: People who ban Jhin
The is literally the reason I haven't played on PBE for a year. People ban the new champion CONSTANTLY.
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: Ward Skin Selection!
Definitely needs to be implemented.
: It wasn't directly intended - we saw that it would happen in advance but considered it a okay side effect.
Have you considered rolling with it, and having the Dragon give out a dying roar when it is killed, that echoes across the entire map? Similar to Sion's Ultimate.
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: Doesn't that sort of make Sona a snowbally champ, she will either need to spend a lot of money on tank items( randuins/locket). Or a lot of money on AP(Lichbane/rabadons). Since her Q cooldown is longer and since the GP5 of frostfang is being lowered if your the team that is losing how are you supposed to be impactful as Sona? You can't afford the tank items to get in close, or the AP items to make them worthwhile? Now I'm sort of wondering if this rework will push Sona to mid lane where she can fulfill that powerfantasy of giving out good buffs to her allies lategame. So was the intention to make Sona the new lulu? Sort of a supporty mage who can help buff the ADC but not actually a support? I'm actually wondering if Sona mid will be more of the thing now instead of support. I guess I'm actually okay with that. But now I see Riot nerf lulu top and I wonder if everyone takes Sona mid will you start nerfing her because that was not your intention?
Lulu top/mid was nerfed because she was stupidly safe. There was no counterplay. Without an ally to protect she could use all her insane single-target protect to kill all enemy strategy and sanity. Ganks and pro-plays were useless against her. Sona has AOE 'safety-abilities" so they aren't as suffocating in a solo-lane. I see no reason her new form couldn't shine in mid, although I'm not sure about top.
: i like the idea not sure if maybe it would be to strong tho this would give nidalee bruiser top the ability to win lane, siege turrets as well as Ap nidalee and now has the ability of 1 shotting people while flashing over a wall every few seconds a little strong.
Well, to balance her Riot would have much less scaling on her spear. So if you wanted powerful spears you would have to be a glass cannon. Like with Zed. If you built bruiser you'd be better of with AP.
: I just want to inform you that I believe this is the wrong section of the forums for such a post. The New Features Feedback section of this subforum is for new features associated with the air client. You would be better off in champions and gameplay feedback, where there is extensive discussion on the new nidalee changes. Keep on posting interesting ideas!
Oops. And there does not appear to be a way to switch the category. Thanks for the information. I'll make sure my next post I in the right place.
: I main AP Nidalee and have always been more of a cougar form player than a human form player.
Oh cool, what items do you build?
: I'm personally not a fan of this. AP Nidalee always utilised Human Form more than Cougar Form. Conversely, AD Nidalee always utilised Cougar Form more than Human Form. Introducing an AD ratio onto Javelin Toss would remove the unique identities of each build: - AP Nidalee: Long-range siege mage. - AD Nidalee: Close-range bruiser. Additionally, Riot would then need to add an AP ratio to Takedown to maintain the balance of each skill.
AP Nidalee, on live, is a poke assassin like Zed, Kassadin, or Talon. She pokes her enemies down and then forces a fight at melee range. The reason she's being reworked is that when she's at a disadvantage, she switches to low-risk, high reward long-range play style that gives her no reason to come close enough for counterplay until she's no longer at a disadvantage. This play style was the reason Xerath got reworked (he now runs out of mana unless he procs his passive repeatedly) and why Ziggs falls off late game almost as hard as Lee Sin and Zyra. Nidalee, on the other hand, actually uses her no-counterplay strategy more and to greater effect the later the game goes, using her cougar form only for assassinating single or seperated targets. The idea behind making the spears AD (and making the heal scale off maximum health) is that the long-range poke assassin would move to AD and the high auto attack damage would reinforce the assassin half. Meanwhile, the bruiser play style would be moved to AP and would be a little closer to Malphite and Lissandra. As in, more bursty. Also, Nidalee's Takedown already has both AP and AD scaling.
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: Atlatean Syndra Feedback... Again
She's supposed to live underwater. Armor, or even any clothing that isn't very tight to the skin, significantly slows you down while you're underwater. Not to mention that it's freaking uncomfortable. Syndra, a mobile non-physical fighter with huge range,would wear as little mobility-restricting clothing as she could. Unlike her basic skin (my second least favorite behind Miss Fortune and her noodle arms), the Atlantean skin makes sense. There's no ridiculous, heavy, miniskirt in the process of falling off, or a metal chestpiece that's does the job of push-up bra better than the job of actual freaking armor. Syndra's basic skin is full of things that make no sense and are there only to make her look pretty. Her Atlantean skin is more minimalist than our culture usually thinks is appropriate, but it makes sense for the situation.
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: Yeah, I agree we may have pushed too far towards making dealing damage such an important way to compete in the jungle. Too much of a reaction from the tank jungler meta in seasons past. This seems to point out that Spirit Stone may just be a flawed item, at least in isolation as the only real jungler item. It basically only favors champions that can deal tons of damage since they get the most mileage out of the sustain. I will say it's important that any changes we do don't just bring back the days of tanks chain-ganking and camping lanes repeatedly for the first 10 minutes of the game. There needs to be a balance here, and personally I feel that we need to tackle this from 2 angles: 1) How do tank junglers compete with damage junglers in early game clears? 2) What unique things can each tank jungler bring into a team composition later in the game? I can talk to Solcrushed about this or maybe get him to come chat about our plans for the jungle as he's been the primary driver of it.
