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: DJ-Sonas body is looking weird
I agree. I always had an idea of Sona having a slimmer, more elegant form, rather than a Kim Kardashian lower half. It doesn't really match up -- like Frostblade Irelia.
: Update stuck at 33% and 16 scanned files?
I had to redownload the PBE client all over again (from the very first patching instance). Maybe this will work for you?
: Client biug, pleas read
I had this bug too, and I had to re-download the patcher entirely in order to get it to fix itself.
: Sivir's boomerang storm
Happened in my game, too. Typically only happens when the Sivir is on the red side of the map or throwing the boomerangs toward the blue side. Happens on any skin, as we tried to recreate the bug after the game.
: Login screen bug
It typically does this before live release. No need to worry!
: The teambuilder schedule is > Monday/Wednesday > North America: 1pm - 5pm PDT > Europe: 8pm - 1am GMT > > Tuesday/Thursday > North America: 6am-10am PDT > Europe: 1pm - 5pm GMT Have fun testing! Cheers, Shadow
Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it. c:
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: Probably a bug in the system, you should report it in the bug forums.
: Maybe someone reported you in the end game. Maybe they added that like the same as verbal abuse.
I don't think so. They were pretty chill about it and we ended up winning the game.
: Perma DC
I've been having this problem in normal PVP games as well. With the new LeaverBuster system, it's quite frustrating when you're absolutely certain your AFKing isn't your own fault. It's happened to me with any champion that I've played -- at* some* point in the game, be it the loading screen or randomly at 45 minutes, I've crashed, every single game. Ping at 500 and stuck at "Attempting to Reconnect". It seemed that it was typically only me and someone on the other team, though.
: If you reconnect to the game and finish the game, it shouldn't affect you. However, if it takes you 20 minutes to reconnect to the game and you basically were "AFK," then you'll still receive a penalty.
I entered a match on the PBE earlier, and my client crashed once. I got into the game around 3 minutes in (and I was a jungler, so my absence for the first three minutes couldn't have been that devastating -- they hadn't even scored first blood yet). After the match, I was prompted to agree that I would no longer leave future matches, even though I was only gone for such a short duration. Why is that?
: PBE forums don't register that I'm logging in
I'm having this problem as well. :c I can only comment on things, not upvote them (although I really want to!)
: [Akali] Invisibility bug
I don't necessarily think that this is a bug, but it sure would be a helpful fix.
: Akali E bug
Confirmed. All damage done by her E ability is inflicted upon herself.
: Actives are Inactive
Strange, I don't have this issue myself. :c
: Soraka's Mana Healing thing, can we bring it back?
I personally love this idea, but I'm not sure how this would turn out in an actual game. Interesting concept, though, even if it is a little hard to sometimes get enemy players to stay on that E just the right amount of time. I feel like the mana donations in the early game was something that would either make or break the lane, and I would love to at least somehow have the mana transfusion somewhere in her new kit. I agree, because it definitely was apart of her overall identity -- and when I play the rework, I feel like I'm playing a new champion. I like her, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't feel like Soraka. :c
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: Thanks! I knew they added stuff regularly, but wasn't sure on the timing, or how to know when they're updating things. Thanks for the help. :)
It's no problem at all! :) Also, here is the website where you can check the server status for the PBE: So that way you can know for sure! Apparently it happens every night around this time.
: Aram buffs
I think your comments are a little bit vague, so I'd like to expand on this a bit! Howling Abyss brush, I've noticed, is a lot less interactive than SR brush. On the rift, you can walk into a bush and see it stir and shake around your champion, however on the Howling Abyss they stay still. I personally love the design of the ARAM map, and how you can see the wind and the snow flying over the top, but after switching from SR to HA, the bushes are a bit of a culture shock. However, I think the objectives on the ARAM game mode fit it well. It's designed to be a quick mode for players just wanting to kill a bit of time, or for players who don't necessarily feel the commitment to the meta of a full blown SR game. I agree, however, that TT and Dominion could use some work -- although I'm sure they were wonderful game modes to play in the past, I feel like they haven't really evolved with League of Legends and its players as they continue to change as time goes on. The game modes personally do not interest me and I don't really find them all that captivating, but I'm not exactly in a place to fully expand on what I'd like to see done about it, as I lack creativity!
: [Suggestion] Ascension Perma-Bans!
One champion that I noticed was extremely powerful to the point of annoyance was Yasuo. I was playing Vayne with ~200 AD while Yasuo had not particularly built too tanky and had a Statik Shiv and maybe a vamp scepter yet he was able to three shot me while I barely put out any damage. I'm not sure as of right now whether or not they should permaban as one thing I've noticed about it is that the game mode tends to lag a lot and the FPS drops and rises drastically all the time. Hopefully by the time some of the main bugs are sorted out, we'll be able to tell!
: Thanks :P I should have read the FAQ before I launched, i was just excited to test stuff. Hopefully I can get my runes reset or something similar to resolve my mistake.
No problem! I'm not completely sure about this, but you might be able to use the rune combiner to clear up some room if you combine the max 5 runes at a time. I hope you get it sorted out! c:
: [minor] bug splat
Me too. Although mine tends to happen randomly -- I opened it about five or six times today, and only about half of the time did the bugsplat error appear.
: cannot open league of legends
I actually had this problem for a bit, too! What helped me was to open the administrator version of the launcher from the folder containing PBE files. Sometimes you have to do it more than once, as mine can get a little picky, especially if I'm transferring straight from NA to the PBE server. Hope this helps!
: Unavailable to Join PBE?
I actually just started today, too! Woo, newbie buddies. The PBE is currently down as they are performing maintenance for about two hours, which started at 10 PM Central Time and will end at about midnight, which is about an hour from the moment I'm posting this. This happens regularly as they modify and add content every day, so maintenance will last for one or two hours a few days during the week, or so I've been told! Hope this helps. c:
: PBE Rune Bug
This issue has actually been acknowledged by Riot, and on the PBE FAQ page it addresses the issue! You should still be "allowed" to purchase the starter rune pack, but they deliberately tell players not to do so because of this reason.
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Game ran great for about five minutes, but then froze at 500 ping when I was at a teleport platform. The "Attempting to Reconnect" error displayed until I exited from the esc menu and reloaded it -- had to do this twice until it finally worked, although with a little bit of lag and constant FPS rate dropping. Also, the Xerath in the middle of the map is bugged. His health bar doesn't display correctly, and instead comes up as a blue bar with the number in white text above it!


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