: Any vayne feedback?
: It was sarcasm. Cost-efficiency doesn't necessarily mean good or interesting. Devourer was the most cost-efficient when it existed.
Hah, still no, it was only cost efficient the more hp your enemies had which isnt reliable.
: @20thCenturyFaux - A S2 hardcore Leblanc main's Thoughts
I completely agree with most of your points. ESPECIALLY the tank build point, she feels more like a control mage than an assassin. I don't notice a huge reason to building anywhere near the same way as before. She seems like shes at her optimum effectiveness when she is tanky. In the end, the more she can proc her passive in fights, the inconsistency of the chain and how it can proc her passive on its own makes her even more oppressive in lane than before and more effective when shes behind or even. I haven't lost a single game building her roa into rylias which makes me believe this isnt the direction they wanted her to go.
: Please refrain from generating clutter via non-constructive comments. EDIT: Just realized I recognized his name, checked my match history, and this guy was in my game last night. LMAO he was afk for like 15 minutes then kept running at our team dying saying we were hacking his ult.
Please refrain from preventing discussion because of your opinion of non-constructive comments in a POST that is not constructive in its own right. There is no clutter because this isn't even on the first page of the new listing anymore.
: I dont have a screen recorder or screenshot software downloaded the best I could do is report him. I have no idea if there were any bugs involved. It was kind of amusing to see though.
Then you realize how this is worthless? It's not feedback there's hardly any information given. What did you want from posting this eks dee?
: By Warrior do you mean Devourer?
No I mean warrior. Devourer isn't even in the game.
: Ran Across The Biggest Hacker I've ever Seen.
Evidence? Video? There's nothing anyone can do with this information you know that right? Was there bugs invovled?
: So can Warrior get some love now?
Warrior has consistently been the most cost efficient enchantment I feel its in a good place right now.
: im rank 3 in na and i still feel like my champion fantasy is being depleted with this mastery
Im also rank 3 na, this doesn't even look like feedback it looks like a tantrum. There's no way theyre giving spirit visage 20% cdr back from when it was nerfed because it was too good. Play with the masteries more, the numbers can still be tweaked. Everything with zac is silly and exaggerated including his size with hp.
: Reminder: The Report system works in the PBE.
? It works better than intended, pbe is more strict. If someone is toxic they arent going to care about whether the report system works or not. People are always going to write off pbe because no one takes it as seriously.
: Rengar/fizz ult is revealing people through invisibility
Uh...yes? Rengars ult gives him vision. Fizz's ult reveals stealthed units if the fish is attached to them
: Now this feels hella bad :)
LUL {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
xdxd you don't belong here you're perma banned l8r {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Rioter Comments
: Lux Dmg bug too
Lux isnt bugged
: [Sivir]- W damage is too high.
Can confirm, please upvote this post so sivir is disabled. It doesnt seem crit releated it might have to do with ricochet base damage
Long standing problem, just delete and re add and your name will fix for them.
: Can we revert ALL changes of Taliyah back to her day 1 release?
: Oh my god its Total AD,it is illogical that somehow 30% of your bonus AD in the laning phase with just a {{item:1055}} and runes to = 22 Facepalm* IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TOTAL AD
Tumble has always scaled bonus AD. You are actually making ZERO sense. It's additive AD on top of your existing AD. Tumble will always do more damage than your basic attack. They BUFFED that fact later in the game so it adds even MORE AD onto your tumble late game. What is so hard to understand?
: Something that was not noted at Surr@20 is that the scaling was changed to BONUS damage(ATM this cycle its been completely reverted) so Vayne has 84 total AD at level 18,also Early game the amount of BONUS AD you have at lvl 1 is like what?15?17?,so thats like 5 damage which is less then half of 22(the average amount of early game AD using normal runes) so it is a nerf Its a nerf to attack speed builds because those attack speed builds build very little AD early on like {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} then the normal build has boots,DOUBLE attack speed items so no AD from there,your 2 last sources of AD are the last item your going to build and elixir of wrath And no it actually makes triforce way worse to rush early because of how little AD it gives(25),and yes it'd make {{item:3142}} {{item:3046}} because it has a decent amount of AD attached to it
It has always been bonus AD. Triforce for the sheen proc, not the AD it gives. You're trying too hard to not like the change even though its a buff in every possible way. I don't think you understand how the game works regaredless.
