: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
So my thoughts after testing the Lootsystem with over 200 Boxes. I hat sometime that it was kinda laging or getting super slow. RNG hates me i had lots of double, triple or even quadros of Champions, Skins and Wardskins. Well in my opinion lots of it was like 4 Champs and a dozent of Skins and one Ward. I actually expacted everything something else, espacially after the wipe out. But you keep getting stuff you have , well you can disenchant them and get other stuff of it which ich nice. On the other hand the Reroll or getting stuff permanent fell kind of expensive. I disenchanted like 50 Cards to get Spirit Guard Udyr. and three to get a Wardskin. I really dont wann calculate this but just from feeling it is quite expensive and i dont know how much this boxes and Keys are going to be on live. I never had a permanent Card (besides those Icons) everything is rental for a week. I aktually see my self on life first of all nerver ever getting together a box and a full key in like a whole year which isn't feeling rewarding to me (I play like 2 Games a day on live). The how to get a Box and Keys should be based on something like this (time spend playing a day) to keep the not all day playing people heads up as well. Lets say for example someone plays one good game evey day and leave it at this he migth get a A- to S rank in this game, but still he isn't toxic, trolling, afk or what else is out there so he is overall a good community member. Now we get to it, BUT he plays to less to get any of the stuff together to even feel rewarded by you Riot for being a good member of the community. What i want to say is there should be more ways of earning this stuff beside by getting S- ,S and S+ Rank and playing with friends to get the Keys. Please change the opening preceedure, clicking one time OPEN should do. The animatins are nice but the Boxes could look shinyer now they look quite mmeehhh. If you see the box you dont really get excited because it just not sparkling and shining enough (i could look a bit more fancy) . The Key is kind a to small, it could be a little bit bigger/larger/longer. Maybe a nice disenchantig animation would be great where the card gets desolved or somthing like that. The rest so far is really good.
: Please add auto-lock for preselected champs
So you won#t be able to switch when your champ is up and its your turn to pick? You should be able to still pick so you dont counter your self or give up a good oppertunity.
: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
I think just the cooldown of this trinket needs to be adjusted. I found my self so often "oh yeah i could place a ward now" and this thing is like everytime on cooldown so it fells like i never get the vision down i want/need. it feels way harder to get vision. On the otherhand some people seem to don't know how to use trinkets cause i never see them placing wards even if i tell them to place a ward there are some that just dont know how to drop a ward. Maybe it's on cooldown mabe it isn't. So if the cooldown would be lower (30-60 sec) and the ward stay for about 120 sec it would be fine i guess.
: a new region for pland
What about going to Russia?
: [Suggestion] Updated loading screen.
Actually i dont get the arguments with the bad PC. why wouldnt thet run? this would mean that they even cant see the animated client loginscreen. its nothung else just some kind of gif or video-loop. its like you say they can play lol but cant watch youtube in some kind a way. lets say just the backgrond is animated and the pictures are static. ading somme nice new flavor to the loadingscreen wouldnt hurt anyone, like the loading bars or showing the exact rank, maybe even some ping information. i would prefere all animated(style of the first video with the animated background from the second for SR) but this would just be tooooo great , but i guess "toasters" would need a bit longer then,but it would look so amazing.
: New HUD Feedback
I was told to place my opinion here so i do it. First the positive stuff from the new HUD. I like the staight clean look an that it isn't all over the place like the old one. I also like the arrange thingy at the TAB-Menu. Things i don'mention could ramain the same like the now Icon countdown in the abilitys this is quite nice too. I do prefer that erverything is at the bottom now, this is really nice no more stuff on the side that blocks the view in-game. Now I start at the map side (left or right depends of own play style), i would liek to see or arrange the champion icons on the side of the map and not above it (the order is like the one you arrange your self in TAB, so maybe from Top to Bot or however you wanne see it). I like the Position of the timer and CS Score, but if you may do something different i tell you later about it. I also don't like the tiny dot that indecyates the Ults of your teammates, I would suggest a ring around the icon, this way it gets more visual the hes/she get the Ult up and this way your can also indecate when it#s about to be up again by filling the round-bar (maybe even in some kind of colourtheme from dark red to good visual green (not dark green, you would not see it on the dark map). The Middle Part could be much compact. It's the main attention drawing part which is good and usefull but some things I like to change are: 1. Get ride of the Useless Icon that shows the own champion, who needs that ? At the moment it is to big and to eye-catchy. So maybe there could be an option to view it or not, or riot gives it a go and tries it for some days without, it would look much cleaner this way.You could even transfer it to the other Champion Icons of your teammates this bould be better then thehis in the centerpart. Your champions Level is useless too because it's all the time above the head of your champion. Move the XP-Bar to the sides or to the top side of the center interface. Then something i saw somewhere else I really liked is, that the item slots could be under the champion abilitys in one row and right next to them an the right is the Gold/Shop Icon. Between Abilitys and Items are the HP-Bar and the Resource-Bar. Summoner Spells could be on the right-side next to the ability. this way you have again a visual more cleaner look with all information beeing good visuallized and seperated without using boxes. Last but not least I'd like a some kind of timer area at the right/left side now there is everything free space. What i thougt of is a Iterfacebox or seperate icons for Baron, Dragon, Blue- and Red-Buff all with Timers. This way there is no need to use TAB so often( if I'm serious its anoying usig TAB to see somethis this important because the moment you use it it blocks the whole screen and you effectivly see nothing) and it would provide a better strategic flow. If you do this i come back to my timer and CS-Score suggestion this can be places on this side too so this way you have everything with creeps, monsters, Buffs and Timer on the left/right side. All own Champion related stuff on the center part and map, team and enemy informatins on the right/left side. Every Interface part should be for it self adjustable in size and maybe the center part also a bit left to right (for a few centimeter). If Riot does it all right, they even can make a more flexible HUD in ways of colours and positioning, this way the user can semi-costomize their own HUD as they like to have it. This is so far all I can think of atm . Let me know what you think about it.If there are any questions just asked. Maybe some Riot Member reads it and get some of my ideas.
