: RP problem!
"Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates" Sticky at the top of the page.
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: Renekton E major bug
This isn't a bug with the skill but, more so with the map/server. This is a problem when you client tells the server you cleared the wall and the server says you didn't. It is quite common with high ping as well. This also happens with nid/trist/fizz/graves/lucian/etc. Any one with a dash/jump that can clear walls.
: Ultra Rapid Fire
Because there was no beta testing to be done. All internal testing went well, and they were trying to ship out asap for April Fools, so putting it on a PBE test cycle would take too long and miss the deadline.
: Twitch VU
They have so many resources tied up in many projects, that they will eventually get there. I think they are more focused on updating the old champion roster, then the art assets.
: Opening PBE for everyone would make it more toxic and filled with people who only come for free content and doesn't even do valuable stuff. ARAM is not popular at all in PBE so use custom game option instead and invite people there.
Since they removed the weekly stipend for RP, I feel this isn't as much of a problem anymore with people who join just for skins(champion releases will always equal a flooded server regardless). On top of that, in a competitive game, there is bound to be toxic people, that is part of strong drives or natural human instinct, who want to be the best.
: More Players
With the new champion coming out really soon and URF mode being removed, alot of people will start to come back, just wait.
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: My RP are not in my pbe account is now Wednesday and still with 49 rp
Read the FAQ: "Don't worry about saving up your points for the future, when new Champions and Skins are released on the PBE for testing, they will be available for 1 IP so everyone has an opportunity to help test them." Riot is basically making it so people stop playing PBE for skins, and actually test content by, not giving out RP stipends anymore. You get IP, and IP only.
: You don't need RP. All the content that needs testing is going to be available for 1 IP.
This, you don't need Rp to test any of the material when its 1 IP.
: [Suggestion] An "I need runes" package
Eh, it would just end up with people spamming the IP for no reason, instead of testing.
: [suggestion][PBE testing] Alternate Team Builder hours
The reason they wouldn't be able to do this is simple, when they are at work, they can manage the server. When its night time for them (Day time in Eu/Other), they can't do it when they aren't there. Also, for people on EST, PST gets it it even worse, due to the fact that most kids won't get home from school until 3-5 PST anyways. So really, the time is not in a good spot for most people regardless of location or time zone. Do your testing on the weekends if it means that much to you.
: [Fog of war][ARAM] Fog of war is broke in small spots during ARAM (unsure if gives vision or not)
Good rule of thumb, if it's white on the mini-map, it gives vision. Will test later.
: [bug] Homeguard boots effect still there for 10 sec or so, after the boots are sold
Its because the boots proc the buff when you are on the platform, so the buff is active until it runs out. I wouldn't say this is a bug because it's the method the boots give you the buff and it really can't be abused cause you would lose more gold than you would gain movement speed attempting to do this.
: Will riot ever re-activate inactive accounts?
They most likely won't be activated again. If they saw that option in the future, they most likely wouldn't have disabled them to begin with.
: Well, it certainly does not make sense to me. The rules clearly say that you are allowed to have only one account, which I find is common sense in a beta client. Having multiple accounts should rather be punished.
This makes no sense. Most people who had old accounts, re-applied with the new program and got accepted. If you punished people with multiple accounts, you would be punishing a wide majority of the PBE player base. Also, alot of the shop and gifting bugs could only be discovered if you had two accounts to begin with or someone who was willing to gift you(which most people don't because everyone can buy everything themselves).
: Kassadin
The point of Kassadin is to be mobile. If you make his escape/engage 30 secs, it basically removes the point of his character to be a mobile assassin.
: Not to mention that many bugs from the rework that were reported weeks ago are still lingering around. It's like they made this board for nothing.