: I thought he meant it as a suggestion for the Ashe skin only. I was not aware that the reason behind it was that it is already implemented in other skins. Chill out, love..
: What's odd is that it's already _partially_ implemented. If you're using Ranger's Focus, the Runaan's bolts change colour.
Well, somewhat, its just changed to original ashe's
: Alright if it's already implemented in other skins then yes it should change. Skin just came out, so it might just not have been added yet~
Which is why this thread exists, so its not left out. That's what feedback is. Saying "cannot be done" when you have no idea is absurd.
: It's a QOL change that should be done to avoid an inconsistency. Especially for a legendary skin. It will make them easier to recognize if the runaan's bolts are consistent with how the Q looks on the changed skin.
Also, just tested, the runaan's bolts for {{champion:222}} change relative to the skins you use.
: Everyone can recognize the Hurricane bolts, though
It's a QOL change that should be done to avoid an inconsistency. Especially for a legendary skin. It will make them easier to recognize if the runaan's bolts are consistent with how the Q looks on the changed skin.
: Vayne changes end up being an overall nerf
???? In no way shape or form is this a nerf...it doesnt hurt her early game, her early game is meant to be bad. 2. Its not a nerf to attack speed builds because that makes the AD she builds much more valuable 3. Its a buff to all builds because shes an AD carry, if anything this makes {{item:3078}} a much better option. This change opens up quite a few possibilities. It might even make {{item:3142}} {{item:3046}} better than {{item:3153}} {{item:3046}}
: I'd say the same reason as why Snow Day Bard and Kindred's let always have a golden effect to clarify what effect is going on~
That's not related even slightly. If anything it is LESS clear right now because the bolts do not match her auto attack
: This cannot be done for the sake of clarity.
For the sake of clarity? What do you mean? This is an incredibly sensible change that should be made. Jinx {{item:3085}} literally shoots rockets. Normal ashe {{item:3085}} changes to her enhanced auto attack as well. So it only makes sense for it to mimic the changed auto instead of using base ashe's runaan's bolts
: Actually it does, it is a majour buff because he gets AP and armour from souls, so more stats makes him significantly stronger and they are buffing his shield ratio to 100%AP from 60%AP since Thresh never builds AP
Yes he gets ap from armor and souls, his shield no longer has an ap ratio Dark Passage (W) shield now increases up with total number of souls rather than 50% AP. [NOTE: So 10 souls = 10 more shield health.]
: Sona's Loading Screen Name
yep that happens sometimes, its pbe
: Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power - Typo Error/Calculation Error
A lot of the runes round up like that in the double digits afaik. its not a calculation error, its just rounding upwards
: I am confused to why Thresh is getting buffs
They're just giving him more uses of souls and giving him two souls from epic monsters...it shouldn't make a game changing difference.
: Which mine? Coal mine or gold mine?
: That's /remake...guess it worked for your team. Check out the Riot post that is pinned on the Boards.
: Will Nidalee Skins be Available Again once Released on Live Servers?
Im pretty sure all of the skins are available during updates no? Like twitch's visual update. I dont remember them releasing all the legacy's for splash updates
: [Patch 5/9] Fiddlesticks, Swain, and Master Yi
: Syndra Ultimate Does WAY too much damage right now
Doubt you'll get one shot if you have a maw or such. Thats the job of most burst mages to kill you in one combo or they arent useful anyyyone is ridiculous if theyre ahead in levels and items {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:1}}
: Riven Bug (URF)
The bug isnt only on URF, its on all game modes and it happens with all 3 stages of her Q{{champion:92}}
: I can't connect in game
You won't get leaver buster, just wait a few mins and the entire game will end
: Unable to Change Name
I still cant change summonername


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