: TFT - damage taken not being shown
{{item:3124}} completely stopped stacking for me at the same time this happened as well. Might be related
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: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
are there any plans for something special that the summoner icons will give when equipped? what i mean is; with the other ultimate skins you got a specific banner/profile for that icon (PFE, bear/tiger/turtle/phoenix SGU, and the 3 DJ Sona forms). i know there won't be 10 different splash arts (understandably so), and i know that currently on the PBE the icons show Ele Lux's splash on your profile. however i almost want there to be something more, something specific to the icons themselves. when i first saw the loading screen splash art border for the skin on Surrender@20 i thought maybe a specific border on the skin for each icon was it, but upon thinking it over i'm sure that's going to be more of a promotional thing akin to the PROJECT borders. it's fine if you would want to keep this a surprise, but just knowing whether or not something is planned would be nice ._. (sorry if this question comes off as sounding entitled or unappreciative. the skin and icons are amazing as is. i was just curious)
: Live vs Reworked Leblanc DAMAGE COMPARISON.
> [{quoted}](name=Kappa Main,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=QZxa41Hl,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-29T07:54:15.477+0000) > > New LB deals almost 0 more dmg but it takes a lot more time.. that's the point. they *want* LeBlanc (and all the assassins they're working on) to take longer to kill people. i don't know whether or not the other assassins are hitting this mark, but what you just said says that she, at least, is working as intended.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot JxE,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=gsx8OrEd,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-25T18:13:05.117+0000) > not firefighting Firefighter Tristana update confirmed!
: New Champion Select Crashes
personally, i have only had the client do as you described twice, first time was after clicking the "Done" button while i was switching my summoners/editing masteries, and i found multiple people on this forum reporting the same problem, and second time was when the timer on the "Pick Preferred Champion" phase hit 0. Riot has responded though about how this is on their radar and they are trying to fix it as soon as possible
: [Kayle] Riot Kayle's E makes last autoattack ranged, but not AoE Damage
this is a bug with Kayle that has been around for as long as i can remember. in fact, i remember reading a bug report about it about a year and a half ago lol i believe if Riot was gonna fix it, they either would've by now, or they just don't know how yet.
: Let me fix your comment: Song of Celerity's live aura gives 20 FLAT Movement Speed. Furthermore, *we are not saying we feel powerful with the old auras, we think Sona **NEEDS** a rework, but the direction this one is going is wrong.* More fixes: even with +40 shield on a rank 3 ultimate, Aria of Perseverance's shield becomes 155(+20%AP) at rank 5. Thresh, Lux and Karma (I played yesterday as support Karma) have better and longer shields at lesser ranks, and higher AP ratios, and Lux ***can give the shield twice TO THE WHOLE TEAM***, and Karma can give a 5-man shield with a Mantra Shield. We don't want a *Locket of the Iron Solari*, we want a decent shield as other supports have (Why should I be glad of having an item-like shield when I can have a REAL shield?). On the other hand, only the W aura gets more duration when it touches allies, up from 3 seconds to 5, but the **shield** lasts only 1.5. You only have the opportunity to shield MORE people, not to shield for MORE time (it's a different thing). So, looking at your comment: you're the wrong one. Sorry mate. Sona's being nerfed all around, not only laning.
I'm sorry, i only played the Sona rework when it was first released... but did you say that *Lux's* shield is better than her's now? that's... horrible... as a Lux main i would have to say that she probably has the weakest shield in the game atm (i'm looking at the shield when it only hits someone once, so i'm completely overlooking the refresh when it hits them the second time as it is irrelevant). so if reworked Sona is getting a shield that is weaker than Lux's, then i would have to say something needs to be changed... however, perhaps the heal that it gives could be enough to overlook the considered bad shield?
: I checked out some of the Chinese splashes and picked out some splashes which *could* replace some outdated splashes. Priority: Tempest Janna Hextech Janna SilverFang Akali Yellow Stinger Akali Sun Goddess Karma Swamp master Kennen Ionia Yi Samurai Yi Road Warrior Miss Fortune Secret Agent Miss Fortune Annie in wonderland Piltover Customs Blitzcrank Nightmare Cho'gath Fiddle me Timbers Spectral Fiddlesticks Infiltator Irelia Statue of Karthus Debatable Splashes: Temple Jax Unmasked kayle Prestigous le'blanc Djinn Malzahar Caterpillar Kogmaw = similar to siren Cassiopeia treatment Pharaoh Nidalee Goth Annie Vandal Brand Masquerade Evelynn Shadow Evelynn Hillbilly Gragas Spellthief Lux Safari Caitlyn
in regards to Spellthief Lux, the current "outdated" splash art is still on par with a lot of the newer splashes and is actually better than the Chinese splash imo.
