: While you shouldn't be that enraged it si pretty horrible last game the ping after spawning in shot up to 1k ms and kept rising till 15k ms.
Pretty sure he's referring to the unable to connect to server bug that's been happening for 3-4 days now...sometimes you just won't be able to connect to the servers after champ select, and no matter how many times you restart the client or your computer you cannot connect. RIOT hasn't yet said anything about it (to my knowledge) even though it's been a MAJOR issue
: Other things about ARURF
Karthus, Sona, and Teemo are in ARURF
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: It'd be funny to wait 1 hour just to have someone dodge {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}} U {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}}
Well...you just hop back into queue...RIOT can still assign priority based on how long you have been waiting(the timer does not reset)...Now if you accidentally hit the X button yea that would suck
: Riot will not do this. It would require Riot to make an entirely new type of queue system unlike anything done before, and Riot doesn't make PBE only features. They would have a host of their own bugs and often don't benefit testing. Not to mention what was already said, it would slow down queue times all around. How much so for a normal queue, it would be hard to say. But if people have a guaranteed chance of playing a new champion, you could bet they would be much more anxious to play it.
I agree that the initial queue(finding a lobby) for someone may take a little longer, but it will take a lot less time to get into the actual game because there will be less dodges...Your first point I agree with however, I'm not sure RIOT will be willing to add something like this. I do think it would benefit testing though because that guarantees the new feature to be in every game and more people will want to play because queues don't take as long
: So basically 1+ hour queues IF lucky.
If you really want to play the new champion then I guess that is a possibility, but at least you are guaranteed the champion...otherwise, your queue time will be about the same as usual, but you will not have to sit through 5 champion selects as they all get dodged
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: > [{quoted}](name=Piiro,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=4EI4fIkY,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-11-09T16:35:41.565+0000) > > Feel like a simple solution is to change the way queues work for new champs only. So when you queue, there could be a new champ option. Click it, and you select a _future_ time slot where the new champ is available to you. The amount of new champ given out/hour could be moderated based on popularity. Then, when that time slot comes, that queue becomes active, you click it and automatically get new champ in the lobby. All others queuing normally would have new champ disabled. So those that know they want new champ have certainty of when they can get him/her and can plan around it. All other testers would queue normally and know they won't have access to the new champ unless they go through the alternative channel. > > Is it perfect? No. But it's simple and it would reduce uncertainty and queue dodging. That's actually a nifty idea. They wouldn't even have to give a time slot. They could just queue normally and wait it out until they got into a game with people who are willing to not play the new champ. I'd easily sit in a queue for 25 minutes or whatever if I knew I was guaranteed to test out the champ I wanted to test out.
Actually I like your idea better than the one initially proposed...I personally am a top lane main and don't really care if I never get to play Zoe in a pvp game...also, this is a lot easier both for RIOT to implement and for the players to use
: I mostly agree with you but my idea is that second dodge timers should be at least an hour, at least then there would be less people willing to dodge. I've also wanted punishments to be linked between the PBE and the Live account that its linked to, it would severely discourage toxic people. Also I think PBE should be restricted to Honor level 5, I mean really its not hard to get but is hard to maintain if your a toxic individual.
I don't really like the honor 5 requirement...(partially because I am only 4)... but honor is just as much an indicator of how much free time you have on your hands to play league as it is how toxic you are...when I see someone in my game with an honor 5 flare I don't think "wow such a great sportsman" I think "wow they must play a TON"...point being I agree with everything you said except the honor requirement...I just think it will prevent as many well behaved players from being on the server as toxic players. Also, I'm sure there are some people that are not toxic in game, but are greedy and just want to play the new champion
YESSS lol I posted this over a week ago....and he is talking about the fact that the text says IP instead of BE not the fact that it is overpriced
: I love this idea! I would love to use the front page to show known bugs, specific things that we are looking at feedback for, etc. I don't know how much work it would take to do, this, though, and that could be a problem. I'm going to look into it this week!
Yeah I posted something like this a week or so ago...This would be awesome...prevents people from making posts to the boards about "bugs" that were clearly intended changes by rioters and also I had 2 queues dodged in a row because "runes bug" even though you guys told us that you were temporarily reverting them.
