Or just give us Oracle Extract back.
: Skaarl Courage Generation
Maybe he should generate a small amount of Courage after killing a large monster so he'd actually have to work through and kill the camp before getting any benefit.
: They add on to each other, but only the minimum value like it is on live because there is a second function where you get increased exp when behind in levels, the minimum value is too small to actually notice anything and sounds like you are testing in custom games where you cannot see the new mechanic
Just tested on live. A single jungle item, both jungle items at the same time and the combined jungle items all give the exact same amount of EXP.
: New Game Mode! (idea)
Look into Dota's Ability Draft. "Players are given a random hero from Ability-Draft enabled heroes. (There are a few that have more than 4 skills so they're disabled for this.) Each players' abilities are put into a pool along with the abilities from 3 other random heroes. Players take turns selecting abilities from the pool, given five seconds for each choice. Each player selects three normal abilities and one ultimate."
: I have an idea for some of you though, what if two people make a custom game just to practice champion and not actually fight each other? This way we can test things without needing to be fighting someone
: Pbe community poll, Kindred
Kindred is very lackluster. I think they honestly just need a complete rework already. Nothing about their kit works together.
: Averdrian, Gavid, Omen, Rob Blackblade, Tabu, Urf, Well
To be fair they still have removed items like Wriggle's Lantern along with all of the Black Water Brawl items in the game in the Item Sets section. It seems like they just don't feel like removing it out of laziness. As for Urf, he's the oddball among those champions you listed. He was never planned to be a real champion unlike the rest of them, he was literally nothing more than an April Fools Day joke.
: Add more Bans vote on Draft pick
I really do think that LoL needs more bans seeing as how there are far too many permapicks/bans going around right now. DotA has a really good pick/ban phase. It goes like this. Team 1 bans 1, team 2 bans 1. Team 1 bans another and so does team 2. Team 1 then picks 1 champ followed by team 2 picking 2 champs, followed by team 1 picking 2 and then team 2 picking 1. Then it goes back to banning. Each team takes turn banning out 3 more champs a piece. If you've been paying attention that means 10 bans total and so far each team has 3 champs. They finish off by each team taking turns to pick 2 more champs. It might seem complicated but it's a really effective way to do the pick/ban stage and adds a lot more depth/strategy to it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Faal Rovaniik,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5g9UsWQ9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-17T03:09:09.106+0000) > > No one... No one thinks this is a bad champion... If they think that then they're retarded... A champion with kiting and sustain and MASSIVE percent damage... Yes that sure is weak lmao. alot of people dont like this champ and think they are bad actually it suprising
Not liking a champion and thinking they're bad are different things.
: It's true that Cinderhulk is nerfed in the late game after your 3rd major Health purchase. However, until you hit 1000 bonus health - you are strong that you were previously. With the jungle items in their current state - if you wanted someone to be strong in the extreme late game - your first option probably wouldn't be tanks to begin with given that there are multiple routes for end-game success in the jungle that it's running directly into. The other facet of this is that if Cinderhulk has to compete in the end-game against these other two - what it effectively would have to do is create unstoppable characters that cannot be killed - and so even if it does work - it wouldn't be a state we'd be particularly happy with. Therefore, by shifting Cinderhulk's impact to be more impactful mid game and less impactful late game - the item actually has a window to shine - rather than be overshadowed end-game by a devourer or completely dominant when it is good.
So, basically what you just said is "We don't want tanks to be a thing anymore. All junglers will need to be high damage carries since tanks and mages in the jungle are no longer a thing."
: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
Oh come on, RiotJag, are you serious? You guys removed Zeke's Herald after the massive amount of negative feedback you got for doing so? Why not just have Zeke's Herald and Zeke's Harbinger be in the game? At least you didn't make it take the name, I guess, because they're not even remotely the same and shouldn't be replaced for one another. Extremely disappointed in you guys. > [{quoted}](name=Aximil,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=lEXEsgWL,comment-id=000900020001,timestamp=2015-07-07T20:07:17.426+0000) >Keep Zeke's Herald and make this new iteration an entirely new item if you care about item diversity at all. If you guys remove this it will prove you don't care.
