: > [{quoted}](name=Archopin,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EIZzgmt9,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-09T20:29:34.664+0000) > Tahm/Aurelion: Aurelion has his W permanently up, which is nice, but none of his abilities work well for URF Yeah, a 1.5 sec stun with 2 cd is has no synergy at all with urf. You make a fair point
Honestly, a skillshot almost-permastun is not enough to be OP in urf. If it was, Brand would be pick or ban. Champs with mobility absolutely shit on him.
: PBE URF Balance Concerns
Kassadin does have a static CD on his ult, actually. It has a 1s cooldown at level 3. With live values, it would be .4 seconds.
: URF SUCKS!!!!!
I'm just surprised you've never even tried URF after all the hype about it. May as well judge it for yourself before you shittalk it's effects on normals.
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: As someone who played a lot of Veigar, I was quite skeptical. Q: I really like the feel of it. Farming isn't any harder, and it's much more satisfying (and potentially rewarding) than a simple point and click. The range and width are reasonable, and I was able to double farm quite a lot for someone who was new with it. With practice, it could be even better. W: Didn't notice much difference. E: This was what I was really worried about. Let's start by saying that the effect (at least on Final Boss) before the stun appears is really cool. I found that the stun was surprisingly easy to land. This was an ability that needed a change and, despite my initial objections, I really like the way it is now. With the exception of hyper mobile champions, if you trap someone in the center, they're probably getting stunned. I was against a Yasuo and was able to stun him pretty reliably. R: Didn't notice much difference. They had no AP champions, and we kind of got stomped on, so I wasn't mega bursting anyone. This would've been the case with a 1 or 1.2 ratio. I feel this change means you have to land more of your abilities, which is reasonable. Even with the mana changes, he still goes out of mana ridiculously easily. It's slightly better than before, but not by much. It would be nice to see him get a more interesting passive and more reasonable mana costs to compensate for loss of a mana passive (see other champions with mana passives, like Lissandra and Xerath). But overall, I'm quite satisfied with the changes.
Sorry to tell you, but you were up against a god awful Yasuo if you could reliably stun him by getting him in the center. There's a fairly wide range of motion in that cage, so assuming your enemy is levelheaded at all, you won't be landing your W anytime soon. Seriously, .75 seconds is tremendous, and it feels like Swain's Nevermove now. Only problem is, the radius of the stunning area is teeny tiny compared to Swain's; any enemy laner past Silver will not get caught by his stun.
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: Azir Bug Report Thread
(1). Not entirely sure if this is a bug, but it seems that if the enemies are a beyond certain distance away, even if they're within Azir's soldier's range, the soldiers will be unable to attack them. This contradicts the description on his W. (2). Also got the "ghost" Azir thing. For the first 5 seconds after he rezzes, at least on Galactic Azit, he is invisible. (3). Turret has blue bar instead of health.


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