: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/btsMEo29-persistent-chats-upgraded
Dem downvotes though...? she's not being an ass and she's not wrong either. Amy is right, they're testing out a new system.
: You're the one that compared it to a power drill. Honestly your whole argument makes no sense.
I was being stupid and having an argument with someone acting equally as stupid. My apologies, but the comparison i made was based on the definition of a real word, the comparison you made was based on a fantasy's concept.
: Wukong is mana hungry + some tweak for life improvement
> increase mana pool riot actually looked at champions and their purchases, if on average they purchased 2+ mana pots per game then they recieved pool buffs... so the whole "Wuk needed mana pots" is false by simple numbers, now he may have needed a pot from time to time, but many champions did use at least one pot at some point or other in their games. >increase fluidity of E->Q combo Increas ticks/sec on ultimate I think these are due to him not having a major game-play update for a while and would be fixed if they did examine him, so fair point.
: Why a female voice xD? But i can agree it would be helpful.
the only voice-over in the game not from the champions is in the tutorial and its female, using the same actress for the voice-over would be consistent.
: But it's not a concept. It's like a gift card. It's technicly money but on for that store and you can't use it anywhere else. You can say just because you have a gift card that you are a regular at starbucks
this is starting to get depressing. How is anything about this game reality, The game's world is NOT reality, The game's world IS AN IDEA do you know what a concept is? "An abstract idea" IP is an idea within an Idea, its the games own currency to its own world, its not a fucking gift card, its not tangible, its not an actual physical object, ITS A FUCKING CONCEPT - an idea. so stop fucking with reality and fiction, please.
: Not Really. Like I said, it's points of influence with the Institute of War. Are you gaining influence with the different runes?
... Yes let me buddy up to your power tool bro, here power tool have 5.50$ ... The power tool didn't respond, how about i ask the owner. Spending influence to buy runes from a runewright? naaaaaaaw, favors never come in handy. As i stated from the beginning, >Faction affinity exists in the concept of IP As a concept, it does exist. As an actual reality no it doesn't.
: But you don't have influence with the different factions. You have influence with the Institute of War. Not with Garen or Xin Zhao
OK, i'm ***REALLY*** sorry for the necro, sometimes i forget to check the boards again its the concept of IP, the way you spend your influence with the IoW is how you earned champions, which meant you spent "points" in favor of a faction which rewarded you with a champion, the one you traded influence for.
: No it doesn't. Because affinity is the proneness to like a certain object or people. Ip is an out of game thing, bascilly like a prize for winning a tournament.
"Influence points" Who do you have influence with... factions you have an affinity for, people you're familiar with... you spend influence on factions you have an affinity for. sorry for the necro.
: Faction Affinity possiblity?
to be fair faction affinity exists in the concept of IP though...
: Mordekaiser can hurt and kill himself with Sated Devourer, and it gives him the kill.
Bug: Champions who have 3 strike ability-attack modifiers will self damage while these are active if they have devourer and are hitting an inhibitor.
: man now ashe is just like before and just sucks now her crit is what brought her back
Crit-chance still scales passive damage it just doesn't show as crit, this was a BUFF to ashe because it means that she isn't effected by Randuins 10% Crit damage reduction on her enhanced attacks, but now she has a chance to crit which enhances her passive slow so a 100% crit chance ashe with Q has a 60%+ slow when ever she actually crits
: Using cleanse on an all in champ(Riven) already counters him hard enough. He's basically a sitting duck without his e.
I see you missed the point, here Veigar has several pro's and cons: Pro's Godlike mage Godlike burst Godlike stacking Good stun can fish with stun Con's Is a sitting duck has only one way to prevent himself from being engaged on immobile susceptible to being all in'd What riot is doing is getting rid of the Godlike mage/burst capacity and not exacerbating the true thing that makes him weak his capability to be all in'd what the player base is suggesting is that INSTEAD of making him not able to burst people, PUNISH him for trying to zone everyone out with repeated e's by increasing the cool-down Support veigar cries but mid veigar is more in line
: Kassadin rework Ideas
Ironically despite the UBER generic name of the thread which you posted this on (Champion and Gameplay Feedback) according to some die-hard boarders, this isn't the place to open a concept to discussion Instead you should try live boards, and 9 out of 10 times nobody will actually give you feedback on your idea! unless they're faal, he's amazing. I'd be a 1/10 too except i don't play kassadin or mid-lane and as such have limited knowledge of him
: Tryndamere should be immune to death for 1 additional second
Congradulations: You have won! the prize for misunderstanding!!!! :D :D :D have you realized that Kindred has it as an AOE for ALL THINGS, literally in that circle YOU CAN'T KILL SHT, unlike trynd who goes, I CAN'T BE KILLED, BUT YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN!!! :D and seriously I write bullshit numbers when i think up of things, but you want to create a demon that at 4/x/10 CAN'T BE KILLED FOR 17 GODDAMN SECONDS? Give him i don't know... 1.5 AS 50% crit chance and 350 damage, 24*525 (AVG) = 12,600 damage....... Thats enough to kill a WHOLE TEAM, Jesus christ thats more toxic than late game poppy... at least she takes damage FROM SOMEONE and IT DOESN'T LAST 17 SECONDS... But you know thats just me... of course since kindred is new she's OP and its ok to make stupid remarks.
