: As an additional note, we'll also be talking a bit more about the new voting experience where players can log into a website, review chat logs and vote on whether the behaviors are negative, neutral or positive. I'll be around the next few hours in case there are questions,
>As an additional note, we'll also be talking a bit more about the new voting experience where players can log into a website, review chat logs and vote on whether the behaviors are negative, neutral or positive. I realize I may just be hoping a bit too much, but this sounds *exactly* like the tribunal. Is this the case? If so where and when can I start testing that out, I'm stomping at the gates to get the Tribunal upgrade out asap. ^_^ As for the immediate feedback system, I assume the punishment is doled out at the same time as the e-mail or is the 'immediate' nature of the e-mail meant as a warning? In other words, how fast is the expected actual punishment in general? Also, will this kind of system possibly also be implemented for measurable gameplay toxicity like afk? i.e. not moving for X minutes at a time for X games and/or an excessive (like 10+ minutes) time out of combat for X games.
: [Experimental WIP - 3/3] Mandrake Ward
Alright, so I have not been able to jump on the PBE just yet (college finals OP) but I was curious as to the ping itself, especially with the latest brush interaction update. Is the ping literally just the 'danger' ping as you see from anyone else? I'm slightly worried about the possibility of troll potential where someone uses the same ping where a mandrake is placed to scare some laners. Not a hugely impactful deal I know, but a simple color/sound cue change to a mandrake ping to differentiate the knee-jerk reactions would be nice. Apologies if this me beating a dead horse.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
I'm actually curious on whether there was any hard reasoning behind making mini-dino-gnar a onesie and not making him....well....an actual dino. I can understand silhouette and/or modeling being a possible issue (i.e. ears, although while they could simply be horns that would mean a model change). I'll be buying the skin either way when it hits live, but I'm surprisingly annoyed at the inconsistency between the forms (onesie-->actual dino). I'm not so sure why I'm annoyed at that fact to be completely honest....lol Anyway, I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere already but can mini-gnar get the hood treatment if possible? Because if there's going to be any referencing with this skin it'll be this as my first choice: http://31.media.tumblr.com/7mrjcu2Dvqt3k3cozCMo6ekPo1_500.jpg
: >The dragon teleport is predictable and a huge weakness. Seriously, my team once got five towers in the time they took dragon. Granted most of us dies afterwards, but the gold was very worth it. The two games of Doom Bots I've won were from my team taking their base while they did this shit, lol. Really fun, challenging game mode though.
Oh yeah, loving it, but the exploits makes it a bit....anti-climactic, I guess.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Just wondering, is the fact the majority of the Doom bots are AP are just from the ones you were able to make work so far or because an adc doom bot would be nigh unstoppable? Also, two general notes that I'm sure are already known: visual clutter (I seriously can't tell what's getting thrown around in it all when they're grouped) and fps tanking due to the particle effects. Maybe pre-set the mode to dial down the video settings on start up if that's possible?
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Nid's hunt passive makes for a very visible marker, which is nice and I'm assuming intended. However, I'm finding it renders things like Shaco clone and leBlanc passive relatively useless. Especially leBlanc passive if a spear was what tripped it. Any thoughts on addressing this or shall it be left as a nice counter mechanic to these champs? I'm simply more curious than anything.
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: How to make Sona's Auras FEEL Impactful (w/ Pics!)
I like this idea, +1 Another thing to consider as well is the sounds Sona makes for her abilities. Now granted I don't play Sona that much, so correct me if I'm wrong here, but aren't the *sounds* on her different active very similar? I feel like changing them to noticeably different sound cues could complement this idea very well, as well as make it easier to reactively know what *active* Sona just used also. Just me thinking out loud here.
: In case anyone didn't see, Scruffy said they're trying a version of normal Q with a 40% AS increase for one basic attack. Not logged on PBE yet but hopefully it'll be in soon to test.
yup, excited to test it out when I have time, posted exact link in OP, ty
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: Somehow the game is still running in the background for me. I can hear the sound and it's listed in my processes list, but I can't actually get into the game upon trying to reconnect after the crash.
yup, can confirm as well
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: Well first I would get permission from RIOT to test this. **THEN** look up bots and hacks, and see if they work, then report them to RIOT for fixing.
