant to be mobile champs. They provide different roles than Ahri. I do find it sad that assassin's are being scrapped since they added some fun elements to the game. But I guess it's Riot's way of giving more counterplay because it's also not fun being on the other end and bursted down in a space of 2 seconds. I do like how she was based uniquely on positioning, but that damage amp made her a one trick pony. I'm not saying I wanted her charm to be on lower cd or anything before, it's just -once you blasted it, you're not as intimidating. Other champions can miss a spell, but throw their other array of spells/autoattack to still do great damage. I just don't find this as fun. At least Talon, Fizz, Zed, and Rengar can still burst you, even if their "main" damage spell is down. Doesn't the Q mobility make her unique now? She doesn't even need to hit anything to gain that mobility. And it gives her options for fantastic combos. I would like to hear a counterargument so I can see why you view it this way - not because I'm upset but because I'm curious.
As I said, I don't play her, so my point of view is more based on what I **think** she'll be played than on how she IS actually played on PBE. We agree on the fact that her kit was (and still is, but reading my post again I can see I didn't say it as I thought it :/) based on positionning, but I *feel like* before she needed the ennemy to make a mistake or needed to make a "play" to kill someone (charm isn't that easy to land) and you knew that the "most dangerous" part of her kit was her charm while now she will just try to poke you down without letting you have a way to engage on her as she will just run away (very quickly) after attempting to land a Q, or ult away or charm you so you won't be able to damage her. That's what I meant by "a worst Ziggs/Xerath" : I feel like her kit is now more based on poke and staying safe than on assassinating people, which was somehow her core before those changes. So, sure, she hasn't got a hard poke, but my comparison was more based on the way I feel she's going to be played (stay safe and poke as much as possible) than her kit itself.
: More late game options for players in the lead.
I don't agree with you, a limitless power gainable by gold would mean a limitless snowball. Actually, you can try to come back in a game you are loosing hard by trying to "freeze" your opponents advantage and so gradually getting to the same level, which your proposal would make completely ineffective. When you are ahead, your goal should be 1 - to move on the map to help your mates getting fed (and so be ahead too) and 2 - end the game, the second point being the most important one. You proposal would forbid forever such comebacks. Moreover, those 'infinitely stacking' champs are 1 - very weak early on, and easy to gank if their opponent force them to push (but that's not always easy, especially if you don't know how to do it), 2 - mechanically limited : Nasus has only a slow to gapclose, which makes him very easy to kite by many adcs and not a real threat as long as you have a few CCs on your side while Veigar is a one-trick pony : he needs to land his stun for his main range hability to touch someone (W/Z), the 2 others (Q/A and R) having a low range and being completely countered by Zhonya. The devourer enchantment is a bet for the junglers : it gets worth investing in it only if the game lasts long enough, and the gold spent for this enchantment weakens early ganks, where junglers are the most efficient, which means that it is not a reliable item overall even though it might seem very strong, the increase in strength provided by this item is very limited (considering that it is not that easy to get a significant damage increase).
: Bot games DFG bug
DFG isn't the only item taken by bots but unavailable for players, but Rio rarely updates bots' builds so... :/
: Finding my posts
Is the same for everyone, I guess... Been like that for a few while now, don't even know if Riot is aware of it though :/
: According to your recent posts on how you want your game structured, these Gnar nerfs make no sense
*Looks like you got bullied in lane by a Sion in your last game* I don't feel like Gnar is in a bad position atm ; His passive provides him a few sustain, he has poke (ye, Q pokes, and hard on the first unit **after a few levels**, more over you can easily make the cd so low by catching it when it comes back...), damages, an escape and tanking... With his kit, Sion shouldn't be a threat to Gnar, maybe you should try to train him more and attempt to know Sion better as he shouldn't be able to kill you as long as you don't commit.
