: Hi, VFX artist for SSG Skins here. Thanks so much for your feedback. Firstly i'd like to say that the early exploration that we showed in the video was very much an early Work-in-Progress concept, and as such was subject to change. When we developed the Xayah and Rakan skins, we kept testing them together in lane during playtests. One of the pieces of feedback we kept receiving was that Xayah and Rakan looked too similar, and people would get confused which was which in the heat of battle. Since changing their colour palette was not an option, we needed a different way to differentiate them, which is why Xayah's hair is bright and desaturated, whilst Rakan's is dark and his blue streak saturated. With regards to her wing, I think it's tough to judge from just the screenshot, as if you actually play it in game it has the awesome shiny-feather green sheen on it when viewed from certain angles that really helps to make it look more interesting, and hit the reference of a magpie we were going for. I think if you played around as her, you wouldn't feel it's as dull :) And i'm really glad you like all the VFX :)
Are darker ears an option? I really like Xayah's dark ears and white hair in her concept art, and I do understand the need for gameplay clarity, but the ears right now blend in too much with the hair.
: Hey Artemia! We're looking at potential ways we can add the SSG logo. :)
Great! Some places where the logo may fit are her W ground indicator and Worked Ground. Maybe the rocks on her ult could form G shapes instead, but that would probably require a ton of work. Is there a possibility to add more blue flames/light/smoke around her Q, W, E, and R rocks, similar to her passive?
: Hi! I just want to start saying these skins are very well done and I like them a lot, the color scheme and korean-style art really fit together. I have 2 thoughts. 1)Since all skins except for Taliyah have the SSG logo, why not add the SSG logo on her worked ground since it no taliyah abilities have the SSG logo like the other skins. 2)Also I think Jarvan’s Ult can have like a more stage-like ult since it already have the walls with the SSG logo as the floor tile.
This. Taliyah needs mores SSG elements in her skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
I'm really disappointed by the quality of SSG Taliyah, especially in comparison to the other SSG skins. The other skins feature exciting blue particles (flames, indicators, etc.), but Taliyah has almost none of those, save for the blue smoke with her passive. She also has no SSG logos visible in her abilities. Her skin needs more of these things, in combination with the white rocks she has now.
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: i don't see how anyone could have that big a problem with the changes to be honest. All this really does it make it so Ahri doesn't kill you with her R and W even when she misses both Q and E, but makes it to where the enemy is punished even harder for when they DO get hit by them, separating the meh Ahri's from the great ones.
You didn't get the problem back then. Ahri loses damage even if she does land her skillshots. Anyway clearly the nerfs did more harm than good, given how her win rate drastically decreased under the effects of the nerf plus meta shifts. Hopefully this preseason will be better for her.
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: He is too gimmicky right now and too strong early game, marksmen should have weaker early games because of their sustain damage, right now Jhin has the early game burst and tries to make him as a marksman with the % missing health damage. So his passive needs to be changed to be more fair to play against because a 4th attack that cannot be dodge unless you are Teemo and blind him before hand is not fun to play against, even in the one counter scenario, it does way too much damage even at the start of the game and no other champion has that much burst early game. My change moves it for he has to buy items for it to deal a shit ton of damage rather than getting it at minute 1 and goes up from there.
Did you also consider the fact that he has downtime after the critical strike? Jhin has a great kit and he trades mobility for immense power and range. He functions in a unique way that is strong in some situations and weak in others. He really only needs some number tuning (and buffs for other ADCs) to put him back into a reasonable state.
: They guy who won Championship Riven last year in Worlds, will have theses new things? He didnte get it in Season 2 but he got it when Riven was exclusive :/
I heard he had the skin already so Riot gave him RP.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ahri!
The recall is good but I really have an issue with how Ahri returns to the platform. In the recall she jumps into the video game, but after she completes the recall, she's just... standing there awkwardly. Shouldn't there be a descent animation where a video game entrance appears out of nowhere and Ahri jumps out of it? The entrance can be midair facing towards the platform or parallel to the platform, though I like the entrance from above. It could be her spawn animation too.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ahri!