Oh I have no intention of going out and testing this myself, I was just legitimately curious on where they themselves tackled it. I doubt open players would be privy to the testing itself.
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: I'm more of a fan with this as long as passive is balanced accordingly, if people want this enough. Though I think the idea is that she gets free Mobile boots as a passive, which is strong, but then we get reminded she is an ADC.
Oh yeah, base ms boost is a huge thing, especially with the recent mobility creep. So personally I am fine with it being tuned down, hell I'll take it at a 50% nerf if that's needed, it's just very frustrating gameplay wise when you are punished (passive removal) for doing your job as a marksman (dealing damage->minion aggro). Not to mention MF's aoe's and double up has a nasty tendency to aggro minions as well.
: what about having a 2 tierd passive T1 gives her current ms boost (or slightly lower), and if she takes ANY form of damage she drobs to T2, which has ~half effectiveness, this effect would be lost on taking champ damage; going from T2 to T1 takes half the time as going from disabled passive to T1, though this could be hard from a programming standpoint... just a thought
Not a horrible idea, but I'm worried that'd be a bit unintuitive/hard to manage and/or communicate to the player. But then again I'm no game designer so I only marginally know what I'm saying :P
: It's an interesting idea - and one that we'd explore if we were more willing to flesh out the lines. That doesn't really mesh with our long term plans for these items though.
Of course of course, I'm no game designer. As a player though I would love options for AD off-supports and kill lanes to increase variety on bot lane, and the current proposed early changes for spellthief's can make that work well imho. But naturally I don't pretend to know how much that would impact the game in the long run as well as having the chance to violently throw things out of whack, just food for thought :)
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
Decent idea from someone outside the PBE community (Crimson Mutt), http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/c/balance/qVs01JE1-xypherous-about-the-spellthiefs-edge-line-changes-and-ad-supports tl;dr To make AD support/kill lanes benefit from the final tier spellthief edge (as thy profit from the 1st two levels decently with this change) why not make tier 3 a choice between Frostqueen or Zeke's Herald?
: I would like it to be a % of her current MS. That flat amount just doesn't scale into late game very well and becomes a little useless. I think the base amount is ok for early game but once you get Tier 1 boots a little extra boost would be welcomed. I agree with the Garen treatment of non champion damage letting the passive persist. I would even go a little further and make it work like Quinn's Ult movement speed where it decays in combat and ramps back up after X amount of secs. She has no escapes besides her slight slow on E, would make here a little more slippery and safer.
Personally I'd rather keep the current theme of her passive of 'don't get hit or you'll be slowed', it gives her even more of a glass cannon feel. Also, base movement scales even better into late game because it works better with additional ms items as those give % increase to the enhanced base number. Keeping it as an instant decrease is more of a decision point for counterplay imo. It functions similarly to Yasuo passive as a simple basic attack can quickly set an MF to be screwed, making MF's play revolve somehwhat on that risk being taken. Eliminate the risk and you deny her current playstyle. It's just the fact that caster minions negate the passive much more often than champions and not only is it difficult but the abrupt loss of ms happens due to no action from your opponent whatsoever.
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
Honestly I'm fine with these changes as well as where she is in live now, except for her passive. Can that get the garen passive treatment and have it only be removed by champion damage or something along those lines? Tune it down, balance it, all good, as long as I no longer have to dodge literally any form of damage to lose a good bit of effective strength. All imho
: Dorans Shield Nerf and its consequences in my oppinion
Unintended consequences to balance changes will always happen, but that's a legitimate thing to worry about. But I truly doubt this change will affect dorans ring simply due to the fact they don't interact often. From what I understand the change is being made with same intent as the change to Aegis. To quote the post: > We like the item's niche - but at the moment it's just too generically good against a wide array of matchups at the moment and shuts down both counterburst and harassment strategies a little too hard. Dorans, from what I understand, have been there as a gamble between having a better early game and the chance at a kill and longer staying power **or** getting started on your items earlier. Right now though, boots+4 or sword+3 haven't been seen at all in regular play. Simply because dorans are too favorable. Variety is the spice of life and I think that's the idea here. That being said, this is all *intent* not actually what's happening. We'll just have to wait and see on that.
