: Xerath Ult Suggestion
It looks like an interesting idea, however, if anything they just could lower the cooldown of his ult or change it into a stance/charge system if we wanted him to have more access to an artillery barrage theme.
: As you have played him a few times, I have a question - is his passive single target, or AoE? Will I get the full benefit for Deathfire touch?
His passive, I believe is considered an AoE. I haven't tried Deathfire Touch on him, but due to the ability to hit a bunch of targets with his passive and the passive not being targeted spell, I would assume you only get half the benefit for Deathfire Touch. Edit: Just tested it out and it does count as a single target spell, so yes you would receive the full benefit for Deathfire Touch.
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: If you actually play with the mastery in game you will find that it does not have a 30 second cooldown. It is actually very good because the cooldown is only around 3 seconds. For example with rumble you can proc it with q every time it is up. I do agree that if the cooldown were 30 seconds it would be quite bad though.
So it's a tooltip error or is it a bug?
: Agreed. Maybe make the max reduction 15 seconds or so.
Yeah, I was thinking about that possibility as well a little after I wrote the post. I think that would be another good way to make it more appealing while keeping the mastery healthy and balanced.
: Keep an eye on warrior's bloodlust!!
In my opinion, Warlord's Bloodlust need to be nerfed drastically. It's too strong once you get enough crit chance, especially if your (as mentioned in previous posts Yasuo and Tryndamere), there is no reason it should be healing 15% of the damage dealt, on top of granting attack speed. The heal should be nerfed down to 5-7%, increase the internal CD to every 5 seconds in compensation buff the attack speed up to 25-30% or the internal CD should be once every 10-20 seconds, not every two seconds. Currently, it's just too much, say you hit a 100 crit your getting healed for 15 Hp, and this kind of crit occurs at the earlier stages of the game. For specific champions, this means that in 10 seconds they could easily heal 75 Hp or 150 HP in 20 seconds; where Feast (a talent meant for sustain) only heals someone 20 health every 20 seconds. In the late game, it can get even worse. But I think the point is clear, the mastery is too overpowered in its current state.
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: i think they buffed his atack speed to , watch his atack speed when you use Q (not empowered ) i think it has like 20% or 30 % .. at lvl 1 from 0.68 to 0.95 im not good with numbers , so you tell me :)
Yeah I looked at it more carefully and it seems his attack speed does get a increase when he activates Q, which is nice. Although I think it is only there to make his Q cast off quicker, because right after Q hits the extra attack speed disappears. Though... it would be nice if it lasted a couple of seconds after using Q, but either way I am still happy that this Q isn't like the sluggish live version.
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: Rengar Feedback
I agree with you on improving his Q. I do agree that it might work better if it added bonus damage, rather than just modifying your auto attack damage, like it currently does on live. Although I personally would rather see him have a (scaling) passive attack speed bonus on his Q. I think it would work better with the current Q that they have, because it would allow for better sustained damage, help his jungle clear times and overall help with the flow of getting his Q off. I don't think you would have to touch his Empowered Q, because it is suppose to be a high damaging move that helps him get auto's off. In addition I think Q should once again affect towers if they keep it this way, because I do not see it being too problematic since it only provides a moderate damage bonus to an auto attack reset, and a good chunk of damage when empowered. I think this would allow him to still have ample split-pushing capabilities, but not as strong as it is on live. Other than that I think that they have pushed all his other abilities in rework in the right direction and by my standards perfect, but again I still his Q needs to still be adjusted so that it flows better when using it and helps his early jungle because it feels so much weaker than live at the moment.
: Lets talk Rengar
For his Q I think they need to make it passively increase his attack speed. For example: Rank 1 : 10%, Rank 2: 15% Rank 3: 20% Rank 4: 25% Rank 5: 30%, but in exchange lower the attack speed on empowered Q slightly (Like no lower than 70%). This would allow him have quicker clear times in the jungle. As for his Q affecting towers... I hope its just a bug. As for his W I think its pretty much perfect in this state. His E feels pretty good... although I think it is a little slow in the animation and kinda hard to see. Would be much nicer though if it did not affect minions, only champions and monsters. That would allow for lane Rengar to harass more, but actually have to try and hit his opponents. As for his Ult, I have mixed feeling about it. Although I have been kinda questioning this, but when ever I get close to a enemy champion they get a exclamation mark over they're head while in stealth... I hope this isn't a indication that they made his ult stealth work like Evelynn's stealth other wise they need to revert that. But his Bonetooth neckless is very nice.
: New Rengar Feedback
I like his play style... although the removal of the bonus attack speed on his Q feels like it slowed his early game jungle clear, but I like the added Armor and Magic Resist from his W gives him a quite a bit more sustain in the jungle. Also I am unsure if this is intended, but when ever I use Q on a tower the Savagery buff keeps on reapplying and making Q not go on cooldown.
: [Feedback] Xerath - I will be free!
I'd say this feedback pretty much sums Xerath up, although I do feel that he is pretty balanced and leaves him just as powerful as he is on live. Think his mana regeneration on his passive is fine because it requires him to get closer to his target, and gives him more options to what he can buy (where as you pretty much have to buy Athene's in order to keep mana up. I personally am happy with his kit, although I wish his ult's hit box was a bit bigger, but having it be a smaller hit box is probably what balances it, in a sense where you can't just spam his ult all in one place other wise it leads to it being dodged and wasted. Although I am happy it still does as much damage as it does on live Xerath.


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