: i didnt have E and still rekt a gnar, he built all damage, i built IE, then tank and proceeded to eat oranges and be K
"he built all damage" is the exact reason he lost. Gnar should never do that.
: Low key, even if you 're helping me, it pisses me off so much, because I do not have control of my champion, therefore, I am not in full control of the situation. If I 'm about to die, you might as well, unless I 'm Kat ulting and I 'm trying to desperately get off damage so my team can finish them off. Plus, again, mis-W'd Devourer's is sooooooo annoying. Lost an entire game 'cause a Tahm did that to me two times in two different team fights and got us both killed. Hell, even if I 'm chasing someone and you 're Tahm, don't W me unless you want a report, 'cause it pisses me off to the extreme. You may only W me if I 'm about to die and it looks like I 'm not going to be able to do much, or if you 're trying to R me; that 's it. Don't even touch me for chasing.
> [{quoted}](name=KAMIGENO,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=THLAONgt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-04T18:38:43.187+0000) > > Hell, even if I 'm chasing someone and you 're Tahm, don't W me unless you want a report, 'cause it pisses me off to the extreme. I apologize for using the movespeed boost to make you faster to catch up and kill the enemy that would have otherwise outran you.
: I'm pretty sure that this is just a testing ground for potential future add-ons, but it's in a game mode so no one will get disappointed if they don't go live. This is just a theory, but it makes a lot of sense.
That's what I'm hoping this really is too. But Riot has been dropping the ball lately so who knows?
: Just wanted to chip in some context on why Zeke's needed this style of update. Basically, live Zeke's requires **all** of the following to be true in a given game in order to be an efficient item: * Your team must have multiple high-scaling AD auto attackers * You must be a peel support located near them and able to sacrifice an item slot to help them * Your opponents must be doing something (typically multiple Thornmails and minimal/no wombo combo) to increase the value of lifesteal Add this to a bunch of clarity and satisfaction issues (invisible auras are always undervalued relative to their power level), plus an "ADC slave" element where you don't get to feel good about your own item purchase (unless you're support Gangplank), and you have an item which, even if balanced to actually be strong, very few players will ever buy or appreciate. The only way to get players to value it would be to make it egregiously overpowered. One thing I want to call out, by the way: > The Live version of the item is expensive thus difficult to obtain for a support, making it a balanced and an aware, niche purchase. You're getting at a really important concept - that the ability to understand itemization at a level where you can adapt within a game is a valued skill. That's a skill I'd really like to see more of - but with fully supported, valuable items that do broadly different things, rather than extremely niche items. In this case, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to fit both new Zeke's and Mikael's in a single build (not impossible, but you'll be sacrificing other stuff) - understanding when one or the other is more likely to help win the game is both an important decision and a nuanced decision, assuming we hit a good state balance-wise. tl;dr: Old Zeke's was too specific to realistically be able to support and barely purchased; new Zeke's is a very different item but also an item that can be supported more broadly; we believe new Zeke's does offer interesting and nuanced decision-making in the support itemization space.
This is exactly how you ruin item diversity. The new Zeke's Herald you're working on is a completely different item and can remain as such. Niche items are what create item diversity. Stop removing things unless they're unhealthy for the game, you're hurting the game. Zeke's Herald that is currently on live is cost effective (assuming you have a team for it) and a fantastic item for the specific team you mentioned. By taking away an item that allows that teamcomp to be a thing you are RUINING item diversity. Keep Zeke's Herald and make this new iteration an entirely new item if you care about item diversity at all. If you guys remove this it will prove you don't care.
Rioter Comments
: There is a differnce between Champions and items in terms of infinite stacking. On items it can cause way easier problems than on fixed champions. Think about that item on Aatrox, for example.
The difference is you have to work up and get a lackluster item that you might want something else over to start stacking like those 3 do from the very beginning of the game with still being able to focus on their build. All 3 of them even stack faster than this item does.
: Flesheater is definitly not a reference to Pudge, definitly. But i like the item concept, problematic tho that it has no cap.
