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: Zoe E nerf
IIRC Fizz R will drop off of your character if you cleanse it or Qss it.
: Thoughts on Fiddlesticks changes
{{champion:9}} ? Nah, that's an ARAM champ fam. LUL But really, I'm not sure what they're planning with Fiddle right now. Like his Ult CD is not what is holding him back.
: Jungle item changes
Alternatively: I LOVE the new jungle item, control ward meta is awesome. I'd rather deny enemy vision so that I can jump on them than every entrance along the river being fully warded at all times by both teams. I'm all for changes that buff fog of war. RIP to Lee tho
: Thoughts on Darius changes and suggestions
: Flaming. Lots and LOTS of flaming. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
As long as it has a good point.
: ***
I was able to do it by just trying over and over, it took like 3 - 5 times though.
: [In client, in game] Constant drop in FPS and finally game collapsed
This is not what the PBE is for.
: katarina Summon Arei
This is a very good point. The tool-tip is too vague. I tested it on Kat and it doesn't work. I assume Jax Q won't work either.
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: The Problem With Blue Essence Now
Dude! Amen on the Orange Essence note too. That makes so little sense to me. Though they also buffed the Orange Essence you get from Skin Permanents and made it so hextech crafting can drop skin permanents. That's pretty cool.
: I mean, why remove the runes then? They said that it's for the next patch, but why exactly? What are we testing for the next patch? And how can we test stuff if the masteries aren't working?
We've been drafted into a team that's in relegation T_T
: Did you forget how things were before draft ? How all the kids used to go "mid or feed" ? Did you forget what the solution was then ? Someone else go where that kid was supposed to go and problem solved. And do you actually think that, by the way those in the screenshot were talking, they limited themselves to just "naughty language" ? I am 100% sure they trolled at some point in time and i am pretty sure they were premade since it's not the first time he encountered them. So to answer your question, yes, someone picking another role than what he was assigned is not worse than what those guys did.{{item:3070}}
You can prefer your shit runny or solid, either way it's still shit.
: Whatever gg i think 40% of ppl will stop playing pbe now just sayin you'll see
: Yeah we're doing that right now. Once we get everything stable I'm going to have one of our primo engineers run the script again that gives back 5 blue essence. I don't want people buying these things and then unable to actually use them in loot.
So I got the 5 BE reset, but our RP stayed the same. And it was RP that we spent on the boxes. Is there a chance we'll get the 3000RP reset? Unrelated, what's the attrition rate of PBE users after a surge like this? Just asking for my friend Lo Er Ping.
EDIT: This Red post will explain for anyone wondering.
: Bug with the Loot
EDIT: This Red post will explain for anyone wondering.
: Mine just showed up along with my free box, I was thinking it just ate my daily RP too, but it just took forever for the loot to actually show up. If it hasn't already shown up just give it some time.
Thank you, I wish I could sticky your comment at the top of this thread.
: Same thing happening to me, and I have 5 BE and 3000 RP. I see you are probably also having this problem.
5BE 3000RP is intended, we will be getting that much per day.
: and srsly just stop spam about shop, u have every damn champ and new runes to test like there is so much stuff to abuse u can get ur skins when they will fix this
Thank god for the people like you who have some {{summoner:13}}
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