: Question on mystery skins
wow if thats true then i have the worst luck outta a ton of mystery skins between me and friends we all we only getting legacy skins, and all the same ones too
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: New Game mode PBE specific
If someone wants to try a new champ and not get outpicked in champ select, then why not just play a custom game and fill it with bots. You get to have fun, try the champion at your leisure, and (ready for this) it makes it easy to find bugs, or different build paths. I understand this is not how everyone thinks, but this has been my solution. Another thing you can do is 1v1 a friend, create a custom on Howling Abyss, or a 5v5 on the Rift where each of you have 4 computer teamates. Just trying to give everyone some ideas!
: riot said there will be no testing for bans on pbe. but with all the spammers now in chat and ppl who dodge every game or troll the whole game because they can't play ekko. I think that the ban system gets enough testing if this keeps up.
Agreed, I'm also new to pbe but I am mid gold on Live servers. When I came over to PBE it was like stepping into a Daycare. Spam Chat, Spam Pings, ALL CAPS RAGGGGGGEEEEE. It actually makes me Laugh Hard, because it always an 0-14 someone who rages at the best player on the team. It feels like im lvl 12 all over again, but that was like 3 years ago Lmao. Mute Button OP
: Evelynn - Weak or Not
After recently buffing her passive, I started to play eve in jg. I absolutely love her, I feel she can be built about 5 different ways (ap burst, hybrid sus, ad burst, dps, and ap tank) Out of these builds I favor her ap burst, and hybrid sustain (hextech gunblade is core). When I play evelynn as ap burst (this is Gold elo on live btw) I just melt people. She easily can skirm smite-w-e-q-q-q and usually 100 to 0 a squishy, especially after Ludens (which I rush). Then later on after you snowball (unless they all have super escapes) you can go into teamfights and ult the whole team, and just lay down the damage. Remember after every kill to reset your w, it gives you fantastic positioning. I think you may be under-valueing evelynn's w as a gap closer, combining it with the range on her invisibility she can catch So many people off guard. I also want to add that I gank with her similar to a shaco, even though she doesnt have that passive it become such a powerful gank if you hit with e on their back then use w to kite with them staying between them and their turret (Ofc laying down Q's). Short answer - I think as an ap burst jungler Eve is quite strong (Ludens is important), but she isnt as good IMO AD, I feel she has to burst and get out, kinda like rengar. Using her w resets like kat its so easy to pop an adc then zoom away. I feel she will be overshadowed by BC junglers though as they have an easier time in the tank meta Great Discussion :P
: And you cannot just post it under Arcane's name? Do you think you'll get something special if you submit it under your name? Because you don't.
Well I'm not trying to log into her account anytime I want to do anything on the boards. Just trying to figure out this issue. What was the purpose of that reply?
: patience you'll get to try and instalock Ekko->dodge soon enough
If the bots in my custom game dodge, ill gift you a free skin :P
: when is pbe coming back up
Im guessing 7:45 AM tommorrow. That is when I have to be at work, and well you know how it goes. It's ok tho, we can all hit R and recouperate our time spent staring at the service status page :P
: My friend's brand new account is unable to see discussion text, or post
Ok this is Keanu, im using Arcane's account on my computer (we are in the same room :)) It doesnt matter which browser I use. When I log out I am able to read the posts again. I am also able to see everything while im logged in under Arcane's name. PLEASE HELP this is getting frustrating, just trying to get this resolved involves me using a different account, and I have a bug I desperately want to post about
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