: Personally believe Duskblade to be in an alright spot post-changes. Glad we did those, felt like the item was untenable before we changed it. Personally don't think Edge of Night is overshadowed by Ghostblade or Duskblade, but rather than the item exists in a similar place to Hexdrinker but with a harder to use, more situational effect. The item is definitely very powerful in certain situations, you just need to know which characters to build it against.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Hi, another question from me, haha, What do you think about the state of Duskblade and its place in the game, as well as Edge of Night in direct comparison to other lethality items ? If i remember correctly your guys plan was to nerf it so that its users are easier to buff/nerf and people don't just rush it every single time. You pretty much succeeded with the first point i stated but not so much with the second one as most assassins are early/midgame orientated and RAW DAMAGE is just to good to not get. I personally think Edge of Night is getting overshadowed really hard by Dusk and Youmuus.
: The changelist to me read as being a notable power down while further differentiating good Shacos from average Shacos. We did test it though it's possible that it may have overshot. It's something that I can bring up for discussion with Live Gameplay during this patch cycle.
Much appreciated, thanks for listening!
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Hi guys, really appreciate this down to earth type of communication with us plebs. I have a question regarding the latest changes to Shaco, like you know shaco was utterly stupid in 8.6 and pretty much every shaco main agrees, a 55% winrate is pretty dangerous, especially when his pickrate sits at 9 % (after his buffs, is declining again now that he got nerfed), his Q was overbuffed damage wise and im fine with you guys just nerfing its ratio. The one thing i don't understand which i'm kinda sad about is you reducing his bonus damage timer after invis to 0.25!! from 2.5. Now, while i agree that people should get punished for bad Deceives and 2.5s of time on top of 4.5s of invis is kinda dumb this pretty much disables our ability to actually deal damage with our q till at least level 4/5. Even if you have 2 points in q it's pretty hard to actually get its damage off because you aren't able to cover enough distance with it as the stealth duration is just laughable early. Why do i need to work so damn hard to get 20+ damage from a spell (after resistances), it's so hard to properly position behind someone to get our passive AND q to trigger (especially because shaco has the lowest AA range in the game, which makes hitting an enemy that is constantly moving really hard) There are even people reporting that you aren't able to actually get its damage off because you don't have enough attack speed and his auto attack animation itself takes to long. ( https://www.reddit.com/r/shacomains/comments/89r89v/tested_new_q_duration_fails_to_deal_damage_even/ ) It just feels really hit or miss and clunky now that it got changed. Just want to know if this really got playtested thoroughly, it's so extremely painful to play with. Thanks for taking your time! :)
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: The only real complaint I have about Evelynn is that her E range is way too short. It's supposed to be a gap closer; but it's got no range.
You are supposed to W -> Q to get off a ranged Charm that lasts 2 seconds, having a higher E range would make her stupid and lower her counterplay by a lot
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: I think his clear is rather mediocre-- it certainly isn't the worst but it's heavily overshadowed by other jungles like Vi or Lee, and he certainly doesn't have as good sustain as them either. That's where the W buff is supposed to do something, but it currently doesn't because the %max hp bonus doesn't proc on monsters.
His clear is fine after he gets Tiamat, which he should get on first back if he has enough gold
: Magic Shield Feedback Thread
Great change, much better than before. And if we are already pointing this one out, can we please change the new "visible/revealed" icon aswell ? It's extremely hard to see at a quick glance, it's out for 2 months now and if i could choose i would go back to the old one, it's like day and night. Maybe give it a outline or something like that ? What i mean: [Before/After](http://www.arcana-gaming.com/content/arcana/upload/League%20of%20Legends/PBE/_Cycle_7.02/2017_01_12/visible.jpg) People on Reddit think the same [Opinions](http://i.imgur.com/T4l2nXT.png)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Fist Lee Sin!
Both his E and Q are way to hard to see, the animations are miniscule aswell compared to his other skins. This skin will get banned in competetive play 100 %
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.

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