: FPS lag was due to riot, before that patch everything was fine. Now the bug is d/cing every game, again due to riot.
I fail to see the correlation between this and my comment?
: ???????
I think he means things like sion being the payload. (Or starting items just being shaded certain colors)
: Cinderhulk doesn't give the Bonus HP that it should be. After full build with me on Olaf I hovered over cinderhulk and it said Bonus HP 15%(O HP) meaning I was getting no bonus HP from it from my items.
If you look in chat after shutdowns, it lists 0 team gold instead of the amount you do get. Its more likely the display is bugged than the stats are.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
I've made a few comments but i want to add a more major one listing more things. (Note I make this knowing its still in testing and that heavy changes are expected) GOOD: Events are nice, so far a tad plain but to be expected, hoping for more. Nice and fast paced. Overall i'd like to see it permanently. BAD: Events DESPERATELY need to be centered. Losing a game because a battle royale circle spawned under an enemy tower is garbage. The level of snowball in this mode is insane, whichever team gets even a slight lead in the first few minutes just proceeds to avalanche. One lost team fight a few minutes in and the game can just snowball to hell with how strong bruisers and assassins are with the increased gold and EXP. Overall: More events, hopefully some that are more random/game changing (Like if snowball had dmg disabled, and was instead merely on which team can land more, could help a team get back into the game.). But otherwise really good so far.


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