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: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Isn't Zed scaling off an opponent's AD the exact same problem that Veigar had with his old ult? And the problem Riot had with Garen's passive triggering on players who killed him? How are players meant to deal with that? "Don't be strong"? Don't get fed if there's a Zed on the enemy team? Only ever build attack speed/crit? Rengar's passive is much healthier. Why would you give Zed a passive to punish enemy players for getting stronger?
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Kled's primary counterplay seems to be that you have to hard cc him while he's dismounted so that you can finish him off. Leona and Morgana are decent against him. If your team does not have any hard CC, Kled is virtually unbeatable. You _need_ to have some.
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
- New Ryze is much easier to pick up, and he's a lot of fun. - Probably a little overtuned. Was doing 1000 damage on E->Q fully leveled. - Mana to damage seems a little tacked-on at this point, especially since it adds up to so little when fully built. - When you're using a lane-clear EEQ combo, you have to cross your fingers and hope your E target survives long enough to spread its effect. By endgame, you can actually be too strong to feasibly use your lane clear combo, unless you exclusively target cannon/siege minions. - If R's meant to be usable as an escape, then if you try to cast R beyond its range, it should cast to its maximum range instead of making Ryze try to walk to a point where he can teleport that far. - VA is a bit quiet. - {{champion:13}} WE GOTTA DO IT MORTY WE GOTTA SAVE RUNETERRA MORTY YOU HAVE TO RUSH THE ENEMY FOUNTAIN, JUST GET IN THERE MORTY USE FLASH IF YOU HAVE TO
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Thresh!
What about Soraka and Galactic Nasus/Azir/Renekton? They should probably be on the laugh rotation, too.
: Cleanse Should work vs Warwick and Malzahar Ults
But then champions who would normally buy QSS, like, say, Master Yi, could just take Cleanse for free and have it all game long. I think a better solution would be to give mages a QSS equivalent they can buy, so that AD champions don't unintentionally get another buff. (Zhonya's is sort of like that, but mages have to pay 2900 gold for it, while QSS is only 1300 gold.)
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: There is a different hit impact vs researched targets, but the beam itself will need to be the same
Ah, thanks - I never even noticed the different hit impact. Do you think it could be made more prominent somehow? I really like the idea of changing Vel'koz to feel more like he's researching his opponents, and a more prominent visual effect when he lands his R would be perfect for that.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Can't there still be some cheap AP items, for supports who want to buff their AP? Or mana regen items for mages who want to raise their sustain? Making mana for mages and regen for supports seems like a needless distinction that allows for less build flexibility.
: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
I have a weird question - would it be feasible for Velkoz's ult to **change color** if it's damaging/aiming at a researched target? Like he's applying his knowledge and changing the type of magic he's using to suit his enemy?
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
1) The speed of Zyra's seed generation is pretty ridiculous. Frankly, it feels kind of unfair. 2) Considering the sheer output of her passive, her W feels redundant. I also really miss being able to get vision from it - especially since vision is probably more important to an "area control" mage than a bit of extra firepower. Could we maybe get a few seconds of vision when spawning plants with our W, if nothing else? 3) Can we get some clarity on what exactly it means that "extra plants striking the same target deal 50% less damage?" Do two plants of different types attacking the same target deal reduced damage? How does this interact, if at all, with on-hit effects like Frost Queen's Claim, or the Deathfire Touch keystone mastery? 4) Her Q seems clunky as an attack by itself, but maybe I'm just not used to it.
