: yeah but that's not the first and won't be the last and ur post doesn't exactly stats WHY "everyone" have disconnection problems but since u don't seem to know, it's because those people who d'ced are probably window 8 users....
Iknow, since i had 3 afk's in my game again, 1 on my team and 2 on enemy team, all 3 using windows 8
: ok first of all, congratz on getting you first win of the day through overcoming the odds and as good as it would be... explain to me: how is that something that we should care about? like it's not a bug that you got lucky and win a 2v4 normal game, it doesn't even help anyone, it gives absolutely no feedback.... like I'm confused here....
shows that everybody has connection issues doesnt it?
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: Why not have a boot that you can activate and give you attack speed.{{item:3142}}
becaus these boots are called greaves and it would be pretty stupid lo
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: I Love the Debonair Vi Q Bug.
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