: [Game connection] - Cannot Connect after lobby
FYI after 7 game cancelations i just got in a game successfully
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: mac still down
Im on PC and now its doing weird stuff, Get into lobby, game goes to start. Then poof it tells my my internet connection is bad, when its clearly not because i can go to any other thing online. Try exiting league and retrying does the same thing about 4 times in a row. Then afterwards it doesnt tell me im in a game anymore and i can go back into queue. Rinse and Repeat is what has been happening to me.
: game wont start with aurelion sol
Its not skin or anything like that. Guys this happens every single time a new champ comes out. Its just the servers being overloaded and picking and choosing games to send in. A lot more people play pbe when new champ comes out. This has happened since the dawn of time.
: Aurelion Sol's ultimate feels so weak visually
I mean his ultimate isn't supposed to really be the center of his kit. The center of his kit seems to be his w. Ultimate seems more of a way of getting assassins off of you.
: [Aurelion Sol] - Global Autoattack Sound
Its just constant "HAH" it feels like I missed the punch line of some cosmic god joke.
: Keeping Aurelion Sol's Q alive across the map
Lol aurelion sol's keep on feeding because they come down the sickenss called QDROME where they start a q at fountain, and head straight down midlane all the way to other fountain. Just to see how big they can get Q.
: Aurelion Sol can not deal with Melee mid to late game
His build should consist of ap tanky movespeed. Aurelion sol is a mid lane mage... Of course hes gonna get shat on by melee assassins. That's like saying After an adc comes out, "omg he can get twoshot by leblanc, theres no counterplay he sucks" Champs have counters, some more than others. And if we are talking about specifically just melee champs, not only assassins, there is a reason you build move speed items. Luden's echo, and swifty boots, on top of his move speed passive? You aint gotta worry about melee champs, only people with gap closers. Also the way you play sol doesn't involve getting up in range of a melee in the first place. Follow q into them, stun then stay back and hit with w. If you do it right you are just kiting them the whole time. Aurelion Sol has strengths and weaknesses. Just so happens a weakness of his is lack of mobility or dashs.
: Aurlion's Stars visible while he is in a bush
It is intentional. You cant hide them in a bush, that would be game breaking and op af. If they got hid in a bush in passive state, then they would have to stay hidden when he activates w too if you wanna get technical about it. Since both expanded w and just regular passive are the same entities they either have to remain visible or both be unseen. If you hide his small circle in a bush, his large one would be hidden too, which would be op af. Sit in a bush and hit people with stuff they cant see. It looks like Aurelion Sol will just be a champ who can never use bushes. What I think could fix this, especially with fog of war, since you can see him across the map. Just make it so that the stars are entities and only load if they are within range of you. So you cant see if he is still in base or not. Edit: I forgot about nunu ult. With that in mind, anything is game I guess. I don't know anymore lol.
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: unable to purchase champions
Same, cant get any champs unlocked, Must be a bug
: Kog'Maw Passive Audio Bug
I get these like 1/5 games when i play against a kogmaw. Never recorded it though. Wouldnt say i get it alot, but occaisionally it happens.
: It's called counter champions and counterplay. Untargetable ≠ invisible.
Actually i think it should count those, as it says for each body within the area. Doesnt specify if they have to be targetable, if they would take damage from the ult aoe then it should spawn a tentacle. Counterplay for illaoi is sustain :/ This among the lines of a bug.
First of all, its not that game breaking, its not like the lux ult or nami ult. And its pbe, if you expect not to have these bug problems, you gotta screw loose.
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: Honestly, I think it won't be like this on live servers. Maybe to some extent, yeah, but everyone just wants to try out the new updates, and since it's PBE, it's "acceptable" to have strange team comps, and people feel they are expected to test out whatever is new. Granted, many of the ADC's new kits with new items do make them more viable for play in other lanes, and that turns me off a little.
Everyone is trying them that is correct, but the thing is, these new features dominate games. If you are a mage who cant burst down an adc instantly you are dead, three autos and one ability and you are gone. Poke mages? they are worthless now adcs have crazy sustain with new masteries. Only things surviving this are tanks/other adcs/ and a couple burst mages. And lets be honest, if it makes it to pbe, it going to live. PBE is more for bugs than review of content.
: Too many ADCs in mid lane
The whole game is in poor condition, We have on average 2-3 adcs a game, and only other people are tanks. Graves and other adc's have more burst than diana and leblanc. The game has created a meta where you stomp or get stomped, which leaves us with games that are really short, out of the 10 games i've played today 9/10 of them ended at 20 minutes. The changes have made it so once you get behind you cant get back. Of course this whole cycle will start all over: Adcs Strong? -> Buff Assasins: Assasins Strong? -> Buff tanks/fighters: Tanks/fighters Strong? -> Buff Adcs: Repeat circle. We have been in this cycle since ending of season 2 Its a sad world, but either riot will attempt to fix this preseason disaster, or they will just do what they've alwasy done and buff the counters of adcs.
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