: > If I understand this correctly, you're basically flat out removing full class mana regen items from the game, turning any poke or normal mage (Xerath, Vel'Koz, Syndra, Brand, Lux, Ziggs) into just an attrition battle, which is a boring playstyle for the enemy team, and a walking doom countdown for the mage. Mana Regeneration style mages is an attrition battle. It's just one of Health Regeneration for the defending team rather than one of being accurate with your spells for the aggressor. I'd argue that standing there being hit by infinite spells getting whittled down slowly has never really been a siege environment that's been particularly enjoyable. > The class that actually needs to regen mana is the ones that are using high cost spells often; in other words, mages. Mages that have a large amount of regeneration with a smaller pool are mages that primarily are going to cast a *single* spell often and ration it aggressively - unless their regeneration is so massive as to be infinite - and then you just kind of throw spells out without caring. However, the play that we've generally seen this lead to is that we basically just have to tone down the effect of most Artillery mages because they'll effectively never run out. This also means that objective buffs, like Blue - have become increasingly irrelevant in terms of contributing to the pace of the end-game siege world. > And why do you think that only supports need mana regen It's not that I think supports are the only ones that need mana regeneration. It's a declarative statement that, of the classes that need 100% uptime on the map - that should be the defining feature of support classes. Put it another way - Supports do *need* mana regen - but more so than that, they *deserve* strong mana regen. They are the character class that has the least amount of agency over their individual position - and thus the class most deserving of going infinite with regards to resources. The more you decide to help your team rather than be an individual carry - the closer to 100% uptime you get to be as you basically have very little individual choice about when to recall or how to move around the map.
Are you concerned that introducing a fundamental difference in support and damage mages by balancing their abilities and items around different stats will force them to stay in one role? I thought Riot liked how players chose to take Zyra to bot lane. As for the way you describe supports with massive mana regeneration, it almost sounds like energy on characters like Zed and Lee Sin - something to put a hard limit on their performance so that no matter what stats they build, they still can't last forever in combat in that regard - which also opens them up to have stronger abilities. Is that the direction you want to take mage supports in?
: Taric gameplay bugs regarding q and w.
Do you mean that if you bind a key to self-cast and turn on smartcasting for Taric's shield, it won't work? Because if you just mean that it won't automatically target the user if you press W without targeting anything, I think I'd rather it work like that. I don't want to target myself and put the ability on cooldown if I try to shield my ally and I misclick. It might be designed that way intentionally.
: New Soraka skin splash
Personally, I like the splash art better than the 3D model. Her in-game face looks like Jhin's.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
If this is still up for discussion, I don't like this idea either. I don't think it reflects our mastery of champions if we essentially have to pay for higher milestones to show others.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Soraka!
Is there any chance that you'll change her to look more like she does in the splash art? Her in-game face looks like Jhin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Soraka!
I really like the voice processing, and the new VFX are amazing, but I don't like the face. It doesn't feel very 'Soraka.' Maybe it's also the lack of hair, I dunno. (I think basically what I am saying is make it cuter)
: As a Soraka main I demand you have ambulance sirens play when she gets her movespeed passive and her horns flash red and blue. DOOO IT
I came here to say this and someone had already said it. We need Astral Ambulance to happen for real.
: That sentence does not adequately solve the problem. Also, there is no need to perform multiplication mid-game. A little pre-game preparation is more than sufficient. This post proposes to unnecessarily complicate the tooltip to work around some players' (frankly baffling) decision to try to perform multiplication in the middle of a game rather than outside of one.
Of course it solves the problem. They use that phrase all the time. > [Frost Armor (Passive): Damaging an enemy with an ability or basic attack grants Sejuani 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 bonus armor and 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% slow resistance for 2 seconds, increased by an additional 2 seconds per instance of damage up to a maximum of 8 seconds, **with further damage refreshing the duration.**]( . > [Miasma (W): Cassiopeia releases a toxic cloud that grows in size over 7 seconds. Enemies in the cloud are Poisoned for 2 seconds, causing them to take 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% Ability Power) magic damage each second and be slowed by 25/30/35/40/45%. **The cloud continually reapplies this Poison to enemies within it.**]( . > [Dread (Passive): Fiddlesticks's abilities reduce his targets' magic resistance by 10 for 2.5 seconds, **with subsequent casts refreshing the duration.**]( Nobody would call any of these "false advertising." You're just underestimating people's reading comprehension. Oh, and as for why I was figuring out the total value of the HoT in-game, it's because the base values vary depending on Q's level, I didn't know exactly how much AP I would have at any given level because the amount of gold you have at each level varies from game to game, and I didn't know my exact build route ahead of time, because this is the PBE. I did, in fact, [try to figure out how much AP I would need at a given level beforehand.]( I hope you'll excuse me for deciding to play it by ear instead of trying to meticulously plan out the whole thing.
