: It does look weird at first look compared to his old model, but if he permanently had his wings, the ultimate wouldn't look like that much of a power up. He is more like swain now who has traces of wings on his coat where the wings come out if he ults. It's just the better effect.
I think the other part is that he needs to be more distinguishable and the wings don't add anything other than "banners", which was apart of his old lore of being a bringer of war. I think the idle and walking animations are actually copy's of yasuo's animations as well. The ult is a bit like swain but that is the iconic part of aatrox and getting rid of it entirely would not be well on the communities part. I mean right now there is this thread as an example. What is a problem is that right now they have updated aatrox on the N American PBE server, but has not added the correct videos to correlate to the abilities yet.
: Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!
AnonymousAsian Any champion (current is Dunkmaster Darius) “Https://pastebin.com/embed_je/M2ausPcY”
: Irelia Bug Discussion
Irelia Passive not showing up when active: [PBE] - In Irelia's new rework there is a problem with her stacks in which no picture acutally appear but only a blue box. The text still appears over it when hovered and also appears the stacks as well. This happened in the practice tool as Frostbooty Irelia Appears along with the other buffs.-(Does not notice whether it still exist) Not entirely game breaking; just a simple visual bug that does not impact the game in anyway. Just testing out the champion and realized the random buff overhead the Hp bar. Try testing her out on PBE No video yet


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