: Definitely Not Dominion is definitely enabled on PBE for testing!
The relic and storm altar barely impact the game, besides being distractions and a noob trap for new players. Teams can just control the top zone and ignore the relic/altar and win the game. Most games are won by the enemy team going to the relic or to the altar instead of fighting over top. The first team to split up and go for anything besides the top zone usually ends up losing. Also after one team has taken control of the game the altar and relics only serve a snowballing effect for the winning team since the losing team has to prioritize top zone over anything else or they 100% lose. The short death timers also allow for the winning team to make mistakes and not be punished for it.
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
The relic and storm altar barely impact the game, besides being distractions and a noob trap for new players. Teams can just control the top zone and ignore the relic/altar and win the game. Most games are won by the enemy team going to the relic or to the altar instead of fighting over top. The first team to split up and go for anything besides the top zone usually ends up losing.
: Issues with Games not starting - Report here!
Still happening. Just logged in tried a few custom games to check. all of them didnt connect.
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: ​ ​PBE Bugs (heh.. bug.. Kha'Zix) & Feedback Thread: Death Blossom Kha'Zix​
I know that this has been commented on a lot, about the coloring of the evolved R, but i just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I do think the coloring is a bit off. The argument is that evolved R Kha'Zix should be a darker color and i agree, but with this skin the light brown is not really darker than the purple/blue. I think the color of the R being brownish is fine but it should be a darker brown with maybe either some dark red or green. Like others have also said the current color is too similar to the Guardian Kha'zix. This Kha'zix is from the "Death Blossom" line which gives of the vibe of a magical rainforest origin, i dont think you should remove the vibe of the whole skin from just evolving R.
: its because people arent confirming their lock ins. make sure you click lock in when its your turn and advise others to do so otherwise they will be forced to dodge. Its intended for now until the system is refined.
no it strait up doesnt work, there is not a SINGLE 5v5 draft game going on pbe right now. your saying every single matchmade game on pbe there is 1 person not locking in? Also when that happens you can see the summoner name of the person who "dodged" or failed to lock in in the chat history. When there is no summoner name then something else has happened. edit: unless you have managed to get into a game from the que, unlike every person in public chat....
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: It is stupid we cannot play custom games because of "overloads"
Yeah this seems like Bull Shit. The PBE servers must have been reduced to save costs or Riot just doesnt care enough to re-allow it. There is no way at 3 AM pacific time the servers are loaded. when it takes 10 min to get a normal game.
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: Champions who need Reworks , Texture Update and Splash Art (Please read!)
{{champion:28}} has the worst splash. Her old splash was bad and replaced by another bad splash a long time ago. Also needs a texture update, but even a freakin screen shot of her ingame model is better than her splash.
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: Riot Chat room
I remember the older Riot on PBE channel , from a while back. There was some riot activity there and i have played a few games with rioters on PBE but last time i saw a rioter on PBE was around 5-6 months ago. Could be that play times just dont match up but it seems Rioters have been too busy to openly play on PBE.
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: Riot Please
hmm would like to hear were you pulled that 80% from pretty sure most accounts have enough rp to buy them
: Vel'koz Freakout & Animation Bug
his critical hit animation is broken more AS and crit you get more it bugs out
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: Custom game Bug.
sitting at the reconnect box, attempting to connect to a game that most likely never started and dosnt exist! yay
: Custom game Bug.
yes confirmed indeed
: [Items] "</fon" is displayed when buying several items.
its riot hinting at bringing back force of nature! you heard it hear first folks! FoN is coming back!!!!
: Massive dc and lag?
same thing happening to me, having a lot of trouble reconnecting after DC aswell Lag in game while my ping remained steady 60+-
: Same here. I got into a Team Builder game, found a match made game. The client started by then crashed. I clicked reconnect and it crashes again. It takes a very long time for the game client to crash. All I see is a black screen with my operating system cursor. The cursor would eventually freeze then a few minutes later the game client finally crashes. This is using the Mac client.
my issue is on the regular client but sounds similar
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: Where would you suggest we put such a thing? If you're talking about here on the forums, I don't know how much value that would have since a majority of PBE players don't really go on the forums. It's mostly our hyper-engaged users that regularly visit the forums and I find that most of them just go on Surrender@20 for this. The type of auto-script and file scraping you're talking about is basically what Moobeat and the guys at S@20 already do. Riot typically deploys updates to the PBE every day so it would eat up a lot of our publishing/community team bandwidth to maintain this. Is there any info you would like to help you know what we need testing on that isn't being posted on S@20?
What i think would be convenient is a weekly patch overview of the current major changes on PBE or coming in the week on a single abbreviated post. With only short explanations of changes and links to the more in-depth posts made by developers etc. this would be pinned at the top of the forum and updated once a week. Not an in-depth patch notes but general overview of what is going on. This post can be linked somewhere in the client as well. It would be nice to have a single post i can visit to find out what is going on. i understand that major reworks and bugs are pinned, but stuff like balance changes new skins, and other small things often slip by unless you check the patch notes on S@20 all the time.
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: Bug (minor) - [Heimerdinger] - After dying, Ult sometimes becomes un-toggleable
heimers ult is not a toggle, if you die with it activated it stays active. you cant toggle the ult on/off. there is also no duration for the active on heimers ult.
: [Gankplank] Bug regarding wriggles + parrley on SR
i dosnt show it ding above your head but you do get the gold.
: Pink wards are destroyed by minions
minions have always attacked wards before they cloak, pretty sure its intended.
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: Suggestion: Set default Trinket hotkey to 'T'
T is bound to laugh so i can spam it all day pls.
: avarice blade build paths?
you can build the item if you have the money for the combined cost
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: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
nerfing the jungle early game by making all the jungle items weaker and all the jungle mobs give less early and do more dmg early, nerfing the dorans blade aswell, every single jungler is hurt pretty big by his patch. also madreds is still useless(if not worse), now every jungler will try to jungle without using the jungle items. its possible the wight camp may help, but right now without the wight jungling is alot worse and only the really strong junglers can still do good early.
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: Infernal Nasus disabled
its not the skin this happens with all nasus skins, it has happened every game i have seen a nasus, galactic, original, and dread all crashed
: List of Bugs
also ult with nasus (ANY SKIN) crashes all around
: [Major]Lucian Ult Crashes game, Bugsplat.
this is happening with nasus ult every game, have not scene it happen with lucian
: Infernal Nasus Ultimate Crashes game
its not his skin its his ult it crashes regardles of skin
: Hi guys, I've attempted to reproduce this internally but have been unsuccessful. Every time the dragon flies back to its starting point (as it does in the video), it regains all of its health. In the video, it appears as though this isn't happening. Has anybody else tried to or been able to reproduce this?
if you notice the player prevents the dragon from regaining hp by leashing it over and over again.
: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
why nerf spectral wraith so hard, and change it so much it was already bad now its even worse.
: A few features I feel are NEEDED to make teambuilder the best it can be(riot feedback would be great
i agree with all of these, particularly the duo/solo decision, this also helps captains a lot for trying setups that have a solo bot, or duo mid.
: Team Builder Available on PBE!
without role selection ques take forever: as a captain you si t around kicking roles you dont want all day (getting a marksmen bot when you want a support etc) also not being able to choose if you want a lane to be solo or not is an issue, if i want a solo bot players it is nearly impossible to get one threw the waves of marksmen and supports looking for dual bot lane, also what if i want a solo lane butt dont care if its a mage or a fighter aslong as its some one prepared to solo bot.


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