: The total heal amount can vary depending on how frequently rejuvenation is reapplied, i.e. if it's reapplied before it elapses, the healing amount will be less than the maximum possible. Putting the maximum possible total heal in the tooltip would be kinda like false advertising unless it was explicitly explained in the tooltip that the total healing could be less if rejuvenation was reapplied before it wore off. A better place for this suggestion would be the LoL wikia.
> "Reapplying Rejuvenation refreshes its duration." An extra five-word sentence seems like a small price to pay for not having to multiply the tooltip value by 4.72 (4 secs, Windspeaker's Blessing, Runic Armor) in the middle of the game.
: Can they name it alignment again?She's the star child! I liked this version better than last week's mess BUT I think she might be a better solo-laner now since her heals aren't as strong and her health regen from hitting q is lackluster. STILL BETTER THAN LAST WEEK. Maybe they should change her w cost to 8% health again?
I like this version's speed boost better, but I liked last week's delayed heal a lot more. Not only did it feel more impactful to get a visible follow-up heal, but Rejuvenation lasts up to 5 seconds and doesn't stack, which locks away maybe a third of Soraka's healing power when she's trying to sustain an ally getting focused. So, in a teamfight, Soraka heals an ally for about 200 health, Rejuvenation heals them for maybe 100 more health over five seconds, and then for those next five seconds, her subsequent heals will be stuck at 200 HP _even if she gets Rejuvenation again._ All Rejuvenation will do is refresh the duration of the HoT. So in teamfights, Soraka can't really focus on protecting whichever ally is being focused by the enemy team. Her healing is more efficient if she rotates healing all of her allies, which is stupid, because that isn't how teamfights work.
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: The alternative would be... Skillshot heal???
{{champion:432}} #magicaljourney
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q6AojjfV,comment-id=002d000b0003,timestamp=2015-02-27T04:41:16.749+0000) > > The PBE's really useful for bug catching and feel feedback, it's not as good as a source of balance feedback however. That's in large part because it's got a player population that's a tiny fraction of the regular servers, so it's hard to generate a good matchmaking outcome. Additionally games tend to be taken less seriously, with more experimentation (people playing things they're unfamiliar to test skins etc) and, unfortunately afking. That combination of factors, plus a couple of other things (e.g. mirror matches) make it difficult to isolate out the effects of balance changes.
Wow, that's pretty disappointing. Why don't they mention that on an FAQ or something? It's just misleading to have a "champions and gameplay feedback" subforum if they don't want our input.
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: Ranked on PBE is dead
If you care what your rank is on PBE, or expect anyone else to care, then you're playing PBE for the wrong reason.
: 2/9 Pbe Katarina changes: Bouncing Blades (Q)--> Bouncing no longer decreases damage
I agree. It'd be nice if her Q's damage had no falloff vs. minions, but fell off as normal vs. champions.
: Wait, the alignment buff counts as an AoE? I thought that now that the Q doesn't directly heal her alignment gives full WotA effect O.o I gotta check that again then.
I meant that only 5% of the damage from Starcall (per target) is converted into health for Soraka. I don't think WotA has any interaction with healing effects.
: My worry about the whole Alignment change to Soraka's kit is now she lacks a self healing method, I mean i know that she's meant to be gated by her health costs so if she wants to keep her team healthy she needs to suffer by being able to die instantly to one AA from an ADC, but before with her self heal tied to W rank and whether or not she could land her Qs she had a reliable path to staying alive and some counterplay, W to heal the team and land Qs to slow people down and keep your HP up, if the enemy was good they would dodge the Qs or if the Soraka went up close to ensure a Q hit (cuz it impacts faster up close) then they could CC and burst her before engaging on her team. With this change to a Heal over time effect that goes away if you heal an ally, Soraka will be forced to buy something like Warmongs and rush HP boosting items like Ruby Sightstone and Rylai's to get that 3000 HP as early as she can to abuse the Warmong's passive healing so she can heal with impunity (since HP costs on abilities don't count as taking damage so the Warmong's HP regen doesn't stop). Unlike on Live where she has a bit more risk since she needs to land her Qs but will get more HP back near instantly (unless Yasuo blocks her healing projectiles {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} ) allowing her to build more freely since she doesn't need to HP stack. Don't get me wrong Warmong's Soraka is hilarious and fun since if u stay in back and dodge skill shots u can heal infinitely, but I don't want that to be her most efficient build since it forced you to sacrifice so many utility buys for your team (no buying {{item:3110}} , {{item:3222}} , {{item:3041}} , {{item:3050}}, or {{item:3069}} until you're at that 3000 HP and have {{item:3083}} )
Your news is a little outdated - now Soraka gets a flat heal and a speed boost when Alignment's timer ends, and it ends instantly if you heal an ally with your W - and then they get the effects of Alignment after three seconds, too.
