: Ist Pretty hard when u get no early lead or help, you just can't 1v1 him if he is good and u are melee
Just find ways around this, maybe find ways to initiate battles better or something. but I'm glad that adcs are improving though
: > [{quoted}](name=Ars3lyn,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=6KrtEEwg,comment-id=005f00000000,timestamp=2017-10-19T10:02:17.759+0000) > > GREETINGS I BEEN ASKING THEM ASKING THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE, here a tip now (they don't care about the runes) no matter how much feedback i send THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT. IM done, ILL LET SOME OTHER "NICE PERSON" TO COME UP AND DO THE MATH LIKE I DID AND BRING THIS SUBJECT ONCE AGAIN IM DONE, IM DELETING MY ACCOUNT Just because they do not reply, doesn't mean they do not read. There's only one or two Rioters on the PBE boards actively replying to runes, so you could imagine how busy they are. But sorry to see you go~
I Just realized that I cant delete my account.....either way IK they acknowledge this fact and they don't care about it, So tell me, this soft cap on movement speed (which ik why) makes clarity useless, pretty much maxing out at 20AD no matter how we look at it. I would think they would care so much to reply to even my messages since I try to stay in the loop of every little shit going on here, I can totally imagine how busy they are, that IDC cause if I'm their millions of dollar shoes I know what the fuck to do, replied to all the important messages that is related to bugs and Runes, stuff I haven't answered, if I did I send them a link saying the same comment or make a post stating we know what going on and we are on our way to fix this problem. they so far only track bugs and what could change the meta in the wrong direction.
: Greetings! This is not the best place to talk about runes. Please post your concerns [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/uqXvqPFv-runes-reforged-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread) instead. The Rioters moderating this thread cannot help you.
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
Any talks on clarity? been building a bit of a "Riot" over here, but seriously guys, you should change the math on clarity, you made it become weak(est) rune. Sure giving movement speed is great but late game it gives bearly 20AD/AP if build right, you should really change it to be more conflicting since there other runes out there that gives that much AD/AP in general or give it some charge ability or something
: Why you guys make clarity? It stupid to make since it based off of the soft cap of bonus movement speed, not even jhin nor Yi can make this rune good, none of them can really since you did soft cap? this rune is really useless, or is it a bug?
It is a really useless rune, I even made a post about, as there plenty of items that can get that much and even more AD/AP then that rune, which is stupid cause I was really hoping to really use this on champions like Jhin, Master Yi, Kennen, Fiora, Ekko, and etc. but the maximum amount you can get for this one rune is 20 AD/AP at least which is sucks. Riot Sparkle!!!!!!{{sticker:sg-soraka}} please sparkle meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Why you guys make clarity? It stupid to make since it based off of the soft cap of bonus movement speed, not even jhin nor Yi can make this rune good, none of them can really since you did soft cap? this rune is really useless, or is it a bug?
: sorry dude, when i said "tanks" i meant tankko and Tankali.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Rune page 1 won't let me change the name, it will be there when you edit it, but when you save it, it goes back to the original name, please fix it. And are you gonna change up Dark Harvest, rather not see assassins go tank build and get dependent on that one rune, it very strong, so please look over it, if you need the link, I'll send you one right away. PS: this is a relay, hoping to reach one of you guys to answer this
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Rune page 1 won't let me change the name, it will be there when you edit it, but when you save it, it goes back to the original name, please fix it. And are you gonna change up Dark Harvest, rather not see assassins go tank build and get dependent on that one rune, it very strong, so please look over it, if you need the link, I'll send you one right away.
: Just for kicks I took it I to the practice tool with Janna, {{item:3085}} {{item:3285}}{{item:3100}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3078}} . I forgot to check how much celerity was actually giving, but with W maxed I had something like 250 bonus move speed (at level 9, worth 6 items) which would give you a grand total of...20 AP. This is more or less the absolute best scenario, and it's still bad.
yeah my point to be precise, glad you try this out, this just proves it even more, thank you
: Yeah, I totally agree. I've tried this on Taliyah thinking it would be an awesome synergy since she benefits a lot from MS. Turns out that this rune wasn't worthy at all. That's sad, 'cause I really like the concept of it. I think they should increase the bonus move speed to 5% at least.
yeah the soft cap really makes this a hard rune to take
: oh i get it. yeah dark harvest needs to have a way to scale or be worthless with tanks.