Nasus, Sion and Veigar all have infinite scaling as well...
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
Now if only you guys would put these items in Summoners Rift and KEEP them, you could get some real item diversity instead of what you "think" is item diversity right now. Tweak them slightly upon seeing how they play in this mode so some aren't too strong or weak, but seriously, put these in a permanent game mode if you truly want item diversity. These are all perfect for it.
: It would be cool, but I feel like his clears are already pretty good once he grabs gromp buff and Devour.
His first couple clears are really bad. His mid and late game clears are insanely good though.
: [Xin Zhao] - W Skillshot Audio bug
Xin Zhao doesn't have any skill shots, unless this is a brand new change to him that I have yet to learn about.
: Zed Ult Change
As someone that hates Zed and thinks he's absolutely toxic for the game, I think putting a delay on his shadow swapping will completely gut him and make him nearly unplayable. Even though I want him nerfed, I don't want him taken out of the game which is basically what that'll do.
: [BlitzCrank] - can pull through Morgana blackshield?
The way his pull works is the damage is done first and then it pulls, unlike something like Leona's stun which stuns the second it hits. So I'd say this is intended.
: I think if that's the case, then there needs to be clarification on the item itself because I'm pretty certain the health gained by those champion abilities is considered "bonus health" for all intents and purposes within the game.
I'm pretty sure it modifies their base health and isn't really treated as true bonus health, like Thresh's soul collecting modifies his base armor and isn't treated as bonus armor.
: Bard ideas and suggestions.
I like every single one of those suggestions.
: Player Behavior on the PBE
I'm so glad you guys are finally doing something about the extreme toxicity of the PBE. I can't think of anything worse than the community there. Hopefully if this does well you'll look into improving the live punishments as well.
: Mocking of the opposite team should be punishable
Riot isn't interested in fixing up their community despite saying they want to. It'd be nice if they did something about it but unfortunately it'll never happen. I'm still siding with you though.
: The status of the PBE community and the mindset.
Riot doesn't care one bit about the PBE Server. Even when bugs are reported they somehow make it through to Live.
: I wanna talk about the flamers in PBE
Riot doesn't care one bit about the PBE Server. Even when bugs are reported they somehow make it through to Live.
: Swain should not be able to use ultimate in Zhonya
Fiddlesticks, Kennen, Morgana, Karthus, Morgana and Rammus would like to have a word with you and tell you that it's not a bug and that you should stop picking on their friend Swain just because you lost to one yesterday. Even tethers like what LeBlanc, Karma and Nocturne have continue through Zhonya's if they use it. You play Yorick who is very weak against Swain. Stop complaining.
: Pantheon doesn't block autoattacks from Dragon with his passive
I really hope this is intended. Pantheon was able to do this at level 1 (with special runes) and at level 2 with regular runes consistently. I've seen a Zyra do it at level 2 as well by juggling aggro between her plants.
: Random ward Idea
I absolutely hate the second idea. I can tell who placed the ward, the approximate area on the map they should be now, how the ward placer is feeling about the game, etc; from just the ward. I need the wards to stay consistent to keep that edge that others generally don't abuse.
: her tunnels can be destroyed
I've played against her. I wasn't able to attack the tunnels at all. I would get right up to them, even standing ontop of them, and couldn't target them.
: Rek´Sai FeedBack
I feel that her tunnels have no counterplay. They last an absurdly long time, can't be destroyed, and let her get out of almost any situation except mass chain-stun with linked tunnels. As for cons, the only thing I can think of is she's not very good at straight up fighting. She can't 1v1 very well mid to late game, which is understandable because she invades the jungle and gets out without having to fight due to her insane amount of escape tools.
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I feel that her tunnels have no counterplay. They last an absurdly long time, can't be destroyed, and let her get out of almost any situation except mass chain-stun with linked tunnels. Make them be able to be caved in after X amount of attacks, like wards.
: Ip and RP Bug
You don't get recharges. What you get is what you get.