What if you had two main jungle item paths, one with the Spirit Stone small health&mana restore based on damage, while the other restores a small percentage of your health (maximum or missing) when you damage a jungle monster. Then you can balance dps junglers with tank junglers as the meta changes by tweaking the numbers on the build paths. Also, it'd be really cool to aid your escape through the jungle by whacking a camp to heal & draw the monsters into your chasers.
: Flames are flames. It's first blue because of a chemical reaction.
: Vel'Koz has too lax of mana costs?
I know what you mean. I think it's to make Vel'Koz an easy champ to play and maximize on the passive. Unfortunately, I've found that this combined with his range lets him bully the crap out of a lot of top laners. Give Vel top a try. I bullies a Pantheon fairly easy on my first time playing Vel'koz.
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: yeah, that's a good idea, because we'll see more poros exploding, and it's great to see twenty little poros following you xD
I don't think the numbers would get *that* extreme... Sadly.
: I get enough trolls, that rage quit or feed, or sit afk long enough for you to die, if you don't feed the poros. They don't even more reasons to troll.
That sucks man, I've never seen that happen even once. You must be very unlucky.
: Keep in mind that Poros run away from players, so if you keep feeding them their would be too many of them and it will be very easy to tell if someone is hiding in a bush.
That would be so AWESOME. Considering this is a for-fun mode that completely lacks wards,and it would only really effect long games, having movement in the bushes reveal you through Poros would be hilarious. I'd love to see this tried out on PBE. Wouldn't take too much coding, right?
: I would suggest having the Poro-Snack regenerate after every death. So everytime you spawn you can use one. If you do make it time based then it should be an actual trinket with a timer please.
I foresee having the Poro-Snack regenerate after a death leading to frustrated troll players saying "I'm done, you guys suck, I'm just gonna feed the Poros". And then running into the enemy turrets, feeding in order to feed the Poros.
: "P.S. Please don't comment that one of these ideas would make Xerath OP. A champion can always be made more powerful or less powerful by changing the numbers on their abilities. These ideas are intended only to change the feel, and to a small extent, the playstyle of Xerath." This unfortunatly isnt always true. Karma was changed because she couldnt be balanced by numbers alone.
Actually, Karma was reworked because of her playstyle. In order for her to be fully effective, her teammates had to understand how her ridiculously convoluted abilities worked. For example, it used to be that her chains-snare gave a huge speed boost to allies who ran through the chains. No one who hadn't played Karma knew this, so on most teams (especially soloque)she was effectively less powerful. On the other hand, a pre-made team that understood all her abilities and could communicate quickly enough to be aggressive when she had multiple stacks of her ult, could make very good use of Karma. The mechanics of old Karma meant that Riotgames couldn't buff her because she was already a powerful, balanced character when used right. She simply wasn't used often because she needed a team of people who knew how she worked.
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: Xelnath said in an earlier thread (one that wasn't ignored) that testing similar to vi/varus style where charging increased damage and range felt incredibly punishing against melee champions or people up in your face. there were two bad decisions you could make in that scenario. 1: Charge for max damage and apply nasus wither to self - Ha try to peel/run with that! or 2: deal no damage when you cast it. well that did a lot. Unlike janna tornado insta cast doesn't have CC. its a shame there is absolutely no communication about his issues. the slow should be replaced with self snare for longer range and faster charge time though.
I can see how that could happen... thanks for the information. Your idea about self-snaring is pretty cool. Have you made a thread suggesting it?
: I agree. He is very binary, you either counter or get countered by the enemy. The Q is the main offender of this problem, that's why I think it should be changed. Here's my suggestion to make it better if you want to see it: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/Iyz93uXA-xerath-suggestion-to-make-his-q-less-clunky-and-balance-it
Another possibility would be making him deal less damage with his Q if he doesn't charge it all the way. That way what KamiNeko was saying about engaging on Xerath where he will just use his Q for full damage without charging it and stun you right after wouldn't be such a problem.
: [Poppy] There is simple way to make her playable
That's an interesting idea, especially the sustain. The sustain would help reinforce her preferred playstyle, which is not at all intuitive or obvious to someone picking her up. Her playstyle is poking people with Q at melee range, then avoiding engagement until your Q is available again. Once your opponent is low enough health you use W for movespeed and charge them with E. Having a sustain on Poppy's Q that only works well on people (and jungle monsters) would help get across the idea that you're supposed to poke people with it every time it's off cooldown. Another thought: I always found the passive on Poppy to be confusing and... non-synergizing. What if the passive was moved entirely to the active, had it's numbers buffed, and it's cooldown increased. Make it into an ability like Jax's E, where while it's up you can win engagements, but while it's down you're weak and have to just poke with Q.
: The point is to make him less powerful. << Not -more- powerful.
It's not a matter of power. You can always make Xerath more or less powerful by tweaking his numbers. Stevev45's suggestion would change Xerath's playstyle, not his power level.
