: Boot Upgrades - Change must be made!
I think there is a particle effect underneath you when the effect is in use. At least im pretty sure that I see one whenever I grab them in aram.
: [Twitch] Q not working
Same thing just happened to me. It happened to me after I pressed the skill and started turning invisible and died. Once I respawned I was no longer able to use the skill anymore.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
Here in an idea that you guys probably wont use but I think is a good idea. If are trying to add more counter-play to his ult then change it so that during that first 2 second channel time he has on live an area circle of his skills range shoots out from the center of him much like it does with Xeraths Ult. Honestly im just curious as to how this would effect his ganks. Might be the only change you need really considering it would give plenty of warning to people who are about to face it.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
These nerfs hurt lane Pantheon WAY more than they would hurt Jungle Pantheon. The passive change can hurt lane pantheon because in all honesty, id much rather block an auto attack from an enemy champ than a cannon minion and reducing his stun that much at early levels will make it impossible to do a full q, w, e, q combo. Basically what you would do with these changes in Guy Pantheon's early game... which is basically all he has. His late game is pretty much landing a good skyfall and hoping to not die after getting one stun off. So in exchange for gutting his early game power you give him. That is way to harsh. Also if you both reduce the range and give a larger window for people to react to pantheons ultimate you are basically making his ultimate almost impossible to land. Perhaps a different form of tuning would be better. Like if you are going to keep these changes make it easier to land or if you are going to keep the range give more reaction time. Or perhaps even make the reaction time given scale based on how far away you are from your target point. ( might be a nightmare to code I know but I think its a decent Idea) Say you got the old range and you are trying to target an area 5500 away from ya. Then make something like 2 second channel time and 3 second lane time but a closer area fall would scale down to the .5 second channel into a 2 or 1 landing time. But whatever my main sentiment here is if you are going to nerf his early game here, Then you do need give him some late game love. Like have the range of his ult scale back to 5000 ish at rank 3 and put an AD ratio on it. Perhaps an AD ratio for his stun as well. Im not a fan of the current batch of changes at all.
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: 100% AS is huge. It literally is what allowed Nunu to be picked up again in s2. It is what made old olaf, and even new olaf so scary to scrap with 1v1 or in the jungle, because of the massive AS boosts. Lacking enough personal AS power was hugely relevant in todays Crs vs XDG game where Zuna needed another PD to compare in terms of APS versus caitlyn when ~~Sivirs~~ ricochet ability was down. I'd like to respond more to you, but you don't really state what the "most fun" aspects are ruined in your opinion? Is it the magic->physical change? is it the nerfed ult? I can agree or disagree on these topics, but not saying or being specific enough does more harm then good. It doesn't allow Riot to consider your point, and it certainly makes discussing with you even harder.
100% aspd for 2 attacks isn't all that huge though.
: Urgot~
Maybe make a new passive that gives him bonus AD and or Armor Pen based on his max health? It would probably be a nightmare to balance but Im sure it would get him some attention.
: This whole thing concerns me to be honest. While I understand the need to tone down his early game (I play quite a lot of Lee, I understand it!) I think the AS buff on his passive being his scaling factor into late game is just going to be negligible. When team fights begin later in the game, you don't get the chance to take advantage of your passive very often honestly. You generally start out by landing a Q and following it in, ward or minion hopping behind a target, and ulting them back into your team for a successful initiation. You've now used 3 of your 4 abilities and have not been able to take advantage of your passive in any way. Now perhaps after this you can land an auto or two, assuming you aren't CC chained by the opposing team collapsing on you after you kick someone out of their team, and then you use your Tempest, which you'll generally want to follow up with Cripple almost immediately to reduce the incoming damage with the AS slow. You don't really get the chance to use your passive in between this, so you generally only get to use the second of the two passive procs here. So you've used every ability, you're probably close to out of energy, and you've used 2 of your potential 7 passives in this fight. I think the issue is that you're trying to take a burst caster and turn him into a sustained damage champion, which is the exact opposite of what he is right now. * A Lee Sin using AD reds/quints and offensive masteries has 149.52 AD at level 18, or 150 with rounding. Flat Q damage, with no items involved, is going to be ~460 without taking the percent damage increase into account. This is going to be around a ~60 damage increase without taking items into account at all. A net buff to his Q overall, although it will definitely be weaker early game. I think this one looks okay as long as it doesn't get any other massive changes (cooldown increase, other damage nerfs, etc). * Safeguard change is quite painful but at least understandable. Making him trade something for jumping to wards is okay, makes sense. The thing that needs to be taken into account when comparing him to champions like Jax or Katarina is that neither of them use any form of skillshot for their damage and Katarina has no costs at all and gains a damage reduction buff for using hers. * Tempest is the change that bothers me the most. While it may be a bit odd, I used Lee Sin as a counter to armor stacking champions such as Malphite purely based on the fact that Tempest did magic damage instead of physical. I understand the change to physical damage, it makes sense. It was hard for the opponent to read and it could be confusing when you built armor in lane to counter that guy building AD...and then got wrecked anyways. However, I think the damage nerfs on top of this change might be a bit too much; keep in mind that the damage will now already be reduced by armor, making it A) easier to counter Lee Sin in lane and B) already reduce Tempest's damage due to the availability of great armor items (Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape, Thornmail [situational], Ninja Tabi) before it sees the damage nerfs as well. It also completely destroys building AD on Lee Sin; instead of going Brutalizer into LW ala Zed/Talon and playing him as any form of assassin (I've even done this in the jungle after Lizard Elder when I get massively ahead) it now pretty much pigeonholes him into the generic bruiser build of Armor item > MR item > some random damage item (Hydra, BoRK, Triforce) and then call it a day and stack some health. * The ultimate change greatly concerns me since I tend to play a lot of Lee Sin top to counter champions like Jax and Wukong, or tanks like Mundo/Shyvana/Malphite in some cases. His ultimate in 1v1 situations is going to be about as useful as Skarner using his ultimate in a 1v1. As in, you move them a little bit. The damage has absolutely been shattered in anything but the most perfect use into the middle of the enemy team which sort of defeats the purpose of a movement displacing ability. Just my thoughts, character limit D:
I agree with your thoughts on the passive. Unless a player somehow finds a 1 v 1 fight in the late game it wont help him much at all as he would not be able to fully utilize the amount of stacks he gets. Perhaps a good change to rectify this would be to have the passive stacks work more like they do with jinx. So for example have a max amount of stacks ( lets say 5 ) and let each attack remove one stack. Also let the stacks fall off one at a time so they aren't wasted. That's really the only way you will be able to allow him to use his stacks well in late game team fights without it being to crazy like just making is a 2 second aspd buff or something.