: [Summoner's Rift Beta] Shaco Q can disable the laser of the enemy base as long as the Q is active
: Jungle Item Changes
I don't necessarily like the "2 of 4" thing, but what they are currently doing with the new jungle items really needs to be re-worked. They're terribly executed and has made me stop playing jungle on the PBE. Once it comes over onto live, unless massive changes have happened to it, I won't be playing jungle there either. They gutted all but maybe a handful of champions as far as jungling is concerned and made 1 new jungle item (the one that lowers Smite's cooldown) with 3 other useless items that do absolutely nothing.
: Could one of the experiments be to give turrets a splash effect? This would really be helpful with group turret dives (which I despise)
That would completely defeat the purpose of having people tank the tower hits. If they're organized enough to dive your tower, kill you, and then get out without dying because they're trading tower aggro, they deserve the kill on you and should not be punished for it.
: I love this jungle changes i think ill play jungle more. It much more easier to level champ in jungle now.
And as for me, I hate the new jungle. I am a jungle main and I think these changes are going to make me stop playing jungle altogether.
: Is this patch already out? Because isaw a guy playing and he was playing with this patch, the day next, when instaled PBE it wasn't with the patch, it was just normal, :( Someone explain me.{{summoner:3}}
Read some of the main threads on here. It alternates.
: I have been lucky enough to log on while the new jungle was active, but I'd love to see if Zac is viable.
He is not. I've tried him. Anyone with a slow clear time is horrible in it.
: [SUGGESTION] A new command
Everyone just gives enough gold to the ADC to start with a BF Sword and then they all have about 150 gold left over (jungler gets to buy a Machete) for potions. He'll DOMINATE bottom and give the invested gold plus some back to the other players so they're now ahead of their respective lanes. I don't like this idea.
: Red Buff showing without having it
The same thing happens for Blue buff. They're making it so that if you die and don't transfer the buff you'll respawn with it. And all the bugs haven't been worked out of that part.
: Kayle and the Egg Splash
It doesn't look anything like Kayle should look. I hate it.
: Seems like the inhibitor tower laser beam damage is too low on squishy champions at least. Yeah, this feedback is coming from a bot game I played but it seems like a no tank gear ADC can tank this tower for quite a bit. I was *expecting* this new laser tower attack to do a lot of damage. Yes, maybe it has penetration for tanks now but it seems the base damage is probably too low at the moment. Talking about purple team's towers if it's a bug. The laser doesn't hit for 235 damage like it says on the tower stat. Which, by the way, the tower items have no tooltips when I hover over them at the moment. I did sort of let the tower kill me as I walked away. I felt like I got out of range of the top lane purple inhib tower but the laser continued to hit a few more times. Since the tower is attacking extra fast you might need to make sure the tower is checking extra fast to see if its target is still in range. It would feel better.
I tested the towers with a 4000+ health Nautilus and as a 2000 health Jinx. Nautilus died in about 5 seconds while Jinx was able to stand in it for about 7 seconds. There's definitely something fishy there.
: Riot, The %HPRegen does it apply to things like{{champion:86}} passive? or is based purely off of there base stats?
"This does not take into account: skills, masteries, runes and other sources other than your champion statistic." Meaning it doesn't count passives. So for example, if Heimerdinger were to get 10000000% hp regen it wouldn't do anything for him since his base regen is 0.
: There are some tank junglers that can do ok early on, but it will be the same as last season: Clearing camps later on, especially when they are worth that much, is important. And when invades and jungler vs jungler fight are coming up with the new smites, some tank junglers don't stand a good chance against Lee or others. Amumu will probably be fine, but a lot of other tanky junglers don't have the 1v1 DPS to really fight others or clear camps in a decent speed.
I've tried Amumu. He doesn't have the mana sustain to do much of anything unless he has the Blue buff.
: [Harrowing Login Theme] Doesn't fill client window
I notice no difference for mine. Animated Theme http://i.imgur.com/En7Kpz8.jpg Non-Animated Themehttp://i.imgur.com/aDVsU8C.jpg
: Queue wait
Nobody plays it. They're all playing Hexakill.
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