: Ekko Timewinder slows stack to 99% slow in All for One needs fixed
yes thats how all slows will work since they stack as long as they arnt from the same person
: while that is an interesting proposition there is a fundamental flaw which you post somewhat makes apparent. There are far more AD items that give movement speed than anything else. that would just lead to everyone building those items or ADCs just running amok since no one would be fast enough to catch them
while true. lets be honest. {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} all fill the same roll and adcs have the lowest movement speeds anyway. and the fact its a pecentage over a flat amount like boots would actually mean the benefit be about the same since its about 5% bonus movespeed for all of them. and the highest movement speed adc is graves at 340. 2nd fastest be kennen and sivir and urgot and the rest are 325 or 330 where 5% wouldnt have much of an impact.so even from this view it still works out. since riot wants adcs to have low base movement speeds and even getting an extra item they would still have low movement speeds anyway unless they invested into ghostblade which is a weak item until you use the active but then again if it was good enough on adcs to justify they would already use it over the other choices. where as ludens give more movespeed so does phage and deadmans all these not adc items give more even tho the is less choice. so in conclusion. maths still works out
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: Zed and Maokai; may need to preemptively nerf them for 6.9
maokai i agree with but i think any champ that has self stat increases like zeds w giving like 50% bonus ad for free or vlad getting hp for ap will need to be addressed but it will be hard to for the rng factor. do you make it so they are balanced with them? if they are then if those dont spawn they will be weak. do you balance them around not having them? in that case when they have them their be strong. while the dragon changes are "cool" the was no valid reason for them and they just make balancing a pain in the ass as well as adding real pure rng to a competitive game i think they should of just made the elder dragon and keep the current one.
: Is there a reason we're not allowed to just zoom out like that whenever we want?
yes its due to vision of awareness. think of all the times you been in lane and/or junglering and the enemy went over a ward and you/your laner. didnt see it and died to it. someone could basicaly just zoom loads and could see like both crabs at mid lane meaning they can pretty much see everything
: No IP/RP points yet :(
: Yeah on their stream 2 days ago they talked how at first they thought to give extra shots for xerath when he hits ennemy champion. But they changed it to what is currently on the PBE. I can't quite remembering the reasonning behind it though.
infinity potential basically. scripters going "BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG" on your team. also in xeraths early design this was basicaly his ult expect it cost like 20 mana a shot and have unlimited. they deemed this overpowered due to basically global harass being nearly impossible to balance and the idea of resetting shots links to close to this.
: I don't think it would be appropriate. Jhin and Xerath are rooted for their zoomed-out spells and they are a barrage of thin/small projectiles that have a ground indicator that they have been cast as a warning, whereas the examples given (Zac e and Rumble ult) can be cancelled/not even cast while hovering them and the opponent gets no warning of the incoming spell. If they implement a new zoom they'd have to lock the cast or adjust the cd and definitely give a ground indicator since people would start using it for scoping the battlefield. I agree that Zac e and rumble ult are awkward to cast, though I don't believe this is the solution.
i dont think the logic works as you can cancel both xerath and jhin ult. true xeraths has full cooldown however jhins is reduced pretty much the exact same as zacs e. ill give you rumble ultimate since that be just an indecator and doesnt make him commite to anything however the zac one does since it roots him like jhin and does go on cooldown if canceled (but it is a lesser time) tbh i dont think this would make them harder to play against because their kit is the exact same... it just makes it more user friendly.
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: {{champion:82}}: "Hmm hm." {{champion:429}} : "What is holding you up?" {{champion:82}}: "I can't decide." {{champion:429}} : "On?" {{champion:82}}: "Which dragon to enslave today." {{champion:429}} : "Does it really matter?" {{champion:82}}: "Well which one do you think goes better with my eyes?" [{{champion:429}} audibly groans and facepalms]
yep pretty much every girl/colour scheme person i know xD
: Can we get dragon type added to the match history?
: Game relies too much on the jungler
i like it as a jungle main. my 2 junglers sej and yi i have an 74% winrate combined on (78% yi and 71% sej) i think its good the junglers are being rewarded like no disrespect but you laners have it easy all you need to focus on is. 1 can i last hit a cs and 2 can i kill the guy? i think its fair the dude who controls 3 lanes, has his own much harder farming system (you dont see no trisana farming jungle do you?) and keeping control of global objectives? like no offence but lets be real im doing the work i decide if we win. like if you take tower and wanna be jungler 2.0 thats cool. ill sit back and open a coke
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: (Volley is W) Also, last time I tested she did work with Warlord's Bloodlust. Are you sure you're attacking a champion? And are you sure you're actually "critting"? Warlord's Bloodlust only triggers on champions and only when Ashe performs a "Critical Slow".
iv said this like 4 times.. i know you must attack a champion to proc it... im not bronze ffs.. just go into a custom game as ashe walk upto an ai and shoot it 5 bloody times and your know what i mean..
: Whenever she triggers the empowered slow she will also trigger Warlord's Bloodlust and Essence Reaver. Volley doesn't "crit" - that's just piss poor wording. It just triggers the empowered slow from Frost Shot - nothing more. I'm fairly certain that even if it did "crit" - it wouldn't apply Warlord's. Warlord's only applies "on-hit" - Garen, Anivia, Karthus, etc, all don't apply Warlord's to their ability-crits either.
it SHOULD but it DOESN'T thats why this is under the bugs area.... i AM NOT on her about her q ffs im on about her AUTOS
: Well, her "critical strikes" do not "only" apply twice the slow than normal, but also proc things like Essence Reaver or Warlord's Bloodlust. As for Runaan's it probably doesn't do more damage when it crits but rather takes the bonus from you passive into a count. And I don't think spells that can critically strike, but aren't on hit can heal one with say Warlord's Bloodlust or proc Essence Reaver.
i meant her passive not q. try proc warlords in a custom with a friend. you just cant. same for essence you actually cant or hurrican. nothing crit based works with her because she CANT crit anymore
: As far as I know Ashe can't apply Crit, instead she does bonus damage and slow downs her targets. From LoL Ashe page: > Passive: >* Ashe's attacks slow their target, causing her to deal increased damage to these targets. * Ashe's critical strikes deal no bonus damage but apply an empowered slow to the target.
yes i know they changed her thing from being classed as crit to bonus now nothing crit related works on ashe thats what i mean
: Did you fire your w at minions? Because that would be why you got no heal.
no champins thats why i tried ashe going "ha i can be a smart ass and still get free heals all lane long!" but it didnt work...
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: New "Edge" on Riven
in the nicest way bro... stfu xD im surprised they dont just give her a manapool and remove her ult scaling all together the base damage is bs as it is then id understand because she be balanced for once. but this wont kill her. don't worry she be the same riven where she only needs 1 mechanic to 1 v 5 (but you need to animation cancel) well so does every other fucking champion in the game >.> and if the thing that makes her "hard" is on every champion shes pretty bloody easy xD i think anivia takes way more skill then riven but no one ever makes an excuse for her.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
can we please give her a better death animation? its an awesome skin but just falling over is so sad... let hell swallow her up or heaven burn her or something ffs
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