: Have you tried {{item:3152}} yet? It's super fun and cheap enough to buy on a supp budget.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} or {{item:3060}}... but that's not as fun...
I considered WotA, actually! I did the math, though, and since Soraka's Q is an AoE, it only heals 5% of the raw damage dealt - meaning like 10-15 health, tops. I might give it a shot sometime, though.
: Currently she does get the ms instantly if you w an ally after hitting Q; I am referring to the ally transfer. I can see tons of teams using it as an initiate, so it's good that the enemy team has time to react to that possibility.
Yes, I know that she gets it instantly if you pass Alignment off to somebody else. I was talking about the effect always happening instantly, allies or not. As for Alignment's use as an initiating tool, I think you're seriously overestimating a 20% movement speed buff that only happens after Soraka has already landed her Q. The only scenario where I could see that making any sort of difference is if the target is already a competent initiator who does not have some sort of dash, like Darius. And in that case, any movement speed buff would work just as well.
: I think the delayed ms is better for counterplay and reduces the frustration that instant ms would give.
I definitely agree that it would be frustrating to play against Soraka if she herself got the movement speed instantly, but I think her ally should get the movement speed instantly, or something like that. Right now, Alignment gives an ally a 3-second 20% movement speed boost, on a 3-second delay, and only if you use it during combat. It feels totally insignificant.
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: 3 of a kind
Does it not already work like that?
: Why couldn't they fix this problem now? Every champion is up for rework eventually so why should they nerf or buff any champion? Nobody played Urgot so they decided to give him a buff with his shield and mana. He is up for rework but he got changes? The point is that a champion can have a rework but when we are looking at a mid year mage update and Taric who will take who knows how long afterwards (hi Sion), there's no excuse not to fix something on a champion that is currently broken. If Yorick suddenly gets picked in the LCS because his ghouls can chase a champion easily, are hard to hit and Yorick can just take a beating while sustaining himself and applying his slow CC then there will be a flood of Yorick players and ghouls blocking lots of enemy CC for his team. We've seen enough fat guys in the jungle to know how long it takes for Riot to attempt to fix a problem.
Honestly, I agree with you. A lot of these champions with upcoming reworks are actually pretty powerful (Taric, Urgot, Yorick, formerly Poppy). Their playerbases are small, but their playstyles are still pretty broken and toxic. I think the problem might be bots and ARAM, to be honest. You can't temporarily nerf Taric into oblivion if there's a chance people are randomly going to end up playing him. That leaves either disabling Taric on ARAM, in which case you might as well disable him on live, too, or leaving him as is and just asking the handful of players who end up playing with or against Taric to tough it out for a little while. Despite the mistakes they've made in Season 6, they really do want to encourage diverse playstyles, and I think that means avoiding disabling champions unless it's absolutely necessary.
: I was hopeful we'd start seeing some red posts about the mage changes coming up; guess they're still speculating :/
I'm sure they're just working on our Shen Feedback Thread.
: This should be posted on the live boards.
I'll repost it on the live boards, but I'd consider this gameplay feedback.
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: ah, yeah. i'll have to think about the best way to handle this. currently the buff doesn't actually increase regen stats, but instead does 'micro heals' over the duration. this means that the resource bars don't update as you might expect (at least right now) but it also means that effects like ardent censer and windspeaker's blessing are constantly refreshed while an ally is affected by alignment. thanks for point it out—i'll think this over a bit and try to figure out which interaction is preferable.
Hi, I'm really sorry to bother you, but are we going to get a pinned feedback thread for the Soraka changes? There are lots of unofficial threads, but we feel like they don't really get noticed the same way official ones do. The Duskblade of Draktharr doesn't have a feedback thread, either. Thanks a lot for all you've done for us.
