: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
Hello, I'm here to complain. I am very upset that you are releasing a special skin (Prestige Kai'sa) and saying that you can get it most easily by buying the worlds pass at the start of worlds, but surfaced almost no information telling players this until 2 weeks into worlds. Yes, there was a single post on the News section of the website (which doesn't actually tell you the price, not allowing the few players who saw this to plan accordingly). But there was nearly nothing in the client or social media to advertise this. I follow league on most channels and have been watching nearly all of worlds, and I only just found out about this skin a couple days ago. I can't imagine how many people only found out about this today. I think saying you can earn it by playing consistently since 2 weeks ago is pretty unfair, given how difficult it was to even have heard about this. Telling anyone who has missed this information until now that they can "supplement their token earn rates" with the token purchases in the shop is ridiculous. Assuming you learned of this today, you have missed 17-18 days already. Assuming you play at the rate posted, you have already missed 944 tokens. Rounding up to 1000 for easier math, that is 2 purchases of the largest bundle for approximately 12500, a bit under $100. Seriously? You expect people to pay $90-$100 because they didn't religiously check the news page? I think that is preposterous. I'm sure I've made a couple of mistakes, but the one thing i can say for sure is that I've known about this for only a couple days and am pretty livid that I'm expected to pay so much for it. /end rant Edit: I discovered that if you buy the battle pass you get 200 tokens immediately, so probably $80-$90, not $90-$100.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I love the new mordekaiser changes. I really liked playing him as a bruiser top laner before and feel that the effective loss of his w will make that a lot less effective. That being said, the few games I've played with him in bot lane with my friend playing Leona were CRAZY fun! Morde gets decent gap closing if his support dives in first by casting w on them, and it is a lot easier to have wards placed in bot lane to protect him from ganks. I don't know if it's better for the game or not, I just wanted to make my opinion heard because I'm seeing a lot of people complaining about new Morde.
: Tahm Kench Bug Thread
As Tahm Kench, when you are mashing W to Devour a minion, sometimes he spits it back out onto the ground at his feet immediately and the ability goes on cooldown with no AOE damage happening.
: Tahm Kench Bug Thread
Master Yi and Tahm Kench Bug: I just played a game as Tahm Kench with an enemy Master Yi jungle. He had Sated Devourer. He ulted and then I Devoured him, only to find that he was continuing to murder me from the inside. I have not attempted to reproduce this bug, but it was really a bit of a problem.
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