: [6.22 Alistar changes] Context and feedback thread
@Shin Kazuo Have you considered giving him back some Jungle viability now that he's not just a raging displacement/stun monster? Since the advent of Support jungle testing (Ivern) I feel like he (And Bard, but that's another issue) would be a good fit as someone who could feasibly Jungle now that he has DOT AOE. Currently his Trample only stuns Champions, can you make it stun monsters to give him more viability in the jungle? If not, why not?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite!
I love the ideas, and they both look nice. That being said: 1) Mecha Malphite: * Should be a darker blue or more metallic. He looks kind of fake right now. Maybe a darker grey. * Should not be pink when his shield is down. A redder red or more orange red. Currently he is more pink. Pink robots do not a terrifying adversary make. * I like the ideas of having drills as hands for his (W) * Maybe a bit bigger? But this is my qualm with all malphite things. For an enormous rock monster that smashes people for the lulz, he's shorter than a scuba-diver with trust issues (Nautilus) * Wish the splash effects for his abilities were more impactful or more audibly visceral. Their current form is very VR, which seems less satisfying (but this is nitpicky) 2) Mecha Aatrox: * Scary, but wings move like oddly shaped pancakes. * Again, colors could be darker and more.... metal...? * Again with the splash effects/ability visuals * I kind of wish his Q had more of a laser feel, almost like {{champion:112}} and his lasers. Currently there's not a whole lot of distinction between his regular Q and his mecha Q. Just opinions :D Overall I like the skins.
: I really do enjoy these skins. I've always loved Mecha Kha'zix and I'm glad there will be more mecha skins to be played. After seeing these two new skins in game, i feel like the three mecha skins don't really fit together The following propositions are to better unify the three robots: - Change the blueish grey of Aatrox and Malphite to better match the color of Kha'zix - The red that appears when Malphite loses his passive and when Aatrox ult's should in fact not be red, but be the same blackish grey of Kha'zix with Evolved Active Camouflage - Maybe make Kha'zix transform into something too during recall (maybe like a helicopter or something) The following propositions have already been stated but I would really like to see these in game: - Make Aatrox's wings steardier, more like kha'zix' wings - Use the transformations as their Haste animation - Change Malphite's W from the current spiked knuckles to the drill's that we see at the beginning of his recall animation
Agreed with the colors for the most part. I personally don't mind the red but it SHOULD be a darker red. As it is right now, they're pink and kind of lacking any sense of threat from being red. It looks like a paint job and not like glowing hot metal. Agreed on the wings. Kind of flappy for being energy. Want a more metallic feel than I'm seeing here.


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