it not that fact of worrying about tanks, it is the identity of assassins turning into tanks cause of this Keystone, don't get me wrong the scaling is just fine to have, but the stack, in general, should have some type of deminishing effect like thresh were depending on the certain amount of soul you get the value of souls would have less of a stackable damage, make it so it doesn't go so high on damage which then makes the assassin run around with 3k of HP, if tanks take this build, it will take a bit of time to really get anywhere, let alone they need to make sure they scale well with it, but since Grasp of the undying allows you to gain HP, they would take that, cause they want to survive for so long that they can, running around with 4-8k hp is more important than taking Dark Harvest Keystone.
: NO, Dark harvest is ok as it is, it is just that it scales too fast and surpass electrocute in like 10 minutes in, there's no response to those masteries, and there could be one, for example a rune that mimics garens w so when you get hit the first auto atack damage will get damage reduced by 60 or 70% so that you have a counter play to the burst dark harvest offers, and it will still work to bust off squishy enemies but not against tanks that incorporate this said new runes. I admit dark harvest is a problem, but is not a problem without an easy solution. Edit: im going to explain my tank rune idea better. even put a name on it. Justice's Courage: Get 5% armor and magic resist per enemy champion killed or assist(up to 30%) And damage reduction that decreases over time after activation by an enemy champion auto attack 30% level 1 - 70% level 18. The time of the rune lasts depending on the nearby enemies, 1 enemie 2 seconds, 2 enemies 3 seconds, 4 enemies 3.5 seconds, 5 enemies 3.75 seconds. this way if some one wastes their empowered auto on a tank they wont have a way to reset it in the fight.
And I didn't say anything about tanks having more damage, (not like I care about tanks) I'm talking about Assassins, in general, having to build only one Damage item (being duskblade, or if your Irealia building Triforce) and going tank the rest of the way and deal so much more late game. here a link to the descussion https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/TgAAHO4j-can-we-talk-about-celerity
: Its like a draktharr or a triforce proc. Its that big ass first hit followed by whatever else. In essence its another sheen item. If it was to be nerfed, I would have them nerf stack damage and give it better scaling so you actually have to commit to building ad to get the worth outta it. But I still see nothing wrong with it other than it proc'ing off of ally deaths and minions. It can get crazy at level 3 where your illaoi and you kill E and get a souls>auto champ>cannon dies>auto champ>ally cannon dies>auto champ for 3 procs in less than 10 seconds but her and shaco are the only ones that can use it at will sorta...
Sigh, you really don't get it do ya? I wasn't talking about tanks doing damage, we have Nasus and Volibear and plenty of other champions that are tanks that can easily do damage without building anything besides HP. I'm talking about assassins in general, they don't have to build Assassin items if they only need to get the proc off of just Duskblade alone with the Dark Harvest, consider the fact that we are adding way more damage to late game assassins late game without them really building tank items. Again we don't want to change the identity of assassins and bruiser champions (especially assassins champion) here a link about the descussion https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/TgAAHO4j-can-we-talk-about-celerity
: > [{quoted}](name=Xelpi,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=YEvn3YgV,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-16T21:20:43.547+0000) > > I totally agree, I think they might take this option > > It's a big problem, I think I read somewhere that they are already working on a mechanic (item or something) to reduce enemy shields, healing can already be countered by: > > {{item:3123}} The problem with reducing shields with items is it ends up making shielding supports (janna, lulu, shen) not worth it. They should have the shields scale with the health of the target being shielded plus scaling. This way adc dont get 2k health in shielding and tanks dont get the short end of the support trying to be helpful. We need more damage in assassins tbh. Zeds dont kill their targets unless he is extremely fed, talons dont have a late game, katarinas die when they stop spinning, Leblancs get maw'd, rengars...., shacos have to pray the enemy support cant react fast enough to him, fizz's fish does nothing past a janna shield, kha......, akalis are the ap zeds.
