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: Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.
Gotta agree with you guys, its about new capsules, since I bought one my game started to crash every single time. Is there any option to reset your loot or something?
: Cannot sell items when full
Second bug is a huge problem to me aswell! First one I solved by standing on the edge of the base, selling item and quickly getting outta base and then coming back and buying my item
: games dissapear while the match load
You're not the only one if it means something to you
: No Mastery Points
Well, i know that we shouldn't repost stuff, but it's been for like 2 weeks and they didn't fix it yet, and it happened earlier aswell, that's making me mad tbh
: Unknown blank skin showing in store
We already know Swain is getting reworked soon, this may be the proof that it's coming soon
: The champions masterys does not increase
So anyone knows when they gonna solve the thing because I'm recording Mastering series and its kinda annoying to play without getting any points on {{champion:18}}


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