: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Ashe
I love the base model/anims of this skin, I actually hate the transformation. It's not that it is bad, but it is not what I'm buying a wild west skin for. Please let us toggle the ult form please, I'd like to keep her normal form on the entire time. She loses the hat too which is one of the best parts of her model with the skin. I also dislike ult form because it strays far from chroma coloring (I use the black), which is something else I'd like to be able to see if I use my money on it.
: VFX should be on PBE tomorrow, and yes, there's some thunderstorm theming there.
That's awesome! Be on the lookout for harvest/dusk/stormbringer cause I saw it a couple times and it 100-0'd people in quinn's combo.
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: Rek'Sai's new ult isn't going off.
Bump, you can mark people but ult says champs are invalid targets. I got reported because my team said I was trolling about my R :/ edit: It says tunnels are valid targets but when you cast on them nothing happens
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: lucian ult bugged
I noticed this happened when a Lucian ulted last game. Don't know why though.
Dude can you honestly stop posting negative comments. You can either wait for urf, or get no urf at all. We all want to play but patience is key.
: chillin waitin for urf.
I know this is irrelevant to URF but will Black Market be on rotation que? Everytime someone talks about rotation que they dont mention it and its kinda the second best mode imo. I'm worried :(
: Selecting Aurelion Sol causes custom games to not start.
Best bet is to try another game out or something while you wait. I tried 5 times and when I got into a game I just kept getting dc'd. I hope riot doesn't take 50 years to fix this.
: Buying champs form crafting inventory
Probably a store timeout Happens to me all the time reguardless of crafting

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