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: Stop with the semantics, jesus. We obviosuly know this isnt replacing old ARURF as they said its for a limited time. Do you not get that we all can read? thanks. Everyone's main gripe is the limited amount of champions we're allowed to play.
yeah, im maily just annoyed at the ammount of limmitations riot is putting on
: > Well it would be nice if they brought the normal URF back from time to time. they have, and they are - just not right now
no. the bring back AR URF and it's not that good. i wish they would bring back the REAL urf from time to time
: This is its own mode, ARURF won't be affected by this.
> [{quoted}](name=DueI,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Z1qqKsLv,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-26T06:52:15.302+0000) > > This is its own mode, ARURF won't be affected by this. Well it would be nice if they brought the normal URF back from time to time. Not just the ARURF
: well arurf has been proven to be more played across it's diuration than normal urf let's be real urf is all about playing kass xin and stuff like that not trying champ and having fun arurf let's you stop having to face the same op champ every single game
right, imo ar urf has been played much more cos it's like a gamble, you're trying to get a good champ you enjoy playing. and it is true that normal urf was annoying by all the op champs, but i mean, shouldn't the 10 bans solve that issue at least a little ?
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: PBE is a testing server that can buy all the skins from the lol
the server is more meant for you to go play games and try new things so you can actually find bugs and report them on the boards. Skins are just here so you have ''more fun'' since you can't have all the cool skins on the normal region. However some of the rarer skins are still unavailable. You could try to fish your pay tf from a loot chest, if you so desperately desire him, chances are low, and i'd say it would take u like a month to get him.
: 10/20 - Friday PBE Status and FAQ Thread
do you guys plan on increasing the rp cap from 8k to more ?, or at least if you could give us a couple thousand like 6ish thousand blue essence so we can buy more champs for the skins we so desperately need... ?
: I followed the same steps you described within the practice tool. [I happen to stack lots of SE visual shielding]( Just teleport to the enemy fountain, press the seraph, revive. Rinse and repeat. UPDATE: I tested this with Zilean, the ult won't reproduce the bug. UPDATE 2: Tested with Cassiopeia just because she's another champion. I may confirm the issue is item-sided.
Thanks for testing and further investigating on the bug. I hope it get's fixed soon.
: This happened to me with anivia this Sunday. Than I watched the replay of the match. The particles weren't there.
hmmm, i mean my friend saw it when he was in game with me... so it can't be just for 1 person.... it's probably visible for everyone
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: Alright guys, I'm signing off for tonight, unless something very bad breaks. I will be back tomorrow morning (PDT timezone). I apologize for all the issues that you have encountered. There are many bugs to fix. Thank you, I hope you enjoy your day. I hope you win many games and have fun. Be nice to each other. I am {{item:3187}} {{item:3187}}
I really enjoy your decision on bringing back a limited ammount of rp and ip but i am just wondering about when do you estimate (if ever) bringing back the 999k rp... its just a really interesting feeling having all of it xD

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