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What about capping how many Voidlings that can spawn from the different Criteria, so like 3 from Monster camps, 5 from epic monsters and then unlimited for lane minions and champions (even tho the most i've gotten was 6). And then not make this "No spawning off large monsters" :'(
: This is probably Riot's way of making Kindred feel like it's the actual "duo champ". Cause you know, Quinn and Valor are way more duo-ish than ~~ Lamb~~ the "Kindred" will ever be, even with no voice lines for Valor, since he is a bird.
: Nope. If you basic attack from Tag Team, it will fire the basic attack, fire a Skystrike, and cancel Tag Team.
One thing I would love to see on Quinn (if you haven't tried to fix it yet) is when you E'd a target and then valor marks in the middle of ur E animation, therefore wasting a passive proc. If when this happens the E would proc the mark then reapply it, sort of like lux's ult


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