: Ahri Changes
Well, it feels like Riot is trying to help the mage Ahri by somehow killing the assassin Ahri, so let's enjoy a new poke champ now that he is live... Let's stop joking, the pen on his E was what allowed counter play, now she sounds to me more like a worst Ziggs/Xerath with higher mobility than anything else. I really expected for this buff an increase in the pen provided by her charm, because of #counterplay and #assassins , but the more we go, the more it sounds like it isn't ok to have mage/range assassins, which I think is a huge mistake considering she had a really unique and positionning based kit that is going to be turned into a poke kit with high possible mistake due to his ability to reposition. Talking as someone who doesn't play her though :/ Ayowel
: o.O this post... When the riven was jumping before they updated it was A BUG. It was not intended and it wasn't consistent. It has nothing to do with lessening the skill cap on riven and neither do this change. In order to perform the fast combo you need the enemies to be not moving. In a lane vs someone that won't ever happen unless the jungler is leona and keeps the target not moving for 3 straight seconds. On the other hand this change is useful for new riven players who would want to jungle with her. This will fasten their clearing speed.
In fact, herm... Riven is all about zoning in toplane. Zone until the ennemy champ comes for a creep, if he wants to take the last it, go for him and if you do it correctly and you've a bit mastered the combo there is absolutely no reason he doesn't take the full combo, but hey, that needs training, Riven isn't the kind of champ supposed to be mastered in 2 games and such a change would allow her to burst someone so much easily that everyone would cry for a nerf, which she would get somewhere else on her kit :/ ...
: They buffed her Q ? With what ?
The AA now cancels the Q instead of waiting until the end of the animation, she still makes all the dash and procs damages though, Which make very easy to do the Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA combo whith little if not no counterplay (basically, you will still get dealt max damages even if you try to instantly walk away when she begins her combo... much fun, really). So... nerfs incoming if this change goes to live, thinking she is in a quite good spot atm (talking as someone who doesn't play her, but hey, good Rivens kill me with Nasus while the others just let me farm, I'm fine with it :P ), she Actually has a little counter play which is "don't go in the damn range and/or fallback asap" but with this, the second part will be forgotten... Much lane won incomming at higher elos due to the fact that she'll zone you all day whatever she does :/
: Ayowel, that is how the mode actually functions. The trade phase allows all members of the team to trade with other members of the team regardless of owning the Champion or not. i.e. you can and probably will play Champions you do not own.
Thanks for answering me Riot Mixtli. Gonna give it a try in a few hours then, but it looks like it'll be hard to play it, as many players actually [dodge the queue](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/vPA2Osrl-nemensis-draft-is-not-fun-people-are-dodging-every-single-lobby) (and we're on PBE, so if it goes to live... :/ ). However, it sounds like a funny mode right now, even though it will probably be kinda frustrating to try to play with what the opponent considers one of the worst champs x) . Ayowel
: What if Tristana's new E could be PASSED ON like a REAL STICKY GRENADE
From my point of view, Thresh's lantern mechanism is already hard enough to understand without adding such weird stuff :P
  Rioter Comments
Hi > You must land charm to give the damage now. herm... well, that's how it is supposed to work, I assure you, and if you don't trust me just read patchnotes. Some time ago Riot already made an update saying charm should be landed first (counterplay and so on). For the "she should get a buff" part... Well, you might be right, I don't really know, I don't play her. Riot already said champions DFG reliant will receive a buff (I remind of Veigar being quoted, dunno for the others), and there you have a point : if you think she needs it, say it... but don't go like "just up everything in her kit" please, it doesn't really help :/ , tell what you think could be good so a discussion on the subject can take place. More over, don't give feedbacks after what sounds like to be a single game, play more games in order to ensure that what you say isn't just due to the "lack" of the burst you're used to and to be able to give more accurate advice on what should get a buff. Ayowel
: Can't login
Changing your dns should fix the issue. To know how to do, just take a look into the na forum as some players already posted fixes to this problem.
: [Idea] Allow players to lock their camera to where their summoner currently is on screen....
