: But think of this. Press the attack Cassiopeia.
I don't think it would be too bad. Looking at the passive it still takes 3 stacks of Press the Attack to proc the bonus damage, as well as the fact that it's 8% more damage as a ranged champ compared to the 12% for melee.
: I thought most Aurelion Sol players wove auto-attacks in whenever they could because it improves their comet spacing. EITHER WAY, I think "Press the attack" should work on spells.
while weaving in auto-attacks for more champions between spells is good, doing so halts a champions movement. So when you're a champion like Sol, stopping all movement in the early game for a hit is good, stopping in the mid or late game can come with some not-so-good consequences. I totally agree with you on that one too, but since it only seems to give bonus AD it seems like "Press the attack" Is the replacement for Fervor of Battle
: They just need to lower the level 18 CD on the comet and fix "Summon Aerie" return time down to 2-1 second at level 1-9 heck I'll even take a 1 second return time at level 18. Then you'd 100% have runes to use. All I can say atm, you gotta just "suffer" as most DFT users will, using the extremely under powered comet or the horrible return time summon aerie has for ranged units.(Oh and the return time only gets WORSE when you're trying to kite, I forgot to add).
Suffering at the moment seems like the only thing to do now. But hey, the new runes aren't out yet. Still time to talk about it, possibly see if some changes can be made before it fully ships
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