: [Suggestion] Updated loading screen.
I love this the 1st one is kinda better or maybe a mix of both.
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: More of what I am thinking for the new HUD [job at riot now?]
I like your concept. I'd like to give some ispration i had earlier when i saw the new HUD, but I have to say I'm way to bad in PS too visualize it. So the first thing I had in mind what thell hel do ei nee this Icon from my champion, I chose it so it doesn't have to tell me what I'm playing. So maybe remove this, place a colored XP-Bar somewhere alonge the center interface. I think right now it draws to much attention sometimes this big useless picture. Your own champion lvl. is already indecated above your champions head you don't need this twice eighter. The Timer was in a actual good spot right under the CS Score so you see, "Oh I have to work on my Farm/ I'm quite good right now with my farm." I'd like to see the Allied Champions on the left-side of the minimap in oder you can place them in your TAB-Menu so you may be able to see at a glance top ->jungle->mid->adc->support. Maybe to show who's Ult is up they get a green frame around their icon instead of a tiny dot (this Frame may load up( in a coloured way maybe) so it also can show approx when someones ult is up). On the right side where on your 5.th Version are all the icons there coud be space for timers, so for Dragon, Baron, even for Blue and Red. This way you haven't to use the Tab Menu (which block your view on the important stuff) and just view it straight while your playing. If you do so there would be an option to place the timer and CS score on this side. This way you have everything with creeps and monsters and timer on the right side and everthing with champions KDA Map(where they aktual art atm) on the left side and in the middle your Chamion relatet things XP/HP/RESOURCE-Bar, Spells and Items, money (Shop-icon). Maybe you try it and see if it looks pobably, I'd like to see how it would look like this way. But this are just some thoughts i had tell me what you think about them.
: (Trintana maybe others) Movement/CC Bug
No it actually happens like I throw the Prison on her it got her stuned and in the moment when she got stuned she jumped away and was eighter stuned at the end of ehr jump. This is something that in my opinion sould not happen . I mean the other things just like that the Enemy got already hit by the spell but from some bug or code interference what ever they are still able to perform their escapes. But i dont really know under what circumstances this appears , I had this several times and now i want to know where there is the problem. is my logic so wrong or is their coding wrong ?
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: this will be awesome :D
Things to add maybe are animated champion icons (like the login screen animations) would look even more epic and I'd like to see the Ping of everyone who's playing like it was earlier(it indicates good who has connection problems or just slow internet).
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: [Top Lane] - Visual bug in the decor elements outside of the rift.
I had the same issue but on an higher reselution somewhere above HD
: Sion No Longer Has A Voice + Nexus Explosion Visual Bug
Did you noticed a sound delay between explsion and the animation? So I had the feeling.
: Pando media booster message on patcher page even with Pando uninstalled
I Have the same problem an the Mac- Client. good to know I'm not the only one.
: Old jungle monsters in New SR
: Usually every patch brings bug fixes and balance changes. If there is any other important content coming with it (skins, champions, vu, tu, rework) they always make a discussion about it. They are probably not doing "patch-notes" for PBE just because it would take their valuable time to do so. We should also remember that different people work on different content so collecting ALL the changes to one "patch-notes" discussion would really take some time. Just imagine someone running through the office and asking all of them what did they change in this BETA patch and distracting them >.> That might also be the reason why sticky discussions are being made by different Rioters, because they are working on that content specifically. Aslo, think about fan sites! What's the point would be them to announce PBE patch notes with all the changes if Riot would do that? D:
I dont care about fan sites, that means I have do search for one reliable and this makes no sense to me . Because I already frequently visite PBE site then i want to get to know about everything here and not from some inofficial site out there. I just would appriciate to have it all here more official. And you cant tell me they do not come together and talk about the stuff they are working on . There is always someone who knows what everybody does, so there is no distraction at all. Giving more structure to the forum would help a lot. Well I like that there are sections for Skins, Bugs and others, but I'm feeling some lake of information when I read on facebook for example that gnar gets buffed and I'm not finding anything about it on the PBE site.
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: Everything is Dark on a Mac
Just patched and i still have the same problem everytung is black. Mac OSX 10.9.4
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: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
If you start a video and get in queu the video keep playing even if your in game quite anying
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Did any one noticed Xerath do no AA's on doom without aa u need the urf buff on him to make this playable
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
{{item:3070}} DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY FLAT NO PASSIVE
: BUG Unlocked doom bot difficulty
Same here i stucked at DOOM 5. today i had to start new and there where bugslatt like sometimes envery minite until it totally chrashes. It make fun but the crashes make the game unplayable.
: 4.11 Bug Summary (Updated 6/26)
Well i think i found one more on SR i played Lee Sin and atacked the wolfes with sonic wave from top left (where golem is th way) then they didnt shoow animation, just standing in the corner while i took dmg without visable animations. But i cant tell if its reproduceable.
: 4.11 Bug Summary (Updated 6/26)
Rengar flotes in Dominion Map no movement animations and it seem to come when you get stormshield in the middle of the map
: New Match History
It's still not fixed i assume started today afer new content dl and i just got directed into some empty page.


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