: Would be interesting also, but after 18 you can get 1000 XP pretty easily. Having 100% extra would be a bit insane xD
LOL YES IT TOTALLY WOULD!!! Zil waits entire game, gains 3000 EXP Ults carry, Carry oneshots everything GG NOOBS Was suggestion, open to tweaking
: Too many toxic people in Pbe
Because some assholes <- (Me) are misguided, and sometimes those assholes <- (like me) may occasionally post something useful not that those people actually contribute much overall <- (...) And they probably ruin others peoples days (for that I'm sorry) and take too seriously what they shouldn't (!) And don't take seriously enough what they should (!) i sincerely hope you find like minded kind individuals
: Zilean (Team Play Post-18)
Personally i like nothing about the passive, but thats just me, personally i wouldn't go for more health but instead move it into offensive stats, Per 100 exp when someone is revieved the gain 10% bonus ap 10% armpen 10% as, make mid zil more interesing other than HERE, HAVE 100 MORE HP THAN BEFORE m8 m8!
: AP shyvana i am think like nashor's, rylais, and liandries - something that actually feels more legit; and I don't see a balance problem to it, if anything more balanced than AD shyvana cause it be squishier with more damage where as manamune renekton will never be a thing, EVER
: That is just trolling, especially since manamune cannot even work on renekton
but... but... DARIEN IS A WIZARD HARRY! he does actually recieve the other stats the (ad) but yeah...
: Not true at all. If you actually play Pulsefire and then play another of Ez's skins, the Pulsefire feels like all the animations take 4 times longer.
Actually its because the animations are longer for the PF skin, glitched like that for years...
: Add an AP Ratio to Shyvana's Burnout - W
Darien the wizard Agrees. (reference to a top-laner who built {{item:3070}} / {{item:3004}} on {{champion:58}} and {{item:3089}} on {{champion:102}} in a professional match)
: I called Ekko being made before I knew he was being released. Had a weird thought about 5 months before his release saying to myself "Riot should make a time ninja guy. Some kind of assassin that uses time. That'd be so cool." I even came up with a concept with my brother about it. All I'm saying is that I usually have this feeling in my gut when Riot is doing something okay? Yes, it is BS and an unreliable source of information but I never said it would be. It's just that when I take a guess like this it usually ends up happening. You can call me out about it if they don't do it okay? I just know they're doing something to Warrior. I will however laugh if they do something about it. Lol.
I seriously hope you're wrong like absolutely totally seriously hope you're wrong But... if you're right lets both find each-other and laugh hysterically, because "Rito plz" K?
: Too bad they're doing it anyway.
Oh really? you seem quite sure because the only thing they've done to warrior for now what 75% of the season is nerf and then a slight buff. NOTHING on S@20 Give me a link for rioter saying it or i say bs.
: New Rageblade passive, no actual change.
this was an OOPS by riot they did not intend to release it and was hot-fix removed, as stated on S@20
: Kassadin W bug (maybe)
Kassadin should not be proccing his W damage on towers only Lich bane or Triforce.
: Technically all of them were viable before unique identity. Plus Riot had scrapped plans for the burning effect on it. But that just means they are going to do something with it soon. IF it gets a unique effect I'm sure it will be mediocre anyway. Like 30 AD with the good effect. Or 45 AD with a sucky effect. Similar to Runeglaive. It's effect is mediocre/okay, but it is still a good jungle item for many AP junglers excluding Fiddlesticks.
yes but all of the passives scale as game progresses, the pay off for being a warrior is that you DO NOT scale througout the game but instead fall off steadily; Cinderhulk health scaling Runeglaive Onhit DMG scaling Devourer Onhit double proc scaling Warrior should NOT have scaling due to warriors being so strong early game should not maintain presence late game as pay-back, I.E. Warrior should not have a U-passive because it can only be useless and it would then be a waste of time to program
: Yep, like Tryndamere and Kayle, they will die instantly if inside the fountain even with ult
fountain laser is coded as pure damage, damage is usually coded as such GetHealthTryndamere: 500 GetdamagetakenTryndmere: 600 Getbuffstatus: Undying rage: 1 GetDamagetype: Pure Damagetaken: Yes GetHealthTryndamere: 0 GoTo: Tryndmereisdead PlaySFX Death3 GetHealthTryndamere: 500 GetdamagetakenTryndmere: 600 Getbuffstatus: Undying rage: 1 GetDamagetype: true Damagetaken: Yes GetHealthTryndamere: 1 Playsfx "Undyingrage1" GoTo: Gethealthtryndamere
: I found that building bruiser was my best build due to the stacking and % damage, not a significant change when i had full ad from what HP armor and MR I lost
Yeah, sadly they're releasing her on live... i wish they had actually taken more feed back into effect.