If they could fix all bugs in a few minutes, they would but, unfortunately, that's not how development works, nor will it ever work that way. They have to test changes, make sure that no bugs come from those changes, post the changes and have them verified and then post them into the PBE "pipeline" for the next PBE release/update. So you have to take into account the time the changes take, the process of getting them tested and verified, then pushing them into the pipeline and they they have to wait for next release before they can say anything to anyone. If want to do their job, i'm sure they would like to show you how difficult it is to deal with the handful of projects they might have to juggle on a daily basis and the process of getting them distributed. Stop being that guy, all you are doing is acting like they owe you something. Also, if this board was for nothing, then why are you here? Why do you even sign up? Please leave if you have this kind of attitude, I'm sure alot of other people would love to have your spot.
: Fix the ranked mmr
Well, idk about this. Your profile says your challenger but, you are 2-4 in you last 6 games in ranked. I seriously doubt you are playing against bronze or silver players. Also, unable to look at the replays, I can't see any of the other players IGN's so it's impossible to tell what the rank of the other players are. Also, I seriously doubt you will go 12/10 against bronze players on one of the most OP champions.
: Vel'Koz
I'll leave this here. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/tag/velkoz http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/tag/velkoz http://las.leagueoflegends.com/es/tag/velkoz They added tags to all the site's champion pages, it's pretty much confirmed. As for a release date, that is unknown and currently up in the air. I'd assume its Soon™
: Please add something like this riot, must see
Wait, why is it Riot's responsibility to make sure you pick the right runes and masteries? No, just no. Pick your runes and masteries, if you forget, that's your own fault.
: [Minor][Gameplay] Zyra's E (snare) causing fps drop
Are you sure its not regular FPS fluctuation? Tested this in SR and my FPS was going up while using the skill in addition to regular fluctuation (110-230 FPS).
: [bug] Bork causes Rengar to leap
Used both in brush and while ult was active. Couldn't reproduce. Bortk pops fine and he doesn't leap.
: I believe I have figured out the reason Xerath feels so underwhelming
Burst Mages aren't suppose to be fighting tanks unless you have a good lead and they aren't fed. That's the point, the tanks, tank damage for the carries. That's the whole point of the game. Now, when you talk about fighting a wukong, you should never let wukong into a range where he can attack. This is the number problem I see with Xeraths on PBE. The constantly say that short range attacking is impossible because, you are never suppose to be in that range. Also, with the power shifting from Q to W,It might be better to go that route, instead of trying to hit Q's.
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: [Suggestion] Implementing Trades
I think it would just be better to sell refund credits. Instead of editing the client more and coding more mechanics. Just sell refund credits for a certain amount and set a monthly limit to avoid abuse. Plain, simple, and you only have to edit the shop instead of the client itself.
: 9999RP Skin
There has been alot of weird bugs with the shop lately.
: Minimap not showing, overworld dark.
It has to do with the patcher being open before a new patch comes out. The patcher thinks its on the lastest patch and it lets you launch but, if you close the client and restart, the new patch downloads.
: Yes, and this also happens with the "Unlock a icon for a friend" feature. This makes me sad seeing the icon I always wanted but never came out on PBE. My favorite Mexican team Lyon :( likedisifyoucryertiem.jpeg http://i.imgur.com/ojKOZwr.png http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/7895/661t.png http://i.imgur.com/T5cbE3K.png http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/3368/9s8x.png
Oh wow, this is a bigger issue than I thought, bumping for Riot response.
: It may sound kinda weird but as far as **I was told by riot support you CANT gift those skins, since they are all 390 RP**. Gifting a skin will only work for skins of at least 420 RP of worth (or was it 520?). This seems very unlogic, since now there is currently NO POSSIBILITY to get those ´unavailable´ skins for 390 RP, making our Riot-Points pretty useless. **And it doesnt look like Riot will change anything about it**. (At least that is what I was told when contacting the support) Still I hope that this will be changed, once there are enough players facing that problem, forcing Riot to become active. Getting rare skins is a HUGE part of the fun within this game. __________ NerdFlanders
Nonono, you are misunderstood, these skins aren't able to be gifted at all, they don't pop up in the regular store, you can only see the bug when attempting to gift. Here is a screen of the regular shop: http://i.imgur.com/tCcrEgv.png
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: "This is the PBE, you're not going to get banned"
Look, they recently opened up the PBE to registration. There is more players now that can come into the PBE, which leads to more people who just don't care because its not live. It's something you have to deal with. Just report them and walk away. There's no point in giving "higher priority reports" or "immediate warnings". Those players don't care. You get warnings after reports already and they still continue to troll/afk. All this does it add a complex system that isn't needed, uses more resources to make and develop, for little gain. It's basically the same thing as coding a report system in a game that already has a report system. It's really not necessary for the simple fact that, The warnings do nothing for the player and on top of that, the reports will still get handled at the same pace. This system would just cherry pick reports but, at the end of the day, the reports will be dealt with, regardless of the order. The only way to make this go any faster would to hire more people to handle reports but, why invest into that when if you just report them and wait, they will get banned anyways. Basically, this is just a way to give players more power for reasons that don't benefit anything. If anything, its creating more work that takes resources away from other things, for no gain.