: I'm getting slightly annoyed by all those toxicity threads
The ones from in game...yeah...I agree with you...Everyone knows that it's happening and RIOT does as well, but the dodging problems are a pretty big deal for me personally...I HATE sitting through 5 champions selects that get dodged, before I get auto-filled and everything is then fine -- I waste like 20 minutes of my time just to find a match even though I actually spend about 5 minutes total in queue Although you have to admit...the toxicity is pretty annoying...my previous game(after sitting through literally 6 champion selects(and I was autofilled the last time of course)) I PLAYED A 5V3...THEIR BOT LANE LITERALLY WENT AFK IN 5 MINS...I'll take the free win I guess but this isn't ranked and the game really wasn't all that fun..just wasted time
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: Queue Dodge Punishment
Agreed - The worst is when you get your first role three lobbies in a row, and then the fourth one(after the first 3 get dodged) you get your second role and no one dodges...happened to me two games in a row lol Riot really needs to do something about this...the main purpose of being able to dodge is to avoid a nearly guaranteed loss, but when people use it to get the role that they want/the team composition that they want, it is extremely annoying. The purpose of dodging is to help you win a majority of your games, but on PBE, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR WIN RATE :P
: Yes, and toxic behavior on PBE translates to punishment on Live server as well as on PBE.
Sorry...terribly phrased lol I agree with Supportive just adding something :P
: That doesn't really make any sense. If having the new runes on pbe when 7.21 goes live would cause a problem Then I understand the purpose of they cycle and understand why it needs to be off the pbe for a bit. However, if there is no technical issue then I can't understand the decision to stop all testing over the weekend just for a small patch. With how many bugs are still problematic on the new runes I thought it would be more important fix those instead of highlighting the slight number changes on some champions.
They do not "stop testing"...The most important thing to test is what is going to be released in a few days so they want to make sure that everything is working for that release before they continue testing features to be released in the following patch.
: Unable to connect to the server
Yup this happened to me too(on mac and the screen was white)...I tried the same things as you but I was unable to get the loading screen to come up...eventually the reconnect button went away and there was no indication that the match ever occurred(No match history). I played another game immediately after and it worked fine which is a little weird...same role(second role - jg), champion(jax), and skin(nemesis).
: Those consistently reported for negative/toxic behavior do get removed from the PBE, same as they do on the live servers.
Actually I don't think it is the same...it's even more strict...I have read from multiple people on the forums that the punishments on the PBE are actually MORE severe than they are on live servers because they don't want people to feel like it's just an extra account and they do not care whether it gets banned or not.
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: Tradução PRIMEIRO - Verifique as atualizações diárias de PBE de um RIOTer - Eles geralmente incluem mudanças que os jogadores atribuem a bugs https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/MWm9bAe6-1020-friday-pbe -status-and-faq-thread SEGUNDO - Olhe através da seção Bugs dos conselhos e certifique-se de que ninguém já postou ... se eles tiverem, atualizar a publicação e comentar qualquer informação adicional encontrada. Se não houvesse nada de novo que você notou, às vezes pode ser benéfico dizer o sistema operacional que você está usando. Houve erros no passado que eram exclusivos de um sistema operacional. TERCEIRO - Tente reunir o máximo de informações possível antes de publicar. Se você pode encontrar uma maneira de reproduzir de alguma forma o bug ... CERTIFIQUE-SE DE INCLUIR-SE. Além disso, tire capturas de tela, se possível. FINALMENTE - Certifique-se de ler este artigo sobre como realmente denunciar um bug - Está tudo bem se você não formatá-lo exatamente como eles o tenham, mas tente incluir todas as informações lá. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/pt/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe Só porque eu vi muitas pessoas criando discussões sobre coisas que foram claramente indicadas como mudanças pretendidas por RIOTERS: P E PS - Faça seu título mais específico do que "Bug" ... Basta seguir as diretrizes no segundo link e você estará bem.
Thank you for the translation!
: That's what happens when Riot sets low requirements to play PBE. Honor 3 is way to low. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Honestly, I think Honor is irrelevant...If I did not play league much and was still honor level 2 it doesn't mean I am now suddenly too toxic to be on the PBE. It seems like it is more of an extra reward for reaching level 3. I feel like if RIOT wants to allow that many people on the PBE it is on them to get rid of the toxic players(obviously with our help)
: Dont post this link on here, its your personal shop info link, anyone can buy things in your shop with this link, its basically a online shop
Ahh thank you I probably should have read the error message haha
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: in PBE everything(not every, but every...) is for 1 Blue Essence
No one RP not be...everything is supposed to be for 1 be but camille is 1 RP as well
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: A separate server on EU would probably fix overload, plus get rid of the 500 ping on the current pbe server. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
The problem is that it is expensive to set up new servers...it's not that they don't care about those in other regions wanting to test the new features, it's just that the majority of players in the U.S. speak English(so it is easy to provide feedback) and it's also in the same area as their HQ so it would be easiest to set it up in the U.S. Also, I'm not sure if different servers are updated individually, but if they are, that could add another complication.
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