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: Dude, this "AA from anywhere" mechanic has exactly 0 counter-play. And you can slow him, right? This literally translates to "I hit you late-game with E and you're surely dead, unless you want to Flash+Blink (if any)+Click Thresh's Lantern (If present)". Also, I don't agree with the general direction of adding range to Ashe{{champion:22}} in which you guys are going. Giving big range on a champion that can almost perma-slow you is against all logic and game fairness. Sorry for seeming overly critical and negative. It's just my opinion on your suggestions.
Hey just because it's an opinion that doesn't agree doesn't make it any less important. Honestly I really do appreciate the abuse a buff like this could bring, which is why I settled on proposing an active buff on a high cooldown ability. Allowing for a large window for retaliation. But I understand that the diretcion of where this is going is scary.
: Wh...why's your name got a cool blue border? <= (
He's the original poster of the thread, to make it noticeable when he replies.
: Part of the problem is that it is too good at making harass ineffective. The champs like nasus and mundo who use to be high risk becasue of their weak early game are currently able to survive fairly easily becuase of all the damage negation and health regen that can be found from life steal quints, masteries and doran's shield. I would however be fine if they reduced the Hp5 to 8 and made the reduced damage taken 5 from melee and 8 for ranged auto attacks.
I agree, and there are plenty of different combinations that ca be tried, we'll see what happens :)
: Doran's Shield
Yeah there's really no reason to not get Shield in top lane right now, and seeing it get pushed out of bot lane makes sense. Personally I'm more of a fan having the max health taken down more than the regen, as I understand it to be an anti-harass item, but we'll see where it goes :)
: I think the PBE changes to Hawkshot are pretty good. 3 gold at every rank means that it doesn't need to be maxed to really benefit you, and anything that accelerates Ashe's income is good since she has very little natural damage. Cooldown improving with rank is also much appreciated. The flat minute cooldown was pretty brutal. I'd like a 30s Hawkshot, but that might be too strong and honestly the PBE changes are good enough. I also wholeheartedly disagree that Hawkshot isn't useful during late game/teamfights. Maintaining vision on targets who try to juke through fog is insanely useful - not to mention that you can use it to shoot people from over walls or allow an ally to CC someone who's just jumped one. It sounds to me like you're not using the skill to its fullest. Your proposed idea is just clunky. You first have to send out a point-target skillshot (that should in some circumstances be fired screens away from yourself) to gain a range buff? Not to mention that Hawkshot's cooldown is so brutal (and must remain long if it keeps its active) that in order to use it for the things it's actually good at (scouting objectives), you'd be without your steroid if you wanted to contest with the information you just gained. It's a lose-lose situation from the player's perspective (go in blind or go in without steroid). There's meaningful gameplay decisions, and then there's just bad design, and this is the latter.
I completely agree the changes are good, as I said, I like the direction. As for Hawkshot being useful later I do fully comprehend the importance of LoS in the chaos, however there are simply too many other ways to get the same thing, quick wards, blue trink (if it ever becomes useful), many other abilities that give LoS, twin shadows etc. Also, I say this again, I propose to keep the active, the proposed passive I do admit isn't the most intuitive as it would be for either the active or the passive buff, that is fair, I don't claim to be a game designer in any form. However the fact remains not only does the Hawkshot **passive** not make thematic sense, but overall it has wiggle room to be changed into something more "active" because of the incoming new player experience and champion rotation, eliminating Ashe as needing to be newbie friendly adc. So an extra gold passive that has decent invisible power (I'm not saying it isn't useful) could be morphed into a steroid or another interaction that can enhance her kit for a presence that can rival other adc's. Sure she has her ult as one the best initiates in the game but I rarely ever respect an Ashe for her damage, and that is something I want to change through discussion and ideas.
: [Ashe] Hawkshot, new passive
So after a bit (a lot) of caffeine and a few Hexakill runs I just had a stupidly simple idea taht could be implemented immediately. Why not make the Hawkshot active AOE (not the shot 'tracing' vision) give **true vision** instead? At least in the meta right now a long range stealth reveal could be incredibly useful in a teamfight, it wouldn't change the skill almost at all and would also secure Ashe as a niche counter for a stealth comp! I'm really freakin tired right now, so if this is actually a silly idea that's why :P P.S. Use it to kill the shrooms dangit! XD
: Hexakill games last longer then normal 5's already do. If you are having short games...then you must be someone special. Also a point here. Hexakill is what SR was originally designed to be, a 6v6 game, but was scrapped and made into a 5v5. Look at the Nexus...it still has 6 summoner statues on it.
