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: Sejuani Feedback Thread
Personal Impressions: What Works New passive is crazy strong but more than just being strong, it feels noticeable, and I care when it is up or down. New W is more interactive in a teamfight scenario. W and E max are almost equal in terms of damage done, so it feels nice to be able to say "I want to max E for better ganks, or W for better jungle clear". Sej was already able to do this on live, but Im super glad this has remained. What Doesnt The goals of this update were stated as being making Bristle feel like an important part of the champion, making Sejuani not an ult bot, and making Sejuani feel thematically more like a warband leader. Sadly, almost all of these have fallen super flat. Bristle still is just for moving over walls or charging at an enemy and could honestly be replaced with Skarl, a Horse, or a large dog and no one would feel any different. Bristle has as much interaction with the champion kit as he did before. As for the other 2 points, Sejuani is still mainly an ult bot, the only difference now is that he utli isnt as good, so instead she's become a machine that throws out old style point and click taric stuns mindlessly. Thematically I guess she feels a bit more like a warband leader, but it feel thats only because she does more damage now. Q Feels like it should apply a stack of frost, but it doesnt, which kind of makes it feel very underwhelming now. New Passive Frost Armor is much more significant in terms of gameplay, so it has to be more noticable. Sadly it looks REALLY bad of most of sejuani's new skins. Turning various random parts of Sejuani's mount sky blue looks and feels pretty bad, though it is very noticeable so functionally it works. New W is super clunky to use while both jungling and in fights. Im not sure if this is because of the delay between attacks or because the range indicator feels incorrect. New W does physical damage for some reason, which makes it feel pretty bad compared to current live W and makes me less likely to want to build an Abysssals or run Magic Pen reds, despite them likely still being the best rune setup to run. If riot is afraid of people running AP sejuani again, simply reduce the magic scaling and up the base damage while changing it back to AP. It feels significantly harder as a jungler now to combo an ability at the same time as your smite for a safer secure since so much of Sejuani's damage comes from attacking a frozen target, which is unreliable in dragon or baron fights since it goes on a 10s cooldown per target. New R feels less like an ultimate. Sadly just because of how the new ulti works, you will never get the same satisfaction when you hit the 5 man sejuani or malphite ulti and singlehandedly win the teamfight. Jungling: So after doing a ton of first clear tests on the PBE, I am 100% certain that E start is the best level 1 ability to take when jungling. I feel like this maybe isnt intented since you're literally just spending almost all of your jungle just waiting for auto attacks to tick up to 4 and pressing a button once every 12-13 seconds. Its not very exciting. Overall I think its a good rework, I just dont think its the right rework for Sejuani. The new E specifically feels misguided and just like a rehash version of a braum passive with a taric stun, but its slower and feels clunkier than both of those abilities. Edit: Also the W being Magic Damage would actually help it feel a lot less bad to put points into.


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