: Why u hate Teemo ?
He turns invisible so you can't fight him, and he covers the map in exploding mushrooms that can kill you even if Teemo is far away from the fight, or dead. And to top it all off, he's annoyingly cutesy. It used to be even worse, but he's a little better lately.
: Gangplank bot buys only two items
But he only needs those two items.
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: Give them a little more time, the update only dropped today.
I sure hope we get that Shen feedback thread soon!
: XIN BUFF????????????????
I thought they said they wanted to change these "stat check" champions who are made of guaranteed damage combos. I guess that means making Xin Zhao's damage even more consistent? At least they're toning down Rengar a bit.
: Can we at least agree that _bonus attack speed_ has no place on a tank's kit? I understand that in theory you're going to catch an enemy with the sword, do 3 quick autoattacks, and do something like 21% of their max HP with bonus damage. In practice, catching the enemy is damn near impossible with his lack of mobility, the slow it provides is miniscule and incredibly situational (so you can't really expect to get all three attacks off before the buff wears off or before you overextend), and in a teamfight situation, _you are not the damage dealer._ Given the choice, I'd much rather have: -One attack that deals bonus %hp damage and applies a slow, snare, stun, or even a taunt. -Three attacks that reactivate your shield or reduce your cooldowns. -Three attacks that do some reduced measure of the above, but at 550 range or something. -Any number of attacks that make your sword follow your opponent briefly (possibly revealing them or applying weak CC/shred, or maybe applying his old Q heal). At any rate, the fact that he can't E directly into W (without HORRIBLE mispositioning on your opponent's part) is practically criminal. That synergy is just begging to exist. A way to extend the duration of W would be nice too. RE: the leash distance, I can't help but think its current ridiculous range is deliberate because it's been three patches and we've seen no change.
Oh, we can absolutely agree that the bonus attack speed is stupid. All four of the ideas you propose sound way better.
: YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.
I definitely agree with this. Shen's Q feels unrewarding, his passive doesn't ever feel significant, and he just generally never feels like he's doing anything protective. The one thing I do disagree with his that the percent health damage from his Q is right at home on a tank. Tanks should have a little built-in damage, because like the OP said, they need to provide threat, even if they're just building defense. That's why Sejuani has her % health flail damage, and Rammus converts armor into AD, and Nautilus does bonus damage while his shield is up, and so on and so forth. They can't win on their own, but you can't ignore them, either. Anyway all the rest is true. I frankly thought Shen's sword didn't follow him more closely because he wasn't finished yet before being pushed to the PBE.
: Soraka Nerfs
I agree. Soraka's already got a bunch of built-in weaknesses: she's useless against burst rather than sustained damage, she can't get kills for the ADC, and she can't fight or escape alone. If you make her Q _and_ her W weaker, she has nothing left. And just as the OP says, she's just going to get replaced by Sona and Nami. If I had to nerf her, I would say any combination of shrinking the size or duration of her E, making her heal slower or cost more of her health (but possibly making it stronger in exchange), and just flat-out making it so that her heals aren't as effective on champions affected with grievous wounds. And admittedly, I'm all right making Soraka choose between self-healing by maxing her Q or healing her allies by maxing her W. That seems okay to me. The slow across the whole AoE of her Q is nice, too. But it should _either_ have a smaller AoE _or_ have nerfed range. Both at once is just too much.
: Talisman CDR
I agree that more CDR won't be good for much. I think it would be nice if the Talisman gave a larger burst of speed that decayed, or something. Something that makes its active feel more impactful.
: [Jhin] Shouldn't his 4th attack do something to turrets?
It might make sense for the sake of evening out his DPS, since Jhin needs to reload after four shots, but then we'd run into the trouble of Jhin potentially getting too much pushing power. That's why the vast majority of characters don't have abilities that affect turrets. If Jhin can do bonus damage to turrets on his fourth shot, then we run into the hypothetical problem of Jhin playing around that to push his lane too hard. It might give him too much of a disadvantage not to have that, though, and giving it to him might add a little more depth to his gameplay, so it might be worth a try on the PBE.
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