: I've never experienced her R NOT do dmg. You probably missed or someone healed/shielded/shen ulted/etc to mitigate that damage. As for the execute portion, the X does not indicate that the champion will be executed because its there. The X indicidates that if you ult them, you will do double damage because they're below 30% help. This will typically execute many squishes, but perhaps not someone who has build MR or is a strong tank/bruiser. "Enemies caught in her reveal are devastated, taking magic damage, doubled against enemies below 30% of their maximum health."
I am very well aware on how the champion works. I tested it both in games vrs players and against bots, and as they are currently fixing evelynn it seems as though I am indeed correct. Eves R does work in the normal game, but it was busted in PBE :)
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