: Anyone getting warmorgs/spirit will end up being dead weight having no proper healing, no mana sustain and no dmg,
The only reason thats true is because they nerfed the health threshold for the warmogs passive.
: Because everyone would instalock all the op picks, thus playing the same game over and over again.
That's terrible reasoning. At least in original urf you got to play champs that you WANTED to play, no matter what. Now you can get stuck playing a shit champ and then the enemy gets the op shit. Why would you want that? The ONLY thing this changes is that you don't know who gets the op champs, whereas before you had some control. Before you DECIDED if you wanted to play weaker champs.
: Yeah we're definitely considering QWE. Thanks for the feedback! I would love to do pings in the item shop, but that code is *scary* bruh. Oh shit, waddup.
How do you ping major items then?


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