: Most of S2 he was barely used. He was permabanned for a short time and then nerfed. Get your facts straight.
Wasn't force of Nature around in season 2. I would assume he woudlent need a ban with that item giving 70+ magic resist. Lets not also forget Runic Bulwark Which gave everyone more magic resist than the current locket does.
: Most of S2 he was barely used. He was permabanned for a short time and then nerfed. Get your facts straight.
Wasnt force of Nature around in season 2. I would assume he woudlent need a ban with that item giving 70+ magic resist.
: Thoughts on Kassadin from a longtime veteran.
What exactly has changed in his entire kit rather than putting on some mana scaling rather than AP scaling on some skills? From what I can tell just his passive ( which is a buff) and his q which is a nerf to him unless he is vs some odd heavy AP comp in which case it would probably be more handy. They haven't really changed him all they did was make it so that he cant jump in a 2 v 1 situation silence the enemy support and then proceed to murder the enemy adc without fear of reprisal... which honestly I think is a good thing. If these changes are right then he is still an antimage, except maybe he is only that and perhaps that's fine because the current situation of him being 100% banned in games isn't fun anyways.
: Sheen uses base ad, that means just the AD a champion innately has plus what he gained from level-ups. Neither runes/masteries nor items or buffs changes the spellblade damage. /edit: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion_statistics_at_level_18
I am aware that its only base AD, I just don't agree with nerfing that Ratio to .75.
: [Frost Queen's Claim] No late game scaling at all
Honestly, I completely disagree with you if only because the slow it provides is really good and it also generates ridiculous amounts of money right now. Last time I played annie support I made so much money off it that I got a full build before my adc did and at that point I just sold it and purchased the talisman anyways.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
Anyone else find it being a bit silly that the item provides extra damage based on the your base ad at .75 when sheen give sit at .1. Honestly I don't see why it shouldn't be at 1.0 ratio for the ad part of it. It might help see some resurgence in hybrid characters that way.
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Ya, his recall animation on both the default and snowman skin seem to be pretty buggy. Not sure about the other skins cause I dont have em and I have no RP left D=.
: Make Heimerdinger Skins cost 1 ip to test their new VU
I agree with this statement. I also think it falls in line with the whole things that need testing should be sold for ip on the PBE thing. Remember all the feedback you got over the PAX sivir skin VU.
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
Ive played a few matches with the new spelltheif line and I have to say. I think it may be a tad overpowered currently. Its giving so much gold right now that by the end of the match I had the most gold on my team. Yes even more than then our fed Toplaner who went 26/10/5. If you are playing a champ who can poke poke easily in lane like {{champion:16}} , {{champion:43}} or {{champion:1}} you can stack up allot of damage and gold. Must say thought. I love the active on it now. Feels much better [Screencap of the gold at the end of the match](http://i.imgur.com/ubIk0bC.png)
: Changing surrender to 3/5?
I disagree, you know how often I have come back in matches where 3 people wanted to surrender. Plenty.
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: Custom game Bug.
same for me, I added bots but I tried to make a custom game with bc vel and it had the same effect
: Hexakill Steamroll To Easy?
Ya I remember playing a match where the enemy team had no jungler and I jungled. I even died a few times and they had a higher kill count than us but we were able to turn it around.
: Hearthseeker Ashe Trailer
I see what you tried to do with that recall animation and the camera angles............
: Doran's Shield
Honestly I think the main problem is the damage block it provides. At early levels the thing basically makes most tanky supports un-killable. especially with the nerf to dorans blade's damage. Id like to do a round of rests where the hp and hp/10 stats stay the same with the block being reduced by half.
: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
I sorta agree. I mean his ult moves so slowly and is pretty easy to dodge if you ask me. I feel like it should actually hit faster. The range is impressive though but its not like people cant see it coming thanks to all the visual ques it gives opponents.
: [Bug] ARAM games don't connect after loading screens
I've tried to joining a few custom ARAMS and they seem to crash as well. Though not as consistently.
: Voiceovers not Playing
pretty sure its the new sound engine. Pretty much all of the VO is broken currently.
: My (Extended) Team Builder Feedback!
I think a good idea would be to add the ability to specify a role you would like to search for more specifically for the bot lane roles. its kinda silly that you can search for two bot lane characters but you cant break it down into searching for one as a support and one as a marksmen. It would probably make the search go more smoothly and prevent things like me fining 3 adc's in a row while in que for 20 min when all we need is a support.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
I think this may be pseudo broken for me as I don't get any champion voice or announcer sounds. Apart from that I cant tell a difference. Re downloading the pbe client does not seem to make a difference for me either.

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