I knew about the 6v6 being league at start, although good eyes on the nexus, never noticed that. As for the short games I literally *just* got out of my first 25+ min game and yeah it was pretty long. I guess I just happened to have 6 short games in a row (both winning and losing), that luck man. Oh well, thx for input!
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: What if you took a total different approach. What if it we're something like, for every enemy champion spotted by hawkshot, ashe gains an attack speed buff of 5%, 6%, 7%, 8% 9%. For 10 seconds or so (something that is shorter than the CD on hawkshot with 40% cdr). This would give it some mild teamfight relevance. Idk, just a thought. Edit: or It could increse her crit chance for x seconds by 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% to play of her crit stuff too.
I actually had an idea for a debuff increasing Ashe's critical damage to the target, letting her do more damage, synergize with her passive, etc. But it's all about it being intuitive, Hawkshot is a high utility LoS spell, and anything like these would move it to a debuff/buff spell that happens to also give LoS. So it's very difficult to change the active from anything other than what it is without changing it's entire identity, hence me attacking the passive instead. Always love to see more ideas though! More the better! :)
: maxing last? I always max it second after W for the extra gold during early and mid game
I can see that being effective in live, but right now they are pushing a change for her gold passive to be 3 gold at all ranks instead of 1/2/3/4/5 per level. So those last 4 levels are simply increasing the active range.
: I'm not a game designer, I'm just throwing out my opinion. Another possibility that could fit her "sniper" style is an attack range that increases along with focus (increasing faster as you level it) allowing her to get in a first shot at a high range.
Hey neither am I. :) That's not a bad idea honestly, but that's an advantage that would be effective in lane more often than a teamfight. I'm trying to increase her teamfight potential beyond the current "slow everything and hope they don't jump me" mentality.
: It'd be kinda cool if Hawkshot's range was significantly reduced but any targets revealed become attackable from any distance (or, a substantially increased distance). ACTIVE: Ashe commands her hawk to scout the target area within 1000 / 1250 / 1500 / 1750 / 2000 range, revealing it for 5 seconds. Ashe may attack targets within the revealed area from up to 2500 units away. This doesn't step on either Caitlyn or Kog's toes because it's a small window of huge range - rather than simply having huge range. It can be countered simply by leaving the area. Maybe the level up insentive could be the radius of effect, rather than the reach?
I can definitely get behind this idea as well. A huge change, but sounds like fun. Veeeeery hard to make intuitive though.
: I don't know man, whenever I play Ashe I hit like a truck if I get to full build of berserker's, ie, bt, lw, bc and pd in teamfights, otherwise she's pretty useless. With a meta that heavily favors being able to kite/chase and tankiness, I'm not quite sure what additional range buff that requires a skill would actually do, unless you're willing to permanently increase Ashe's range from 600 to 625.
She definitely has the capacity to hit hard if given a lead or farm, but if the same thing happened to a Draven or a Jinx they'd be able to do a lot more because of their kits. I'm not completly adverse to making the range increase a scaling passive it's just you'd be able to do more if it was temporary, and has been said before her aa range is already decent. That being said I like the idea of giving her more aa range through this becasue that will not only increase her effective damage and lower her risk but also increase her utility. Honestly my main inspiration for this idea is noticeably increasing her teamfight potential without giving her too much of an advantage in-lane or 1v1.
: I always thought of Ashe as a utility adcs where you don't do damage but have great initiations and chasing potential. In that way she's probably unique among all the adcs. So unless you're going to buff/add effects to/change Ashe's entire kit and switch Ashe ult to AD ratio, I don't see why you'd want to make Ashe more similar to other more potent damage dealing ADCs.
Simply because she is not known to be that right now. She's assumed as an adc and because of that her high utility-low damage (while not unbalanced) is considered weak. I'm trying to push her back into the popular stream of high damage adc's yes, largely to make her a bit more intuitive. In my eyes she is primarily meant to deal damage because her slows and utility kit extend the amount of time she can damage someone. Not only does my proposal further that but it also allows her to 'meet' the newer longer effective ranges of the current meta, to allow her to not be shut down easily if only for a few seconds.