: There should be a "absolutely nothing" option, in a poll. But, it sounds like you're just. Posting this off of personal opinion you had in a game recently. << No. Xerath will still counter close range champions. That is the point. He is stronger in his range. They aren't going to create him so that he is specifically weaker then specific champions. Everyone has their counters. For instance, I'm fairly sure the current rework would make him weaker against high mobility champions if they know how to play well against him. it'd be difficult to land a q,or e, when charmed. Or after being being shunpo'd.
There is a change "absolutely nothing" option... That's the first option. As for countering close range champions... my argument is that Xerath counters short-range mages too much, and also that his playstyle leaves little room for counter-play in most cases & no room for counter-play if you're a short-ranged mage. That means he's not much fun to play against, which was the main reason Xerath was reworked. [Source](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/39bNlmHA-xerath-rework-now-back-on-pbe)
Yup, I got that feeling too.
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: I dont miss his old magic pen (which is a pretty OP mechanic and makes MR even more useless). Why? Because he has a 4 nuke rotation now, instead of a 3 nuke + magic pen. In a different way, he retained his damage.
How could his magic pen be an "OP mechanic"? Xerath was very rarely played. For that matter, how can a *mechanic* that can be buffed and nerfed be OP? If it's doing too much you nerf it. If it's doing too little, buff it.
: I feel Xerath is losing his core mechanic with these changes.
Make it so charging Xerath's Q gives it increasing % Magic Pen as well as increasing range. It'll also fix how annoying it is to try engaging on him during laning phase. Right now, when he charges his Q, the only smart thing to do is back off & try to dodge. Trying to engage on him always results in him stopping the charge immediately, hitting you in the face for *full damage*, running away, and using E if you try to chase more. If he was rewarded for taking the risk of charging it longer and penalized for always being a coward and never leaving any room for counter-play, he'd be a lot more fun to play against. Especially for champions like Mordekaiser, Vlad, and Ryze.
: That may have been how you saw him, but he is supposed to be a high range artillery cannon, and that role has been maintained if not improved by this rework.
Artillery means "Large-caliber weapons, such as cannon, howitzers, and missile launchers". In the real world, artillery is effective against large groups of enemies clustered together, and literal tanks. Live Xerath is the artillery champion of LoL because he deals AOE damage and he's a tank-buster. Reworked Xerath is not a bad champion, a little unrefined, but not a badly designed champion. However, don't call him an artillery champion. In his current form he is a piercing sniper with high kiting ability. Not a low-mobility, tank-busting, high-aoe champion. Not an artillery champion.
: NO! just no. he is op enough... try Q to squishy enemy as ap ez, just played vs xerath, i shut him down in start.. in 50 mins he got back, he did more dmg than 1886 (my hp) with each Q, he just onehitted me, so never increase his mr pen.
How much damage Xerath does has nothing to with this. His damage values can always be buffed or nerfed. This would just make him deal more damage to tanks, less to squishies, and force him to leave openings for counterplay if he wants to deal enough damage to win his lane. -edit- Oops, just realized I forgot to put in the "percentage" before the magic penetration. Sorry about that, fixed it. Make more sense now?
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: If you include Xerath's ultimate, he actually has the most scaling burst out of any champ in the game, iirc. The reworked xerath, that is. But I definitely agree that his ultimate just isn't quite right.
Live Xerath actually scales better in most situations because of his 35% magic penetration.
: exactly. Xerath is an **artillery** and **not a sniper**. Lux, Ezreal, Draven can be snipers. Xeratht too, to en extent, *with his Q*. This new style is not like xerath at all - and it also forces Riot to waste his power budget on things we don't even want. :c
The thing that defines live Xerath is not his range, it's his ability to force people to re-position. Everyone, even the tanks, have to dodge Xerath's spells, and that's what makes him who he is. He zones people the same way Darius, Thresh, Leona, Lee Sin, and Blitzcrank do, though with more range and less effect. I feel like rather than removing Xeraths tank-busting, zoning power that makes him an artillery champion, it'd be more interesting to see a Xerath with his range reduced, and the Varus/Vi charge-time made more risk-reward. You could have charging Xerath's Q add magic penetration as well as adding range. So the longer you charge it, the more range it has and the more MR it'll ignore. If you make the movespeed reduction more dramatic, it'll open up a lot of counterplay and counter-counterplay. You can attempt to engage on Xerath when he starts charging his Q, forcing him to either launch the q prematurely (for less damage)and run, or continue charging for more damage but also leaving himself open. Then at whatever point Xerath breaks off charging his Q, his lane opponent has to decide whether to keep chasing or to peel off. Of course Xerath's lane opponent could opt to try to dodge the Q, or outrun it, or flash to Xerath in response to the cast animation. I think it'd be more fun for both Xerath and his lane opponent. Right now on PBE you're best off either running from Xerath's Q or attempting to dodge sideways while picking up farm and throwing out poke. I find it to be like Nidalee's spears but much more frustrating to try to dodge and far less damaging when you do get hit. Also, tanks can just ignore your Q mid/late game if you didn't do well, which is no fun at all.
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