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: Illaoi needs nerf!
I played Darius vs she and she win me easy!
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: Posts like should be placed on either the live boards or the chatrooms in-client.
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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
On start Graves is low, but i can said his combo mages are to op!And last game he is cool becouse of that strong ad and attack speed
: Should be posted on the live boards, because Kha'Zix in unchanged on the PBE.
I dont know what you said, becouse my english is medium.But i will do everything i can to help this game be better :D
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: I think it is a bug, if illaoi attack an inhibitor and you activate her W the Inhibitor dont get any damage from her.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
Kog,Maw is too strong adc in late game.In start he need more AD and he will one of strongest adc.With new updates I think you need to nerf his attack speed.If I made mistake I'm sorry :D
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
I have played new miss.She have so big damage with ulty and she's range is good.She need more attack speed and she will be perfect.One more think killing me, why her Q doesn't scale with attack speed.She's new update needs better attack speed and she need more AD.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Illaoi is so good champion,but I think she need bigger hp.


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