: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
I had a momentary issue with some text popping up when in Cassio's pool "blahblahblah_grounded.blahblah" I don't remember the exact words and it only happened in the top side jungle near Gromp.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Okay, I have now played Malzahar a few times! Overall thoughts: 1. He has an incredibly safe jungle clear. Was the intent of this rework to turn him into a jungler? Because if so it worked. 2. Voidlings are frustratingly short duration and fragile. They feel incredibly powerful if you can spawn a bunch of them, but feel like a huge missed opportunity if you can't. So in the jungle they feel great, in lane they just kind of evaporate before doing anything useful; it was really frustrating to try and use them to do things. He also feels much much weaker in the intervals between being able to spawn voidlings and spawning voidlings without being able to direct them with Visions feels bad, leading to me artificially not using my Visions because I needed them in three seconds when the voidlings came up. I appreciate that there's a ton of power in them but I would like it if there was a way to smooth out the curve a bit, give them a less powerful high end in exchange for more consistency (whether that's better uptime, more consistent ability to spawn them, or something else I don't know, but it needs something) 3. The passive doesn't feel good to me. I recognize it's extremely powerful but it's also something that's hard to play around having. It's kind of like 'well if it does something that's a nice bonus but I'm not going to count on it ever'. 4. I need to try his ult more. I wish it did more damage to squishy targets because his ability to pick a priority target and remove them was one of the main reasons I liked Malz beforehand, and you can't do that as well anymore - but on the other hand, it feels worse than it is because everyone is testing out the new mages and so the teams have a lot more AOE burst CC than your average team (and also squishier targets). With more normal team comps it might feel better. 5. Did I mention he's a jungler now? Yeah, he's a jungler now. I like the overall direction he's been moved in, but I'd love to have him be more consistent rather than big power spikes depending on voidlings, and adding some kind of flat damage to his ult for the target being ulted only would be preferred. As it is, it feels like a worse version of both spells that were combined to make it, since I want the %damage for use on big minions and the flat damage for picking and removing a priority target. Basically, I liked his anti-assassin identity and that doesn't feel like his identity anymore.
: Hey, check out this link: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/419-pbe-update.html Malzahar's got a visual update to match his new splash.
Yes. I saw it and I watched all the videos of him using his abilities closely; none of them involve giant pink beams coming from holes in his hood, and instead he has three blue stones in the same pattern on his hood. The glowing holes have nothing to do with anything his in-game model does, which is my problem. Also, that's how I know that he doesn't have runes on his clothes anymore. :P
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
I actually like the way this kit looks so far and I'm excited to play it. I am, however, here to register my disappointment at the removal of the runes from his outfit, because those were one of the things that made me want to try him in the first place; they looked very cool, and now his outfit honestly looks kind of bland. I also am not a fan of the new splash art and specifically of the weird changes to his head that I assume are supposed to represent his third eye or something? They don't match any of his in-game visuals at all (even with the change of runes to voidling 'eyes' on his hood) and, honestly, look too aggressive for a character who I always read as 'your fate is inevitable I'm just here to enable it more easily' more than 'BLARHARGHARG VOID EAT YOUR FACE'. It's really the mismatch of splash to in-game that bothers me, though, I can get over the 'perceived fantasy' mismatch.
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
Kit seems great, but new voice is lacking. Old voice had really cheesy lines but delivered them with sincerity, so you bought into it anyway. New voice has better lines but seems to substitute really stilted vocal patterns for sincerity.
: That's what happens when you get affected by magic (think of all transformations). Visually the model does not have to read "Lux" immediately because of that, imo. Agree with the other points.
Generally speaking, most magical girls have the same hair untransformed as transformed, though. At least the same color and often the same style. I definitely agree with him, this doesn't read as Lux to me, and while it's a great skin I'd rather have "Magical Girl Lux" than "Generic Magical Girl".
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
So Lux is basically my favorite champion and I've been waiting eagerly for a new skin for her for some time! After my first game with her, my initial impressions are as follows: First, things that were AMAZING. -The ult is GLORIOUS. GLORIOUS. I love it so much. It feels really viscerally powerful and also very magical girl-y. All the props for this. -Ditto the recall. It felt like it might be paused a little bit long towards the end of the recall but I don't even care, it was so well executed. -Autoattack is so much more responsive than base that I'll probably always use this skin just for that. Plus it looks awesome. -I am far too amused by the star-slinky light bindings. They're cute and corny, well done. Then, things I was a little iffy/negative on: -Model feels weirdly small. I might be imagining things, though - I haven't been playing her as much as I'd like to recently so this could be me misremembering. -I don't like the not-blonde hair. It throws off my reading her as "Lux" somehow, despite the fact that I was playing her. Some sort of mental disconnect, I guess? I don't know. I think it's mostly that Lux never really had any particularly iconic 'things' that indicated who she was except the wand, so I kind of had to associate her with being blonde. SInce the wand is enough a magical girl thing that it's not really acting that much as a link to base Lux, this feels to me like 'completely unrelated magical girl' rather than 'Magical Girl Lux'. On the bright side, this is probably easily fixed with a Chroma and this would be a great skin for those, so.


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