Sheilds are really powerful, and always been powerful thanks to {{item:3190}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3193}} and keystones and such that gives in so much, every time they make something powerful, they should be able to counter it with an item that is specially made to go through the shield. The reason shield exist is a cause of 2 reasons, 1 is because of true damage, blocking some of it with it (especially % true damage) helps gives more potent, and burst damage on ADC. Healing was strong and was run on many champions, so having an item that helps with reducing the heals, so if they do that to heals, then they should do the same thing to shield since it is very strong in the meta, it should have something that a counter fits it so that other champions can optimize it to counter such a common thing. this is also why tanks have thornmail, mages have Morellonomicon and DPS or physical damage dealers have Executioner's calling which builds into Mortal reminders. If you don't believe me then ask yourself when LCS was here, when it comes to tanky champions in the JG and support, they always take some type of shield item or champion and they group up and they will become tanky, take a look at their team comp and think about how they win late game, which would be teamfights or huge amounts of shields
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/TgAAHO4j-can-we-talk-about-celerity Pls look over this when you can
: I thought it would be fantastic on Miss Fortune, turns out, it sucks. She, Miss Fortune, only gets 24 AD out of this. That 24 AD is reduced to 0 when she gets smacked by a minion... so pretty useless. Honestly, Gathering Storm or the one that gives ad while above 70% health sounds way better than Celerity.
if the soft cap wasn't there she would have 425, but since the soft cap is there she can't even go that high with her W alone, making it useless, it is a completely useless rune, Great rune it is, but the mechanic won't allow a rune like that to be good, Riot should look at this. Ik why they did it, but having this be having that weird scaling with that rune is a bad idea, it mostly useless, others would think to look at other runes to gain the same amount, like eyeball collector. I would think that master Yi make great use out of this, but he can't since his movement speed has a soft cap to, this soft cap cant be lower either.
: True, but you still dont have the benefits of other keystones. that kinda balances it in my opinion!
No it not really, you shouldn't be able to switch one summoner spell to have smite item access, they should start out with one to have the downfall of being weak in the early game, Jg who takes smite means they can only be effective in the JG, they don't get damage increase towards minions and they don't get extra damage to champion, this is very balanced, if this didn't balance to be like that, then LCS would very much abuse this very and won't turn a blind eye for this, complaints will be filed and they would have to look over this then come to the same conclusion as I stated above "unhealthy". Even though that when you go this path your breaking the meta, and yes that a good thing, but one thing for sure we don't want one keystone to overtake the meta. But this is my opinion, even thought it would be proven as a fact in the long run. (having 7k HP with over 300 Armor and Magic resist then meta being changed so that top and JG would go tanky champions and mid and ADC would go DPS champions and not worry about being killed due to knights vow and locket of the iron safari combo)
: Do you really have to limit jungle items for Summoners Specialist?
If you get jg smite to begin with, buy the jg item and then get rid of the smite (from what I can see) the main reason why they dont want you to start out without smite, then taking smite so you can take the jg item, is cause of more interesting reason, sure yes the gameplays would be interesting but the early game would be the same, and their scaling would most likely be better depending what champion you play as, (tanks would have the most benefit from this) It would dearly cause troubles in the long rune, as it would most definity become popular. Smite was an access to the jg, so having the jg smite to begins with gives you the special ability to gain the jg items, your deal is that you sacrifice early game damage and lead to have really good upcome smite and item, which can be proven unhealthy. If they dont get the jg smite and takes the regular spells instead, then what the use of early game? It would make the spell broken and would most likely be nerf in a bad way
: New runes are great. But they are not.
Dark harvest is a needed nerf cause of the damage output it gives late game, making them being able to build tank instead of real assassins build, I think what they are gonna do is change a bit how stacking is, and make it similar to like thresh where after a certain amount of stacks it becomes less worth, which is good for those champions. nothing against you bud, I understand why you want to keep it the same for dark harvest, they are most likely not gonna change Lethal Tempo at all, maybe they will change it so that range will have less/more effect or maybe the durations depending on melee or range, idk yet, we will see
: Yeah the scaling looks whack{{summoner:13}}
why you have that icon?
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: But true damage NEVER was increased by damage modifies, just as it's not being reduced by damage reduction or resistances, so it's excluding itself from this rune. And I guess you are underestimating the power of percentage bonus damage. This rune actually is stronger than Vladimirs ult, although it can only be used at one person at a time. And let's be honest, a buff to her true damage is DEFINTILY not what she needs, she allready is the best item scaling Champion in the game and the mass of tanks on toplane are in her favor aswell. Increasing her allready high true damage that is a percantage of the enemies max. hp, that scales off of AD and can't be reduced by any means shouldn't be able to be increased, especially by such a high number as 12%.
right...and ill rather go for the 23% per vital late then your statement, thanks for the enlightenment, ill maybe consider it when I see a Fiora main going that Keystone, I think I'll go with the grasp of the undying in the mean time.