Unpopular opinion but I actually prefer Ahri without the whiskers. I would have preferred a more human version of Ahri here in this arcade fantasy as a gamer, especially if you consider that her dream is to become fully human. At least the login screen's whiskers are subtle enough and acceptable for me, but I'll miss the no whiskers version. (I also like the scrapped Ahri update splash far more than than the live one.) I feel like W's SFX really needs to be improved. W in particular has its SFX way too faint on cast. I think something similar to Ahri's basic W SFX but modified to an arcade sound would be great. It needs to be loud enough. Also is the orb behind the heart in the taunt intended, or a bug?
: [7/18] Do not double up on nerfs for Malzahar, just pick one or the other
Void Shift imo should lose its damage reduction or have it significantly curbed, but it should not lose its lingering duration. Malzahar needs it for successful ults.
: You're retarded; Silver 5 i presume? Sure, she's getting flat damage buffs, but her mechanics are destroyed now. What once was her high skill cap is fucked with this clunky bullshit. So fucking livid about this shit
No other stance changing champion has an AA reset with R. As much as I would love to see it on Jayce, I do not think giving Nid so many AA resets is healthy. They want to curb her early clear, and that is GOOD. Nidalee just roflstomps due to her insane clear and she gets to camps way too fast. A champion that can clear her camps to level up faster, then counter jungle enemy camps before the enemy jg can even get to those camps and get enough experience to 1v1 her while she can still one shot people early on in ganks is not healthy at all.
: Hey, from what i know when i opened first time the disruption cache for a project skin i had almost every project skin so i think you get random blueprint of a project skin like me when i got project {{champion:89}} but i had already :) And for 2nd question i think you will not get the skin because Riot didn't said something about receiving the Project skins when you purchase the first strike icon. And at part two you are referring to buy the Project skins later than first strike icon? If yes i think you should have the border from project skins (of course will be displayed just for the project skins) if you bought them before the project event end even if you didn't bought the project skins for them. I mean that project borders are parts that are unlocked from another source so you don't need absolutely to have the Project skins bought. I hope i answered good at your questions and have a nice day! :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I worded the second question awfully, I meant whether I would get the border if I were to get the skin months after the event but I have the first strike icon. Anyway thx for the reply xD
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: Last time Riot didn't give Ahri an SKT skin because she was receiving a ~~Challenger~~ Popstar Ahri skin after a few weeks, this might be the case with Kalista too. Deep Terror Kalista incoming? :3
You mean Popstar Ahri. Challenger Ahri was released at the start of Season 5. Faker definitely should have had the SKT T1 Ahri skin though since he performed so well on her during worlds. {{champion:103}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOUY3qpvqBE That was just beautiful. If only Rito would make it to fulfill Faker's wish.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Could you please clarify a couple of things? * Do tear upgrades (Archangel, Manamune) keep mana regen or do they have it removed as well? * Does Morello keep the regen passive from Lost Chapter? 400 flat mana alone actually looks worse than 250 mana + regen on levelling up. * Do Righteous Glory and ROA keep the passive from the new Catalyst? Or do we just lose it as the cost for upgrading it?
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: That's correct - new sale pricing begins in 2016.
Would legendary skins released after the Monthly Sales announcement, but before 2016, be eligible for the monthly sales? What about PFE, SGU, and DJS?