: {{champion:24}} can't win with her without 6 lvl. But {{champion:58}} is actually best counter for {{champion:92}} and will be even harder for her. Actually her (Q) is stronger than live version in late game (on PBE), but her shield (E) duration should be buffed to 2 sec, from 1.5 sec (2.5 sec on live servers) cause 1.5 sec really hurts her. {{champion:122}} already have re-casting time of (R) big enough, dont need to buff it.
I seriously doubt they will buff the duration on the shield. I mean, its a 100% AD ratio. No other person I think besides Janna can give a shield with that much health. They nerfed it because it allowed Riven to be really safe without much risk because she was so strong. This just allows for other champions to trade better, which is needed.
: Riven...
She was getting picked alot for a reason, she was really strong early game and she got a buffed late game anyways. All they did was move Q's early game power to the mid and late game. Also, just because a champion has a counter doesn't mean it's balanced. Annie has counters, doesn't make her a balanced champion.
: and to not make it look that i want to give a pbe account to my friend, i would be ok if my actual pbe account would be disabled. it seems like some ppl think that is what i want, there is no other reason about downvoting this otherwise
People are downvoting it is because, 1. Account issues don't belong on the forums. 2. When you are spamming threads with non-relevant titles.
: [major] [bug] fiddlestick dark wind bounced to people inside bush
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=932007 It's been happening since 2011. Not sure if Riot missed it but, im assuming since Vlad can do the same thing with his E, it's working as intended.
: Kog'Maw: PBE change
I think they removed it, I heard of someone saying that they changed it to a skill shot but, when I went to go test, that wasn't the case.
: Didn't Riot say they'd do something about her Pyromania? They'd scale the duration of the stun with level, right? o_O
They did. Its really a combination of her kit, not so much the actual stun duration that makes her overpowered in the bot lane. At level 3: 1 Q + 1 W + 2 E's = 7 Second CD on Stun. With the Mana Regen masteries and support items, she can get a stun off basically all the time based on their Mana and the time frame you need the stun.
: I didn't have an issue with lag, my ping is generally around 100ms. Nothing different that game.
I've seen it once or twice on PBE and live, 20-120 ping. It's really quite random to say the least. It's not lag.