: @Riot What is Warrior's Enchantment's unique buff going to be?
its viable warrior never recieves a unique identity; LoL is a game easily determined by the early game where warriors can be strong each item has a late-game scaling component meanwhile warrior has none, and probably should have none; warriors are too strong in the early game... meaning that they can't have it
: Only problem with that is if she had plants out PLUS ulted them, you would get 30% attack speed on her plants plus somewhere around 50% attack speed on her plants, giving them a ridiculous 80% attack speed boost.
And morde's dragon is not ridiculous Kappa, but yeah thats fair.
: They are trying to change Zyra actually so i understand why you made the post here,but probably stuff like this are better on live servers. ;) Anyway, we are here so lets talk about the idea. IMO the suggestion is nice, maybe the att speed is not what we want/need from the passive, but empowering plants in bushes and water is interactive and quite funny. Could be a nice starting point ;) Try to repost this on live servers ;)
Hm, thats a better way to start a discussion. thanks
: > [{quoted}](name=Ashamed,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dbaRnBqw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-24T02:53:32.362+0000) > > ... What? > The writing is this makes me wary for a virus feed, yet there's not a link. >Bro i dont know how to make a correct lol community post this is my first time sorry
Oh, try a survey like this on live next time, the pbe community tends to get grumpy when someone is not 100% posting about specifically new bugs.
: Except as a "tester" you should be posting about _**new**_ changes or any bugs you find on PBE. If the changes are on the live servers and there are no bugs, there is nothing to talk about here. This is an idea that you want to show to Riot, this has nothing to do with testing.
First, my idea has already been proven wrong by the absolute lack of discussion over it... second, this idea was a result of my testing and it does work as feed-back and as before i've been proven wrong, as nobody gives a damn about discussing it. And it was an idea which i wanted to discuss but nobody gives a damn about discussing it and instead...
: These changes to Zyra are already on the live servers. Therefore, it is no longer a concern of the PBE. The teams whom you want to read this concept, do not read the PBE boards. They do, however, read the live boards. So if it is visibility you seek, you need to post your thread there.
I don't want visibility, i want a discussion, if i wanted visibility i'd have posted on the live boards anyway because of the low population density here, I figure that the mindset associated with pbe would produce an interesting facet of discussion, and yes the feed-back is late but if i read it correctly this is "Champion and Gameplay feedback" and with any new introduction of champion or item it changes the flow of everywhere, especially if that champion roams like a jungler.
: Suggestions are to be posted on the live boards.
But its not a suggestion, its a concept hell its not even a concept its something i'm opening to suggestion. And it is feed-back, zyra was changed recently and as a tester i am applying feed-back. And instead of "this sux" which is useless i'm applying an idea to it.
: Theoretical change for zyra's passive.
Rioter Comments
: That would be interesting... to have her plants gain increased AS in bushes and inside jungle camps.
i mean it'd be useless in lane but if you were outside of lane, like do it for all none lane areas change her passive to Zyra's plants Gain 10+(5*level)% while outside of lane, boom you suddenly have a passive that makes her significantly more dangerous in areas where she normally has time to set up: Dragon or baron, then with ult they attack much faster and BOOM zyra has an amazing passive with an interesting amount of play...
: Right when playing Vieg, Lux or Zyra against fast bouncy assassins its critical that you dodge the initial skill shot, and that your damage is never too far behind them. If both of these are true then they function great as advertised. Which is why I suspect the first entry post in this is perhaps someone who doesn't play flat root mages much. Vieg, Lux and Zyra are absolutely devastating if you spent enough time to learn their playstyle. The person above is talking about running to her plants for protection... but if you're running back to your plants you are allready dead because you were out of position. Flat root mages are critical to being in position before entering a fight, much like Caitlin. So they have a higher skill curve than other characters as your awareness is higher. Given this the fix they put into Zyra has made her plants super duper nasty. I've been doing a plant drop + Q and the damage just tears up the squishy assassins and mobile mages. Since they have to usually land a skill shot first to push for a kill, dodge the skill shot plant + q poke them out of the lane. Even if you miss your Q the plant still puts damage into them. So right now if you build early mana recovery, play safe and then crank your damage, Zyra is just a silly easy lane win IMO. Consequently with the plant AI fix I've been cranking 50-60k damage in most games, easy. Its just silly fun. But again.. her passive is soooobad. But as mentioned if you have enough damage and someone like Zed/Yasuo goes all in on you, you ult under your own ass, plant, q and then invulnerably stick if you can... if you placed the ult right they're going to be having a really... really bad day.
