: Did they rly? That's awesome. Where did you see this if you don't mind my asking?
[first link](https://twitter.com/KiWiKiDLoL/status/1217587048992796672) [second link](https://twitter.com/KiWiKiDLoL/status/1220027657678548992)
: They finally give Trundle a cool skin theme and then completely half-ass it. The fact that they didn't even make a thread to take feedback is just salt in the wound. The concept art looks absolutely amazing. It's a shame that the actual skin looks nothing like it.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Sylas!
this skin is actually insanely good very good price as well and awesome skin cause its canon hopefully they will make sylas viable vs ad champions top lane tho and make more canon skins like these
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: Team Builder (Updated 4/28)
Hey I have a suggestion for teambuilder to possibly make people find lobbies much faster. When you pick a role it could direct you to a list of lobbies who are in need of that role for your elo instead of super long queues. Just a suggestion because I always have very long queue times for teambuilder. {{champion:412}}
: Snowdown Showdown Fizz asset crash
It was void fizz only i crashed
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: [Replays] Replay not viewable
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