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
All of these splash arts look so much better than their live counterparts! ^_^ 10/10 Rito. Also, i would just like to say: never change Spellthief {{champion:99}}'s splash art please. i know it isn't being changed any time soon, but just for future reference, never change it. That splash art has honestly been my favorite out of all of her skins ever since i bought her, and that skin. I saw another version of the art (the Chinese version i believe) and she just looked way too chipper like the rest of the splashes at the time (this was before Imperial and Steel Legion were made), and it would just sadden me deeply if it got changed to that, since i always liked how serious the situation in the splash art seemed.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
i actually really like this Sona when compared to live Sona, much more fun to play in my opinion. her Q adds a lot more damage in trades, her W can actually save people now, and takes a lot less casts to actually get to full hp (whereas on live it barely tickles your ally's health bar), and her E seems to do a lot more as well. However, one big flaw in my opinion is the aura radius, it just feels so small, and a lot of the time I kind of struggled to actually get their buffs on my team... would really appreciate a range adjustment on them ^_^ on a side note, she kind of looks a bit off/goofy without her auras constantly being around her, but maybe that's just me not being used to seeing her without them. TL;DR Her abilities seem more impactful now with their new effects, but the aura radii seem a bit too small. all in all i think she is much better now, and i will find myself playing her more often once this update gets to live ^_^
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
i just tested the skin, and i would like to say that i, as with a lot of people here, would like the skirt replaced with pants. it just doesn't match the rest of the skin at all.. also, a toggle option for the visor would be nice, but i would be fine with it staying as it is. other than the skirt however, the rest of the skin looks great. the rest of the model, the gun, and the particle effects compliment each other very well, but as other people have said, replace the skirt with pants or something and the skin would be perfect ^_^
: This is what a mana-less Skarner would look like:
i would actually really enjoy this change. it would actually help skarner quite a bit, and i know a friend of mine would like it as well. +1 Rito please, make this a reality
: [Skin concept] Pool Party Zac
Looks awesome :D! i haven't said this about a skin before, but that is completely insta-buy for me. too bad Riot will either not make it, or take about 1-2 years doing so
: [FYI] For those who don't know the story of the League of Legends YET
just wondering... where does it say that {{champion:9}} is from Zaun? unless i misunderstood it somewhere, in his lore, it says that they don't know where he's from, and that he's imprisoned in the Institute of War doesn't it? also, {{champion:15}}'s character page on the main league website says she's from Shurima. i've never actually read her lore so i wouldn't know, but that's just what it says. same with {{champion:4}}, his page says he's from Bilgewater, and i believe it says so in his lore as well.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
I would just like to say, thank you for changing what you were doing to his ulti :3 The previous changes you proposed were just insanely uncalled for and would've made his ulti completely worthless all across the game, but now it looks like you're making the changes into what they are intended to be: a nerf to his early game ulti so that the enemy can actually ward against him, while still keeping his presence late game. These ulti range numbers are exactly what i thought the change should've been in the first place. Again, thank you for listening to the community feedback and making the change to his ulti less severe <3
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Earlier I did 2 custom games by myself with 4 bots on my team, and 5 on the other, and i noticed that after a certain point in both games, the enemy {{champion:75}} would just stand there and not do anything for the rest of the game. I was laning in bot lane and he was top, and after destroying his t2 bottom and top towers he would just stop any actions whatsoever. I first noticed this when i went to top lane to push the lane, and he was standing idle at the inhibitor tower, even as i was killing him, he stood still and just didn't care. After that, I didn't see him again until i pushed into his base, where i noticed he was just afk in his fountain. I managed to kill him again and after he respawned he continued to do the same thing. Not sure what makes this happen but i would assume it is tied to the destruction of his t2 towers. Edit: just did another custom against {{champion:75}} bot, and it seems what causes it to happen is destroying all his t1 lane towers, then at some point afterwards he just gives up
: [Question] Yasuo's Ult and Airborne Champions
riot tried making his ult be able to be cast on any kind of jump (including jax, trist, etc) when they first made his concept, but they found it to be too punishing on the enemy team for simply trying to engage on him. for example: {{champion:157}} is laning against {{champion:24}} in the top lane with a {{champion:154}} jungler. after level 6, yasuo can get an easy kill any time {{champion:24}} tries to engage (or run away for that matter) with his jump, or if {{champion:154}} came up for a gank with his only initiate. this made it way too easy for {{champion:157}} to get fed, and therefore, when they actually put him up on the PBE, they made it so that it does not work like this

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