yeah, IMO i'd rather have any passive other than that, at least i wouldn't be annoyed about the pointlessness of it, hell "Zyra plants gain 30% AS increase in jungle" sounds alot better than her current passive. I haven't actually seen zyra since buff but i've seen zyra in a variety of other situations, i've also been brutally murdered by plants so with the A.I. improved... oh dear
: Stuck in non-existent game
Wait a day, try again. usually my best tactic for LoL
: I also disagree heavily. Right now what you do with Zyra is use your plants as super nasty threat. I will concur that her passive is garbage. I have managed to grab one kill with it, but it was a kill that my teammates would have cleaned up. I don't know how she ever got such a terrible passive to begin with. If its going to be a slow skill shot it should actually do decent damage. I do think that Zyra suffers a bit like Viegar or Lux in that you have to have some BIG damage in order to function. If you don't then you can get into trouble from easy engage assassins like Zed and Yasuo. Personally I am SERIOUSLY not a fan of either of these characters as their entire design is essentially toxic toward less mobile champs.
Its odd because both are meant to counter highly mobile and immobile champs Enemy picks Ezreal you pick zed to counter enemy picks xerath you pick zed.... which isn't insomuch toxic as it is "Counterplay" but considering their popularity... Whatever But yeah what Kat just said.
: Marauder Alistar's Colors
Personally i don't like it because whenever i glance at the skin i do a double take for voli-bear, but that could just be me...
: Feedback about Kindred, The new Summoner's rift and The New HUD
... What? The writing is this makes me wary for a virus feed, yet there's not a link.
: you are relying too much on your passive. kindred is a marksman, yet most people i see playing them, him, her, it? (them) build bork into triforce. i could recomend a kiting build after that including frozen mallet LW and an IE, this should allow you to be a bit more kity but does not solve any issues. also you should use you ult time to set up a position with you can attack and they cant, specificaly walls, people will hold their damage for your ult to end, leave early out of vision might save you and allow you to outplay. lastly sell your jg item as it is weaker than any adc item you can buy, replace it with shiv and you might see good results, kindred is an adc which is slightly mobile so build them as such
its them kindred is two people its them. and yeah aside from that you're right SInce devourer was target nerfed against kindred (yes other RNGD jungs were problematic, but that passive would be...) it is not the best item on her since warrior grants AD and pen and CDR it could work but its quite likely you could simply go Purple smite (poachers maybe.) BOTRK ADC items. OR against a high AD Purple smite/poachers BOTRK Cinderhulk Frozen heart Last whisper Frozen mallet Randuins omen Call me crazy, thats fine but the interesting thing about kindred is that A. their passive is scaling B. they get more benefits from AS over any other stat C. they have decent cool-downs and decent CC So what you can do is just play Kindred like Nasus be unkillable while doing all the damage on every AA i'd test this build out myself but... can't exactly get into a game as kindred right now.
: Loading Wolf's Effects Causes a Huge Burst of Lag
I've noticed the particle effects but haven't noticed the lag part of it, could be just me, also they aren't all the time I.E. watching her move from mid go invisi then go to drake causes nothing, but long periods in between tend to cause it for me, perhaps when she w's?
: [Bug] Vayne's Q can pass through J4 ult (?)
Vayne's Q is not affected by terrain she can Technically tumble through anything only most objects are too thick for her q to pass through.
: Hmm, not something i've ever noticed, have you looked up the vilemaw wiki?
: Is Vilemaw supposed to randomly increase his attack speed?
Hmm, not something i've ever noticed, have you looked up the vilemaw wiki?
: Zyra needs help
I disagree, heavily. Zyra has other problems than her mobility. and personally in terms of an aa fight zyra actually does well for herself considering her large range for aa Xerath has long range but no mobility has only 2 forms of cc against Zyra who has 3 For example against yasuo farm, wait for yasuo engage yasuo engages, place plants Q onto yasuo, E the plants will slow yasuo and do damage e will do damage walk away AA from outside his E range boom yasuo loses trade, hard, Yasuo goes into full engage, Plants Q, R, E yasuo dies too squishy, Q plants slow and are not blocked by windwall, zyra has a problem in my opinion with her passive, whlie cool sounding personally i'd rather throw her a karthus passive despite her longer cd's
: Tahm Kench W Bug
checking: Devour bug (Cannot devour allies) steps to recreate? set 1: Devour ally, get cc locked spit ally out, wait cd attempt consume ally Can't or set 2: Devour ally, die with ally inside revive attempt to W ally cannot W ally or is it a third?
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