Hi This sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it actually *is* a good idea : 1 - This camera position would need to be reset each game, no one wants to play with a "random" camera at start, which means you would have to re-bind at each game beginning. (that's a "minor" issue, but still...) 2 - The arrow thing to move the camera doesn't sound like a good idea, you might just end having bugs and weird camera positions due to champion moving while you're changing the focus... Minor issue there too, bit less significant than the previous one though. 3 - Players who don't know this feature might just end up loking their camera in a weird position without even knowing how to change that, the actuel "locked cam" has the same problem, but as you can still see your surrounding it's usually not such a big problem 4 - Later in a fight, you might just want to have a real centered camera to see what's happening all around, as your proposal seems to be designed for locked camera players, this might just kill you. Nothing else to say right now, maybe later ;) . Ayowel
: [Zz'rot Gates with Rage Gene]
Probably because the voidspawns work as Annie's Tibbers/Elise's spiders,... but sure, it can be a pretty huge problem :/ . hmmm... What about {{champion:23}} ? Do their AAs proc for him ?
: Teemo passive + baron buff improved recall.
no :/ only twitch is supposed to be able to recall while being invisible. Edit : oh, thought teemo's normal recall "canceled" his passive. my bad. reddit : thanks scary. So, back to the first point : teemo shouldn't be able to go invisible while recalling. About twitch : it's due to the way it's stealth works : she's canceled by any spell casted during stealth but if you begin to recall before the stealth begin, you can mak 3/4 of it in stealth, witch is really helpful sometimes x) .
: Tribunal page
Tribunal is down until his relaunch. And this question has nothing to do on PBE.
: RP Changes (Idea)
Considering that everything being tested is supposed to be at 1 IP cost *Kof* post-game gifts *Kof*, I don't see the point in allowing PBE players to trade IP for RP as it would just delay the lack of RP "problem" instead of solving it. The PBE once gave weekly RP but items in the shop weren't taken down to 1 IP, the actual situation was supposed to solve this problem and does it well in my regard. From my point of view, your idea could be interessant, but only as a feature to be put to live (like trading in 100/200 IP for 1 RP so that old players which now have no use of their IP could trade them to buy skins or whatever they want, with a high enough balance so that it doesn't become just an other way to get skins). Ayowel
: rotation champions
erm... no. The purpose of rotation is to allow players to discover new champs from time to time, if I'm looking for buying a new champ, I'll take a look at the free champs. I don't want to have to play at least 4/5 games to ensure I'll be able to play a new champ. What's the next step ? Players will need to have won at least X games in Coop to play normals ? X games in normals to play ranked ? I usually try rotation champs in a custom before playing them BUT I usually leave before the end, which means the game isn't registered. Moreover, I sometime feel like playing a champ I've never played before while in the lobby, your proposal would make it so hard to happend (and basically, what's the difference between someone playing a rotation champ for the first time and someone playing a champ he just bought for the first time ?). As a final point : man, normal is normal, Give advice to the ones trying the champs if you know a bit about him, allow him to have a better start and try to have fun.
: New SR Base Openings Trigger Nidalee's Passive
I think it is intended due to the stealth provided by the "gate" but I agree on the fact that it is a great buff that will get nerfed once a pro will have made a play with it.
: Void gate
The pathfinding is sometimes weird too, placed it in the bush above the red buff red side and zergs gone to mid turret. Interessant mechanicly, but the 150s cd / 150s sending out zergs doesn't look really balanced to me (or is it in reality a 150-300s cd depending on wether the portal got destroyed or not ?) Moreover, Zergs are really weak *and* don't last long, is their any way to balance it so that they feel more reliable or is it an intended mechanism (I think it's intended, but still :/...) ?
: Low Priority Queue Bug
Sounds awesome :D ... Oh, wait... Someone else had the same problem (reached 1:00 and reset at 10:00), let's try to bump this post 'til it gets noticed o/
: ARAM could use some improvement
The way random is calculated might not be the best way (and this could be an issue), but the map is supposed to be played with random champs, so whatever the match-ups are, they don't have to be "balanced" in any way because then random wouldn't be random anymore.
: Friend List
Weird. Could you send a pick ? How about the ones who are disconnected ? Do they also appear as "unknown" ?
: Jinx skin idea
Interessant idea, but pbe isn't exactly the place for propositions, you'd better send it on NA board and/or on other LoL forums.
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