: Statikk Shiv
No thanks, as if champions like Yasuo and Tryndamere did not abuse this item so much already. It feels legit awful when you're standing behind minions and they shiv crit you for a ton of damage while they are only farming. Shiv should be emphasized as the waveclear tool, not the free harass through minions tool.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Regarding the Mafia Graves skin, I noticed that its unique autoattack sound was completely removed and now it only has the default skin's sound. Honestly the crisp sound was a major reason for me (and probably many other Graves players as well) to get the skin, which is actually priced at 975 RP, even though it doesn't offer that much other than an awesome suit (I mean, there's not even new particles on it despite the price tag). Removing the unique sound just feels really awful imo (kinda similar to how Rocket Girl Trist lost her unique AA sounds as well post rework). Yes, you can say that it doesn't necessarily fit with Graves now given how his autoattacks were completely changed, but maybe a new unique sound (such as a crisp sound of multiple bullets being fired at once) should be given to Mafia Graves. If this goes to live, I seriously don't think the skin should be worth more than 750 RP. If the sound is actually different from the default skin but I actually failed to notice it, then ignore this post. But honestly they sound so similar.
: Diversity in the Mid Lane (Changes) . Part 1
As an Ahri main I will tell you right now that these buffs will seriously push her overboard. She's right now in a position where the slightest buff would probably bring her return to the competitive scene and make her too overwhelming. W is an unreliable skill that honestly is quite boring as well since in the right circumstances it's a ton of burst damage that you can land with no skill required. It needs to be reworked, and before that it shouldn't be overbuffed to make it too oppressive in duels without minions nearby. The issue stems from the minions themselves. Personally I really dislike the season 5 change since it hurts Ahri the most since her true damage no longer means anything when minions don't have resistances anyway.
: Can I start by saying this looks really cool and I want to play it. I see people complaining about the ammo system but I think that is just going to give him a really cool feel to him while playing (dashing into someone and double tapping them to kill them is just awesome). Out of interest though, if his autos fire lots of mini pellets, how does this interact with things such as braum passive or clearing wards? I assume it only stacks for the first bullet hit or is Graves now a professional ward killer? :)
Each bullet applies on hit effects but they are only applied once per auto attack for each target hit. So no shenanigans with Braum or ward-clearing.
: With Removal of Mana Pots...
I've been playing Kindred for a while and I'm certain that you do not need mana pots at all as long as you buy Ranger's Trailblazer. Later on once you get life steal, you wouldn't need to cast abilities to effectively clear without losing too much health and you get a ton of mana regen while fighting jungle monsters.
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
Would you mind elaborating a bit more on Special Delivery? I assume that once you pick up The Package at base, only your next Valkyrie would be enhanced, correct? Also would Corki still retain his 10% AD bonus on auto attacks? Or would the bonus damage be removed completely and he does 50% AD in physical damage and 50% AD in magic damage with every AA, with bonus damage from items like Sheen/Trinity/Iceborn Gauntlet/Lich Bane being split? For Gauntlet I believe he would only do AOE physical damage to those around his target but the damage from Gauntlet on the target would be split.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
I believe with intensive ADC mechanics practice, I will be able to orbwalk even under that insane attack speed. :^) I like how Kogmaw's identity as a late game immobile but deadly tank killer is strengthened by this change, but now he seems even more dependent on his W than right now. R changes look really interesting so far. It would probably make his post 6 weaker so he needs to spend more time to scale up his Q and W and can't poke that hard anymore.
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: It's not a bug. Splash art is not released yet.
> [{quoted}](name=Lunar Revel,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=LJAJM9ro,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-11T19:01:38.831+0000) > > It's not a bug. Splash art is not released yet. Um yes it is... http://www.newsoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/1tFWYdC.jpg For some reason it's not on the PBE yet.
: Patching scanned files over 6000?
I have scanned 14000+ files (nearly 2 hours) and I closed it to retry. Still stuck at 33%, scanning files at the moment. It shouldn't be a big patch, considering it's only activating DJ Sona on the PBE. I don't know why the scanning is so ridiculous right now. For now the best solution is to wait.
: Patching stucks 33%
I'm currently experiencing the same issue as well. I think my client has scanned 14000+ files yet no downloading has started. I closed the client and it's back scanning 700+ files at this point (at 33%). I have these issues on the live client as well. All I can say is wait. Eventually it will be updated.


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