: About Annie support being picked frequently with the new support meta
Making Q a skillshot would just make Annie a higher skill champion to play, which doesn't solve balance issues. It would dodging a bit easier but, it really just solves nothing considering the problem is still there. Taking damage from the burst from Tibbers and adding it to his AOE or AA's actually breaks Annie's concept, Burst Mage, High Damage. It really just makes you want to drop Tibbers sooner in a fight which will pressure the player to try to get the full damage out of it. Alot of low skill level Annies really don't control Tibbers well, and it would just make Annie a higher skill champion. Also considering the damage is still there, you are getting sat on by Tibbers for 3 seconds anyways, so the damage will almost be the same. Nerfing Annie's Q range isn't a totally bad idea but, it still doesn't solve the problem... Sadly to say as a person who's played Annie for almost two years and enjoyed the hell out of it, to balance her, the stun has to go. Or the system for getting charges has to change. Increasing the shield's mana cost will solve some of that problem. The stun is too powerful and its up too often. *So this is what I see happening:* **Range Nerf on Q**: Just enough so that more adc's actually can farm **Range Nerf on AA**: Its too much, hybrid pen with a bit of AD makes Annie's AA early game hurt hard from such a range. She can zone pretty much anyone. **Shield Nerf**: Increase Mana cost, maybe nerf the duration. Increasing the CD will also help with the charge farming. **Passive Nerf**: Both the Duration of the stun and the method of charging it. Maybe make it so that E doesn't give you a charge if increasing the duration is too much. ***(Optional)*Passive Rework**: Change the passive to proc a slow or cause her "charged" spell to do something more. Something that allows for counters but, also doesn't make Annie a different champion. Other than that, I can't really tell where Annie will end up. She's just too strong, both as a mid laner and a support. She has alot of upfront damage, good poke, good defenses with shield, and then the utility from her stuns. Shes the only champion that is really capable of landing a 5 man stun without being pre-setup. She's the biggest cutest little girl that hits like a truck, and you can still keep that concept but, it needs some tuning. Sorry to all the Annie mains and people enjoy playing her but, as someone who has enjoyed it as much as anyone else, its broken and change will come.
: Elise top was destroyed too by tons of nerfs cause it was simply too strong. Sorry to say it but your "you are just destroying Annie mid" argument does not stand. Same for Zyra mid, she's "destroyed" mid, compared to how she once were, all due to her being played support. Ryze mid is fked due to Ryze top.. and so on.
Well, this is so flawed so i'll step in. Elise top was nerfed because Elise wasn't made for the top lane. She was originally an Assassin Mage who was made for the mid lane but, many people found out you could build her with mpen and a bit of tanky-ness and still do alot of damage. Elise top broke the "assassin" part of Elise because she had no risk of dying in lane, while still maintaining her high damage, which breaks the meta of assassins historically. Zyra is the reverse. She was made originally for the mid lane but, she had no power there at the time. With alot of assassins going mid, she didn't have enough damage or sustain to stay in lane. Her good CC, free wards with seeds, and the ability to snipe/assist kills with her passive made her not only a strong support pick but also, a safe pick because of her utility. So her mid was never really insane(unless you are running on hit builds but, they fall through in ranked alot of the time, more of a joke). She got nerfed completely based on her skill bot. Champions are completely based on meta. Champions will always change roles based on what's strong and the game will never be 100% balanced because of this. So nerfs will come but, after time, buffs will come when the meta changes. Praise the cycle.
: [Minor] Invulnerability bug/Tower aggression Bug
The tower aggro is intentional. If you hit a enemy champion, it calculates to see if the enemy champion is in range of the tower but, since you killed him before it could check, the aggro didn't switch.
: [Bug] Olaf's Tomahawk
Can you happen to tell me which wall? Or screenshot it, thanks.
: [Visual Bug] - Missing or obscured text in greek
There is really nothing can do besides make the client bigger or the box/dropdown bigger. I don't really think they will touch it cause I doubt they would want to redo the client every time there is a visual glitch, considering the few there already are.
: Warring Kingdoms Tyndamere
Whoops. I'm blind. Forget what was here.
: Champion trading and Summoner Spells
You need to be more clear, and give more info. Which champion were you trading, etc. It's really hard to try and reproduce a bug when you give only 1 sentence each about a bug. Also, the smite bug has been posted 4 or so times already.
: [BUG] unable to purchase some tier 3 runes
Ok? I don't see the problem? All you posted was a message of from the client saying you don't own the runes, nothing about not being able to buy them, so I really don't see what you are reporting.
: PBE Trouble
Customs? Really, there is nothing they can do, they are gone for the holidays and, that's how the system works on live.
: New Flash Animation Hated by the Community?
This is like any rework of anything. Bunch of rage, then when it comes out, everyone realizes it's fine and hops onto the next rage bandwagon. Remember the Karma Rework? Or the Eve Rework? Nobody is complaining now that eve is one of the best jungles right now, or that Karma was a really strong mid pick for a good while. Tl;dr Bandwagoners gonna Bandwagon, until they fall of the wagon, wake up, and realize they are overdoing it.
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