: How so? The phsyical damage she does is still increased and the extra damage is a good Addition for her aswell. Also this mastery increases the damage from ALL SOURCES and that includes items and minions which can be huge in 1v1 scenarios and of course the damage dealt by allies, making it pretty strong on skirmishes and teamfights. The latter is a weakness of Fiora but with this mastery she will have a bigger impact on certain targets.
IN the word ALL SOURCE that wouldn't mean TRUE DAMAGE INCREASE will not happen, That increase means nothing when a champion builds a good amount of armor, fervor would be much better for her late game.
: True damage isn't counted in damage increase (with a few notable exceptions). Damage increase has only historically worked with only Physical or Magic damage.
then Fiora is useless then
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: No. But that is where Riot would like feedback to be directed, to help keep the main boards clearer.
: About the new Press the Attack and Fiora: > The new Press the Attack is really bad on Fiora, or at the very least it's much worse than Fervor. > > https://i.imgur.com/cz9CkHL.png > > The "causing them to take 12% more damage from all sources for 6 seconds" is almost irrelevant to Fiora as it doesn't apply for true damage. And, as everyone knows, Fiora's kit is based on true damage. > > One of the main reasons Fervor and the old Press the Attack were good on Fiora is because they gave her a lot of AD, which also increases her true damage: > > Duelist's Dance: (...) > > Basic attacks and damaging abilities against a Vital triggers it to deal 2% (+ 4.5% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health bonus true damage > > Once we get the 3 hit proc damage (which is not much) from the new Press the Attack, it becames really bad for Fiora. And if they keep Press the Attack like that what are we, Fiora players, going to do? Go to the Domination tree and use Electrocute? It's like using Thunderlord's right now because they removed Fervor. We could also get Grasp Of The Undying, but we would not get any AD or AS from runes if we do that. > > And, of course, Fiora would be MUCH weaker late game without the extra AD and other champions that can use the new Press the Attack well, like Jax, will 100% outscale her real hard. > > Personally, I hope they revert the changes or make a better rune for Fiora. Things are not looking good."
Thanks for that, upvoting it and hoping they would change it so it can increase the true damage. however that small statement with the (not gaining AD from Domination) is a bit of a lie, you can gain AD from there, though it not as much as provided, I would think she can abuse the movement speed and gain more AD cause of that, if they don't change it then you can go domination and sorcery combo or go with Resolve and Sorcery combo, with those, it kinda good on her, just not as good as old version as Press the Attack, but it would be good if they don't have infinite stacks to AA champions. But Regardless I do see where you're coming from though, I play Yi so the increase in true damage should be something.
: Hey there, you can post your feedback on the Official Runes Reforged Update [post](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/uqXvqPFv-runes-reforged-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread)! Also, you can delete posts, in case you posted something in the wrong area.
so wait, did I post in the wrong area again?
: Unable to edit during champion select
geez why no one wanna upvote my stuff...seems like they don't care about the bugs
: Press the Attack Feedback
copy and paste it over here, sorry guys and Riot
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: Press the Attack Feedback
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: Deep details and small questions about Precision
Please upvote this if your interested in these series of questions
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: Changes to gameflow now on PBE!
will this be involved with the Auto filled? hence if your top and your second role are to support. IF my best lane is Top but the only other lane in good, would it automatically pick support even though my primary is Top? Cause my two best is those but I'm worried that it will ALWAYS be supported, but that what I been seeing anyways in all my games I been through. Sorry Just curious about seems off task when it comes to it now :D
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Hey slightly confuse here about stats, I played a game on PBE wanting to test everything out and for some reason when I play master Yi I somehow gain 11 movement speed, it wasn't in my runes, and it was confusing, then one match I was randomly got 1 per minion killed when I play soraka with {{item:3303}}. I think that everything i can say so far.
: Esta acontecendo a msm coisa cmg aínda
O que você quer dizer?
: xin zhao win attack speed on his W and not at Q
this is the new xin zhao sir, most of his ability have been change up in some way, i suggest you look it up or go into PBE, regardless the Q bug is a thing on PBE right now, im reporting it to riot
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