: [BUG] everyone stuck in champion select
: Yeah. You and Eternal Feeding were ruining my life bot lane.
Oh geez...were we doing the Lucian Nami cheese? I apologize. Went like 8-0 win loss with him but my hand killed for days haha. He is my backup support though, good games however. Add me when you can, we can do some games bot lane.
: [Item Idea] Doran's Retriever
Current Sivir though seems a little underwhelming after repeat boomerang nerfs. I feel perhaps a Tristana could exploit this item more than Sivir? What do you think?
: Edit: Great, Riot solved this thing. Sorry If I was "aggressive" too.
Was just venting and it lashed out on you, and I apologize. I do see your logic, we both have our points. However, I don't really feel you were entirely neutral in your initial post, but neither was I. At any rate, what role do you play? May as well turn this into something productive right?
: Looks like they are rolling out the fixes now. Pls don't wreck my face if I end up queuing against you when servers come up
I only really do ranked, so unless you are near my MMR, I doubt it will happen :). If it does, regardless of the outcome, we can look to give each other feedback. Make the best out of everything, right?
: I agree that our ability to communicate to PBE testers about bugs isn't great or consistent-- whether we've seen them, verified them, fixed them, or even delivered the fixes. **In this case of the platform error originally reported, we're planning to deliver the fix for this issue on the next PBE deploy.** My team and I are working on some changes to the PBE community site, since testers deserve to know that their feedback is being heard and acted on. Our approach to collecting and communicating about bugs on the community will probably be a bit different for version 3.15, and we'll be working to improve more over time. That said, it should be expected that the PBE is a test area where things might be broken, even for several days as issues go through the process. In this case, a subset of players were affected by a bug, and our dev teams reacted within a couple of working days. It's not a good experience for those testers, but instability should be understood as part of playing on the beta server.
Thank you so much for the timely response to my thread. I am just much more at ease, knowing that it is being worked on. I apologize for my initial response, but have since toned it down. I know it is a bit to ask, but would you be willing to give any small tid-bits about what ideas you have planned to utilize and recognize bug reports? It sounds intriguing.
: I kinda like this idea. Makes me think of that new item that kills a minion and gives a gold boost to a nearby ally, except for adc instead of support.
You are referring to..well, not sure what it is called anymore haha. The shield thingy. And yeah, I feel just static as an ADC in lane, just as much as season 3, which is my largest concern.
: Just hold on tight, it's Monday, help will be on it's way soon™.
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: well it occurred on the weekend, which is when they are not all working. You can't expect them to keep everyone chained to their desk in a cold dark room 24/7.
I would assume that they would have put a priority on the server that is mostly responsible for ensuring a smooth transition to the preseason; working hard, rather than just meeting the 40/week quota.
: With the preseason coming out, I'm sure Riot is quite busy, although I agree that testing the new content is important.
They claim the reason we are in a 'void' right now, where there is no competitive content to be played, is due to the fact that they need to test the content heavily before implementing it into the live server. Based on the past two weeks, I would assume that is not true at all.
: [Site Suggestion] Summoner Profile Reset
Considering Riot responds to one thread every 48 hours on PBE at best, I would not give your hopes up. Don't waste your time on this server anymore than the rest of us have. On a positive note, I really do like your idea. I just am not confident the vacation clowns will do much.
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: [Client] Ranked Wins nulled while profile was bugged?
Riot isn't the best at managing the PBE as of late.
: Competitive and PBE should not go together in the same sentence.
Because talented players from all different servers certainly couldn't inhabit the PBE, and use it as a source or preparation for major events?
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