: There is also a camp with 2 big lizards and a small one too. I found it in the base of the blue team and also in the left bot lane brush.
I didn't go check bot lane I quit right after I found the nice bugs LoL
: i can't find baron and buffs :D i find dragon
Cause why not let the dragon destroy the other teams turret
: Also noticed this issue. Additionally, there was no way to tell the range of E without mousing over the skill. If we could get a faint range indicator for it that'd be great. Throw in the ability to select which soldier we're throwing ourselves at by relative mouse position and/or direction our champion is moving.
im in range i checked and if there is 2 solders then it goes into the mid of the 2 so i think its a bug
: i was having problems with the E also but noticed u have to have your mouse on the soldier u want to fly to otherwise he wont go so maybe thats the problem or maybe hes just bugged
I keep hiting E and it didnt work at all but only sometimes it work
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