: The problem is allies getting boosts with 1-2 seconds to go. Your suggestion would need to make sure it only applies if the player has already selected a skin otherwise some players would remain with the base skin if they can't change in time. Would be nice to give us time to chose our skin if we have some before the boost, I was going to use golden chroma J4 skin for one game but my team boosts at last second and I end up having to play with Commando J4 cause I can't swap
Yeah I think it should be as it is now only for players that don't have skin on a champion and for those that have already chosen a skin not to change.
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: Hey Atharas! Could you send me screenshots of your purchase history, of the lobby URF button, and can you double check that you're not seeing any chat messages in game saying you're in the Club? The reroll might be hard to notice, because your cap is still 2 rerolls. However, it basically should guarantee you always have 1 reroll. As for the skin boost, it should send you a chat message in Champion Select saying you got a skin, however it doesn't tell you which one. To see which one, look for a tiny golden spatula on the top of the skin in the selection carousel.
Hello, thanks Stephiroth for answering! I was about to send you screenshots as you asked but seems like now the club works! I don't know what was the issue before but it seems to work now!! Thanks in advance! Have a nice day! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: [AR URF] Golden Spatula Club.
I joined the club but I dont get any reroll or skin boost or finisher


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