: I think aa range buff that goes up with the rank of E? that'll be too similar to tristana's passive. I think a better alternative to that would be to either remove the vision passive or the gold passive, but instead be a projectile that (goes in a straight line) slows the enemy by 5%/10%/15%/20%/ max of 25%, to give Ashe more kiting/chasing potential.
It's very similar to tristana passive, yes, but it's an active skill not passive at probably a reduced effect. So really more Kogmaw than anything. More slows on Ashe would be redundant and not address the stated problem of Ashe being meant to be primarily a damage dealer. Now if you wanted Ashe to be one of the only AD supports, that would be a good skill to add.
: What if hawkshot just straight up granted a movement speed buff on active, and lasting until the vision granted fades out?
Movement speed isn't a bad idea honestly. I probably wouldn't make it last *that* long but either way it gives her a bit more viability. AA range makes more thematic sense though, imo.
: Last Whisperer + Black Cleaver + Botrk = Destroy tanks. And if you're playing ranked, just ask the first pick to ban the champs you dont want to play against, or you can play kog'maw or vayne who does damage based on HP. -Edit- Honestly, an item with AD and Grievous wounds would just be ridiculously unbalanced. If you think about it, once you get full build with lw, you pretty much chunk down tanks even with their massive armor/health. Now imagine you had an item that provides you AD along with Grievous wounds which would just consider tanks useless... Noone would be going tank.
How about making the Grievous Wounds last 3/4 a sec? So pokes don't do too much but sustained refresh will prevent healing? The cc most tanks have can create a window they can be healed and get their regen back.
: I do agree that the Executioner's Calling needs a buff. As it stands now it is too weak of an item to consider unless in a 1v1 situation.
My biggest problem with it isn't even it's weak base stats, it's the fact it has crit at all. I think we can all agree that you get it going against someone like Mundo, Vlad or (AD)Sion. And barring the occasional Mundo supports you find those in top lane. If I'm playing a fighter top lane against these guys I always want to get Calling but always feel bad about buying it because I have crit on Renekton now.....I miss the on-hit magic damage DoT it used to have, it made it at least usable on both marksmen and fighters.
: Hawkshot has had the gold passive for a long while now, that's not new. I was under the impression that they changed the tooltip to include structure destruction as well as unit kills, but the actual meat of the ability is unchanged. As for theme, I've always thought it was more like the Robin Hood stealing a few extra coins, helped of course with the Sherwood skin. But that would also mean that minions are rich... I like your idea of increasing range, but Ashe already has one of the longest adc ranges in the game, and getting that as an active would start to enroach on Kog's ability (even if Ashe would not add damage). I think it could definitely help along her viability, however, though I've always seen her as more of the utility/cc marksman as opposed to a dedicated and safe damage dealer.
They actually changed the 1/2/3/4/5 bonus gold to 3 bonus gold at all ranks as well. making 1 level in hawkshot a big deal but the other 4 levels relatively useless. And yeah I agree that an aa range increase is a *huge* thing espeically for Ashe, it's one the main reasons I like an active, temporary increase rather than a passive increase to help counterplay against that but increasing the potential of most of her kit (passive, Q).
: Or make the "explosion" deal magic damage
Personally, I'd like to enhance her current auto attack focused kit rather than move her to more of a caster. Not saying it's a bad idea, but just not for Ashe. All imo.
: The problem with hawkshot is that it has minimal utility and isn't worth maxing until last. That means the bonus money is just about worthless. I honestly think they should think of replacing the bonus gold with something more plausibly useful but still simple enough for new {{champion:22}} players like "Each rank in this ability increases the range of your Volley and autoattacks by 5" this way she still has relatively easy gameplay but doesn't step too much on the 650 range {{champion:51}}'s throne (as {{champion:22}} would only go from 600 to 625).
I'm a little afraid of making the auto attack range increase a passive, but that doesn't mean it couldn't work. Either way I'm stepping on Kogmaw's toes or Tristana's toes. My only fear is a passive increase to a marksman with perma slow can be disastrously effective against short range marksman. An active can at least give a counterplay window, while also giving her E a more active role in combat and more room to increase the range. I do, however, disagree with the increase in volley range unless it ends at where it is at live now. Current volley is plenty long range and in a good place imho.
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: [Bug] No Announcer Voice
Also can confirm no sound form any voice related source.


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